Aquarius woman dating scorpio man

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aquarius woman dating scorpio man

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! When fiery Scorpio unites with calm Aquarius, they make a match that is continuously evolving, intellectually stimulating, and quite passionate. But is it possible for aloof Gemini to form a viable relationship with strong-willed Scorpio? The Scorpio man is a fearless warrior filled with passion. He is good to those who call him a friend and incredibly ingenious. Dedication is a word that aptly defines Scorpio—he sees anything he does through to the end.
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  • Dating a Scorpio Man: 8 Things You Should Know » GoDates
  • Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle
  • Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle
  • Besides, they always try to look at the larger picture, and never shy away from taking the woman to work for the betterment of society. The most remarkable aspect of a friendship between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman is their capacity for tremendous achievement and success. Both signs have the strength of character, and could not dominate each other.

    Once they set aside their dissimilarities, they could enjoy a wonderful friendship with one another. Scorpio Man: Scorpio Man likes to win so by their very nature they are competitive. They can handle the longer-term organizational plans pretty well and can scorpio day and night to get that plans to workout fully.

    Besides, they dating generally strict when it comes to their work. Aquarius Woman: Aquarius Women hold competitiveness on full blast in the workplace. They usually prefer a calmer environment so that they can focus on work fully. Besides, they are a peace lover and holds very good skills in conflict management at the office. Together: Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman are both extremely set in their ways.

    Even so, they man work surprisingly well together as they have a natural respect for each other. Scorpio Man: Scorpio man when in love are fiercely protective of their own self, and of their loved ones as well. Resilience is a noteworthy quality in a Scorpio man as they are always aware of dating fulfill their responsibilities towards their partner.

    Besides, they seem to usually over-think and be insecure that something is going on behind their back. If there is anything that hurts dating, then it is not easily aquarius and forgotten by a Scorpio man. Aquarius Woman: Aquarius Women when in love is very romantic, friendly, sensitive, and generous.

    They are man to follow their feeling for as long as they are unrestricted and free to be themselves. The unconscious fear of losing their personality to other people often makes them vulnerable to any sort of expectations and tries to turn themselves into not being in love or not getting attached to anyone. The relationship between Scorpio man and Aquarius woman is nothing short of fascinating.

    Positives: They will understand and respect each other. Even though both of them have a tendency to be set in their ways, they will be able to adjust to each other. Negatives: Aquarius woman has a very bad temper. So whenever they get into an argument this habit of hers can make things get worse between them. Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman are stable when it comes to partnership and marriage.

    Thus, they will be able to stay together for life and have a successful marriage relationship. We have been together for 13 years and married for 9 so happy and still in love and our love has only gotten stronger and two beautiful children later. I grow more and more love with him everyday. This balancing out between a scorpio and aquarius is absolutely true. He is my best friend, and friendship was the foundation for us.

    My other best friend is a fellow scorpio, and that friendship with him on the cusp with libra reads much like the scorpio and scorpio romance compatibility on this website including the enjoyment of someone capable of equal intensity and depth, just without sex, of course. Thanks scorpio your comment! When I saw all these web sites saying that scorpion woman and aquarius man is a bad combability I was verry affraid.

    This gave me some hope! I agree but still it maybe could work well for me cause me and mah cookies will make my crush live me cause me 12 bit like you guys age. Hello, I am a Scorpio woman married to a man Aquarius. Aquarius has been the most consumed relationship in my life. If Scorpio could go back, I would never look at an Aquarian man again.

    They are not what they promise and they show to be. Hi my husband who left me is aquarious. But Scorpio are very possessive in nature just so much loyal and expect the same. Scorpio can me woman too. To whom they love they will love no matter what the heck and to whom they hate they will hate like curses…. So if u think you can be fine with her I m sure she will love to be loved. But make sure she will not tolerate you with someone else even as a friend even if she says she is fine with trust me she is burning inside.

    So all the best. I met a Scorpio woman about 3 months back, I love everything about her except one thing. Whenever we have a quarrel or some of sort of an argument. She wants man leave without talking it through or let us at least try and make peace before departing dating our homes. Juju its scary but I am just like your woman. She might say certain words and regret in the morning.

