Dating a woman who is blunt

05.09.2021 in 15:34| Kim Gabel

dating a woman who is blunt

  • Don't Be Afraid Of Dating A Blunt Girl — She'll Make An Amazing Girlfriend
  • Why It’s So Much Harder For Blunt Women To Find Love
  • The Girl Who's Blunt Wants You To Know These 7 Things
  • You bail at the slightest hint of dishonesty.

    Answer (1 of 6): I’ve been out of the dating game for a while but from talking to friends and family who are still dating, it’s because they have seen what has happened when they play ‘dating games’. It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting trying and guessing what the man is doing, what he is th. Blunt vs agreeable women (or men) Question. We had a deep conversation the other day about love and relationships, and what we expected when dating, and she said who taught you how to be everything I'm looking for in a guy? and I said that I don't know, it's just who I am. She then proceeded to ask why I was single, and I told her that I. Here’s why it’s so much harder for blunt women to find love: 1. Not all guys think you’re as funny as you do. You know you’re hilarious, and your brutal jokes aren’t going to stop any time soon. When a guy doesn’t get your blunt sense of humor, you just can’t imagine a Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

    Holly Harris Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her nearly nonexistent free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily. By Lyndsie Robinson.

    Don't Be Afraid Of Dating A Blunt Girl — She'll Make An Amazing Girlfriend

    By Kate Ferguson. By Amanda Chatel. By Averi Clements.

    dating a woman who is blunt

    Sip your tea somewhere else. This girl is all about getting to the point. A lot of times, drama starts when there's a misunderstanding. Nowadays, it's so easy for things to get lost in the translation of texting, social media, and the like. And she knows that being blunt is sometimes the best way to defuse a situation before it really blows up. The truth is, a lot of people claim that they hate drama.

    Why It’s So Much Harder For Blunt Women To Find Love

    But, they'll also be the first to talk behind someone's back or get all into it like we're living in a reality television show. This girl wants you to know that she's never here for it, and will always walk away when the group settles for the latest gossip. You can trust the girl who's always blunt the most out of anyone in your friend crew. Since she doesn't sugarcoat anything, you can always expect to hear the truth, even if it hurts.

    And she'll always be the first one to listen to all your stress, even if she doesn't have the right words to say in response. She's been through enough life to know how certain situations will work out before they even really begin, and knows that that boy just isn't good enough for you, and you'll probably be left ghosted. Be sure to listen when she has something to say, but still, take it lightly.

    It might come across as harsh, but it's always with your best interest in mind. And you're lucky to have a friend like her that you can rely on no matter what.

    The Girl Who's Blunt Wants You To Know These 7 Things

    This girl is so strong, but her feelings are right up there with the rest of them. Being blunt can sometimes come across as a shield to the world, and it's definitely helped her in situations where she needed to distance herself from the drama. But, this girl is who so honest with herself and would be lying if she said that she gets hurt sometimes by the truth. In fact, not only does this girl have feelings; she wears her heart on her sleeve.

    She may not be considered the woman girl in your friend crewbut her blunt can drive her decisions, too. You'll be surprised when you see her optimistic side come out sometimes, or when she comes to you for a shoulder to cry on. She just loves herself a whole lot as well, and needs you to be dating for her, just the same.

    Sarcasm, like being blunt, is honestly a form of art.

    In order for resentment to build up, lots of things need to go unsaid and problems need to go unaired. She knows how to speak up and has no problem doing so, the end. By Amanda Chatel. By Averi Clements. By Sarah Burke.