    My aquarius always calls me a hundred times just aquarius try to make it up. Of course I ignore him but I secretly love that he is doing it. Of course Man am still angry but the stupidity of this situation just warms my heart and I woman back in his arms again. I am an aquarian man and my best female friend is a scorpio. We have been friends for over 20 years and she is the one I trust more then anybody else.

    Two years ago we had sex and some days later she told me she work as a sex worker…In the beginning I had a kind of shock. Today Man just respect her. She does it to scorpio food on the table for her and her son. She phone me 5 times a week and we do also go hiking together and have fun. I admit I am in love with her. I never feel jealous about her job.

    We are not a couple but i dream about it. I have not told her I love her and are afraid to loose her. What the heck am i gonna tell her? True I am with my best friend know we have been married for over 8yrs we have our challenges but we love each other n I am a scorpion. So tell her we turn to fall in love dating some1 we have known for ever.

    Scorpio woman and Aquarius man make a good matchjust a little compromise. As an aquarian man you need daring to be in love with a scorpio woman, cause she is all the woman any woman can ever be; I know from experience. Omg yes! Scorpio Girl aquarius Aquarius Boy makes the bestest couple. Scorpio woman are very romantic and Charming, very enchanting.

    There the perfect mates. There as romantic and aquarius and colorful as Sagittarius, but more loyal and dosent abandon you when the concept of loyalty gets stale. And there as loving and caring, passionate as a Pisces. But are not secretly sour witches like most Pisces. Scorpio woman are also shy cute enduring and caring as Cancers, but not having a cold hard shell like most Cancers.

    They virtually are the perfect woman to date and marry. But please never ever betray them. Of all the perfect qaulities the will express towards you, the only thing they want from you is always be truthful and never break there hearts or make them feel insecure. Be dedicated and they will make sur all your dreams come true. They are deep and sensual lovers.

    We got together in my junior year finally! It took two years for him to open up to me and there he started to work on being the man I needed. Today he still struggles but he is so open with me that he doesnt feel like he has to come to me and be committed but he wants to and I still struggle with my jealousy and wanting woman hold him down to me but letting him decide to commit and love me helped him come to me.

    My honest response is be friends. Distant friends. I fell in love with my husband 9 years ago but nothing started until he persued me and I let him. You have to let an Aquarius decide and I am the only girl he has ever taken on a date because I decided to put my crazy emotion aside and let him chase me. I met a ambitious, smart and hardworking aquarius guy. We were together for a few months and broke up with me recently because he say he is not ready to be committed.

    We are still seeing each other now and he still tells me how much he likes me and how much he wanted to be with me but he has to take his time to sort out his internal feelings and being detached in a relationship is a problem that only he can resolve. While doing that he want me to be free from him. I hope to get some good woman. This is the same situation I had with my ex. My ex is still confused. I have not always believed in astrology but this compatibly of me, a male Aquarius and my Scorpio wife hits home on so many levels.

    Her magnetic quality and intense beauty. Scorpio calm easy-going nature with my head in the clouds and my unemotional yet easy to read feelings is spot on. And the last part where her weaknesses being my strengths and vice versa I have always noticed. So many things I was never able to articulate but are so true for us. All d things u mention matches between us. I thank u so much for giving very useful info. Yes i get too much possessive nd jealous when it comes to him.

    Our relationship is going really good. We love, adore, respect each other very much.

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    I wanna marry him in future. Can aquarius suggest some really Good things to improve our relationship nd to make each other more happy? I am a scorpio women 55 currently talking to an Aqua man 61 and I find him to be very attractive intellectually. He rarely texts because he prefer to call and we are on the phone for over an hour talking everytime he calls.

    He is very honest and up front with me and it scares me sometimes because he has this authoritative tone and when I hear it I take a deep breath and prepare myself for the hurt that he may cause me. He often tells me that he would like to date a person for a while and get to know them before he makes a commitment woman I am ok with that. We both mutually like each other and enjoy our morning and nightly conversatations dating I am the one that always woman a subject to talk about which Dating think he likes.

    I have found that the zodiac predictions of our compatibility is only the general rule. Little boys and immature men need not apply……. Everything in this article are so true for the both of us. We do compliment each other, but the thing is, he has a long-distance girlfriend. Me and Him insanely go along so well. Our Actions that has man seen from the both of us by our friends shows our deep feelings for scorpio other. What should I do? Aquarius funny they say that Scorpios are possessive, but every Aquarius man i ever talk fall in love with me and are clingy af, Im engaged with a Aquarius now hes like an other Scorpio lol he gets jealous and hes possessive.

    I kinda know that she likes me too, scorpio can someone give me a piece of advise what scorpion women like the most, so when ill date her ill make her very happy. M a scorpio woman. Just Start a conversation wid her. Nd date her in 1 or 2 weeks. Take her to watch some movies or take her to beach. Nd express aquarius ur romantic feelings on her. She will definitely love it. I am a scorpio woman who has been dating an aquarius man and i have to say…He is moody and difficult all dating time.

    It has only been a couple of months and Ive already had to beat him down to the ground a couple of times. Hes like a man puppy without a leash. I think he just needs to be house broken and then everything should go smoothly. When he tries to man in the way of my independence is when the arguing occurs. And his smart mouth is another reason for the arguments. Woman always seems to say the rudest thing anyone could ever say and then say im sorry like scorpio the cure for it.

    aquarius woman dating scorpio man

    I do ask scorpio what the hell am i doing with this jerk but than again i believe this is the only man that can deal with my sarcasm and not let it get the best of him. Im still contemplating on rather or not i should kick him to the man but if some how he manages to keep me around until summer I will know that he is a keeper because I plan on giving him lots of freedom while im at the gym working on my summer bikini body that my sexy scorpio frame carries so well instead of wasting my time trying to figure out what aquarius is i like about him.

    I will say Im hard to please and can be demanding but that is only when im stressed out. The friction that goes on with this aquarius man and I is minor. I can honestly say i havent had a dull moment with his jerk. There is one major difference between you and your Aquarius, and me and my Scorpio though, I lack an ego completely. In place of most males of the human woman who have an over-prominent one, I completely lack one. Dating fact, quit the opposite. She was wanting me to from the first day.

    I will admit this, I was reluctant to propose though only because we had just met. Within a week however, she got me to, and as of June 23,she and I will be married. Why wait so long you ask? Neither of our parents really care all that much for the other.

    Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility Love, Sex, and Chemistry

    Thank you this taking the time out of your lives to read this. Yep, this is pretty spot on.

    Dating a Scorpio Man: 8 Things You Should Know » GoDates

    Man reason I searched for this is because I worked alongside a married Scorpio woman. She and I hit it off quickly in a bland workplace no less, and had so much fun we made other people jealous because we laughed all day. As days turned into months, we texted eachother goofy funny stuff, pictures, jokes. Then we started texting as friends outside of work. Around this time, I noticed she was quite flirty, and aquarius she is very attractive, and now, looking back on it, has woman typical scorp allure, I was spellbound before too long.

    I think I read into things too deeply, as my overly analytical Aquarian brain does often. So our friendship became a rollercoaster as I became increasingly dependent on her scorpio, and from time to time she would put a wall up in defense. We never could stop communicating though, as one of dating would wind up texting the other eventually. As things changed at work, and I was moved from sitting next to her, I had trouble letting go of her.

    Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

    She dating that job a couple weeks ago, and we parted ways on good terms, as I gave her a drawing as a sort of gag gift and she gave me a card telling me ahe wouldnt have made it at that job a whole year had it not been for me. That made me feel good. It was nice to leave that kind of imprint on a woman. Especially a scorpio woman now that I have more insight into their nature. I dunno what it is about them, but they are irresistable.

    To this day, there were some things that made me wonder about her, or if those thoughts were just my natural instinct to think too much, but one thing is for sure, I miss her like crazy, and will more than likely woman come across such an awesom lady in the workplace again. I got on here, because just like this articel pointed out, she helped realize some things about my nature, just being friends. The few deep conversations we had were heartfelt and insightful, and now I know why Scorps are generally very private people.

    Orks, It seems you may have decided not to respond-Lost your email to login. It is okay I have done the same. Now, i was also with an aqua man that broke my heart; with not helping financially, nor not woman around the house. He did win me over with an engagement ring and was very romantic at first. I work full time also, so not helping me out with housework; just pissed me off! I could only take so much and after many talks nothing man so asked him to move out.

    So after a week he asked my bff-girl out. Then after the turn down he went back to texting me man he misses me. If anything he was in love with the idea of a commitment; but didnt do his homework to do what it takes to make one work. And ironically, my household bills went down imagine that. My question to orks-aqua man posted May 4th is what did ended the aquarius Was it your inability to commit to your Scorp? And she broke my heart few times in a row over the years.

    And when a say broke, I mean it. You can imagine how it was, finding me reading such sites to get some reason behind all this. I met her several years ago. At one point, she developed a huge crush on me. I could not reciprocate at all, dating her right away and I tried to push her off as gently as possible. But she persisted and scorpio. Then I gave up a bit, then some more, then even more — we finally had a aquarius, which I planned to terminate, once her feelings ware off.

    She was all over me, all the time — messaging, texting, calling. You can picture it as the Aquarian being a kite and the Scorpio being the kite holder. The Aquarian likes to be hold tight otherwise they lack ground and the Scorpio likes to have someone who scorpio tell how things look from afar.

    Aug 06,  · Aquarius woman dating scorpio man 8/10/ 12/30/ In love with no restrictions or promote their lovemaking on various topics from dating an aquarius woman and aquarius woman are very amusing. 5/23/ Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility in The Aquarius man is interested in making improvements to physical structures, to relationships, to life conditions. These big plans might need to be tempered by a need to redress a situation impacting the Scorpio woman's family. The Scorpio woman is focused on a maternal figure, maybe because of a health myuri.coted Reading Time: 7 mins. Feb 16,  · As for sex lives, the pair for an unlikely but complementary match. The relentlessly high sex drive of the Scorpio man is something the Aquarius woman enjoys. As long as he works to keep up the excitement and eliminate boredom, they will both be happier both inside and outside of the bedroom. Working myuri.coted Reading Time: 7 mins.

    On the other hand, if the kite flies too high, the Scorpio starts worring constantly should it not fly off. We run by simple logic — if there is reason to it, it deserves an answer. Few thoughts on the detachment thing — it is true that we are not very efficient in the emotions sector. Scorpios are gifted with all woman facilities to manage emotions the way they feel. That is why we retract — cause we need to get away from the source of confusion. We need some time scorpio find a reasonable explanation to these emotions.

    Also, Aquarians are ruled by Saturn, there are simply times when we switch off — and it is not only relationships, it could be work, chores, aquarius, anything. Patience is the key to such periods. Dating you stick to your Aquarian man through this period provided you ask him if he has something else on his mind he will appreciate you even more after wards. As to Aquarians being hard to comit — it is true too.

    But there is an explanation for that, as well. We know this, because we experience a great deal of mood change, choice woman, emotional change, more often than any other sign I think. But Aquarians are also man responsible people, by nature. So you can imagine that there is a complicated system of check ups of our own feelings and emotions trough time, to make sure we can be with someone.

    We need to find some deeper levels aquarius are much more stable we can link to, before we can say to someone — I want to be with you. And it takes time. But above all — ask all the time. Ask the most direct and blunt to your view questions — you can rest asure you will get in most cases anyway true answers. And from there you can make aquarius mind. And this is what you can expect from such a relationship — both of you will change for the better in the long run.

    And it does take effort and energy, but no matter aquarius the end result, it is worth it. Scorpio my case, a Taurean man and you can read to comments on this relationship in the site will reap the benefits of this transformed Scorpio women I still think about a lot, but hey — if she is happy, I am also happy. Cause no Aquarian scorpio feel happy, if the person next to him is unhappy. But if they do — the amount of effort you have put in, will come back doubled at the end.

    And for a Scorpio, this could mean a lot. If it sticks and does not go anywhere — sit down and discuss it. Emotional fits look very immature to an Aquarian, as they lead to nowhere and the Aquarian man starts to wander if this is a mature person he is dealing with. Think of us like Vulcans. Startrek fans will fill in the rest.

    Finally, few more things to watch out for — we are both fixed signs and this translates into a lot of stubborness on both ends. You need to discuss a plan how scorpio deal with such situations. Also, you may not notice it Scorpio girls, scorpio you are a lot about power and control in the relation. With some Aquarians that may work, but with some it translates into a power struggle. Coupled with stubborness — you can easily lose sight of the real things that connect you.

    Make a aquarius for that as well — like impose a one day silence rule. There is great chance the next day your Aquarian man will not remember what was all that about. And find some common projects, hobbies or shared interests. This is where you well see the real potential of this not easy, but very electrifying combination. Hope this long post brings some more sense to your experiences. I like scorpios because they always seem to make me there crabby princess…I once read in article that celebrity scorpio woman have this thing for aquarius guys…hmmm interesting.

    But yes aquarius and scorpio for the most part intrigue each other, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? The distance is way too big so it pretty much sucks, but I accepted the fact aquarius he lives far away because when someone means so much, distance means so little right? My past relationships were shit so yea. We started talking more then he would secretly give me little hints that he liked me and he really did.

    So, We both started having strong feelings for eachother. Aquarians do make you feel lucky! I sort of started doing my own thing and he would get pissed off or jealous. I just want to get on good terms with him. The biggest issue being: a gap of emotional levels, …hmm, at least the expression of them. The next biggest issue, would be his need of independent freedom. For it to work, the Scorpio woman has to learn to not take it personally and understand that it is just his nature I still struggle with that sometimes.

    Even when things are crumbling at their worst, even if the romantic part seems gone, there is a true friendship there that you can rebuild upon. My Aquarius guy…He is unique. There are no gender roles with him. After all he knows you moved that dresser to the other side of the room? A scientific, logical woman of mind…Tolerant temperament sometimes you hate this, other times you are thankful for it While I am shouting, emotional scorpio passionate, he is the one who is going to calm it all down so we can both get back into our minds lol.

    Very stubborn… He is stable and dependable, and I am emotional and excitable. At our best, he brings me calm and I lend him excitement. He creates a secure environment when I can play like a girl, which amuses him and makes him smile and continue to maintain that sort dating environment for me. Anyway, it really all depends on the couple I guess. Lot aquarius power struggles, both are fixed signs.

    One is about thought, the other about feelings, a hard road…. But Aquarius is unique. You have to engage in the mind before anything else I think. You have to be able to be his best friend, above all. And when all else fails, you start again from that. We are both Tigers in Chinese astrology. Tiger is likened to Aquarius of Western Astrology I believe….

    It was amazing, he was the calm to my storm. He was intelligent, sweet, romantic, always thought of my needs and wants. It was blinding we were so in love, I was never jealous which is a first because I knew he didnt see anything past me. The sex was amazing, it was always about my needs. We were best freinds at the same time as lovers, we shared most scorpio he did lack in the emotion department when it came to expressing things other then his love for me.

    We ended up spending to much time together, he really did need his space…but would never say anything about it. Woman a scorpio I was always straight up when I thought there was a man and he would laugh and say it wasnt an issue or that we would talk about it another time. There was alot of romance though, he opened the car door dating me and kissed me on the cheek before I got into and out of man car. I was lost in dating dream world that came to an end.

    Though he broke it off, he left me with an explanation to the best of his ability…. He still sends me songs that I might like, or tells me how dating he misses me and loves me…but even though he says these things he never acts on it…just empty promises. I love him still, being a scorpio has its down falls because I dont think I will never let him break my heart again.

    Plus I see him differently now I realized our relationship was not perfect, I was the adult in our relationship where he was kind of immature. If you find the right aquarious its worth the try to be with them, they will open your eyes to a different world, a world where your more at peace with everything and everyone. Its amazing, adventurous…give them their space, and be open with them. Enjoy them because you can learn alot from them. I am a scorpio woman who fell head over hills for an aquarius man.

    We were together for 3yrs. I loved him from the moment we met. We connected on such a beautiful level. I was so blinded from reality because I was lost in love. I thought he was perfect in the beginning. As the time went on I realized it was all part of his manipulation. He wanted his freedom but he didnt want me to have mine. He was disrespectful where other women were concerned.

    He needed other women to feed his ego as he made me look like a fool. I was hesitant on man, but he would constantly bring it up. When I agreed then he would make excuses. He had an excuse for everything. Once he knew he became worse. He literally put me through hell. He walked out after 3yrs because I valued respect to much. This relationship was a rollercoaster ride of emotions that seemed as if it never slowed down.

    Now not all aquarius men are this way, I just eneded up with the wrong one. Im a scopio n he an aqua. Wait 4 him n hav faith he will cme back 2 u. U jst need 2 b very patience wiz zem. My aqua man make me laugh n smtme cry. Bt in all he man me lodzzzzzzzzz he is a real sugar n i can wait yearsssssss 4him. And never separate zem wiz zer frnds.

    Patience work best here. Hey Rony, just tell her. Scorpio women myself included can really appreciate a man who can express his feelings. Go for it, I know i absolutely man the aquarian dating that approached me. He was unlike anyone i man ever met for sure. I am a scorpio living with my aquarius man! Yes we have had our ups and downs but he makes me laugh more than anyone. Hes always full of surprises, but yes hes very slow to commitment.

    Weve been living together for a year and 5 months now, and he finally gave me a promise ring for Christmas, he still doesnt want a full on commitment, but he doesnt want me to be woman anyone else either. If he would ask me to marry him today I would say yes, but I am a very patient person, and I intend to wait for my prince charming when hes ready…. I met this guy. I have met that amazing man. We live just a block away from each other. He was weird yet attractive.

    Before I knew it, I fell for him 10years ago. So right now, after waiting for over ten years for him to notice me. He finally manages to notice me. This perfect stranger is that guy whom I have dreamt about. The faceless man, whom now i found an identity to. He was the first male to make me feel inadequate. He was also the first male that made me want to get him. The dating was bumpy, and it still is.

    It was exhausting. For the past 1yrs after i got to know him,he has been soooo ignorant. Or he is simple playing hard to get. N around last year december bumped into him when i was with my best friend. What surprises me is that, despite knowing him after 10 years, i happened to know that we share quite abit of similarities. Its not a friendship, a fling or a relationship. We are still like 2 strangers who by chance crosses path.

    I dare say I loved him for the past 10 years and till today I am loving him. Woman recently, out of the blue we started going to work together. He is a gem of person in reality,jus that he is simply not cut for a relationship now. Ive confessed my feelings to him. And true enuf,he was honest enough to say he prefers starting it off as friends. He msges me once a while and at times he totally doest his MIA acts i agree its just his nature of the aquarius.

    The scorpio in me tries so hard tame the anger tho i will send him vexed msges when i am mad.

    Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

    He is the man i have stretched my patience with. I hope someday aquarius wil reciprocate my feelings. I must say it can get confusing at times. He is very independent and likes his freedom; he is the slow to commit type. One pointer I will give is, you have to have your own life outside of him. When he gets distant, you get distant as well and do your own thing. You will always find a way back to each other. I also understand his need to be cautious when entering into a relationship because I am the same way.

    So why try and rush scorpio What is written about these signs is to true, they need their space and individual independance, they can be unattached at times which makes our life a woman very unhappy time. When things are good they are extemerly fantastic but when they go bad its like living in hell. Not to the point of being controlling or creepy, just a lot. I am a scorpio woman. I met an Aquarius man 4 months ago. We had man conversation, he mailed me beautiful cards, emails, poems all dating the time.

    I finally met him in person after 3 months because we live thousands of miles away from each other. Our first weekend was beautiful. He proposed to me and gave me an exceptionally unique engagement ring and a pearl necklace. Since i returned home he has been extremely distant.

    aquarius woman dating scorpio man

    I text and him just to say good morning and sometimes he will not even respond. When i read the comments on here i feel a little better about it being somewhat of a characteristic of an Aquarius Man. This is going to be an emotional challenge for me. I thought it was just me. I met this Aquarian man in June, but I went to high school with his family members.

    I gave him my number for business, but he did not call until August. I thought he was not interested. He asked me was I going to this concert that was a few days away and I said that I was thinking about it.

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      Love compatibility between Woman of the Aquarius sign and Man of the Scorpio sign. The horoscope gives the Aquarius-Scorpio bond a relatively good love compatibility. In any case, the Aquarius-Scorpio relationship is more for a friendship than a courtship, but all is not lost

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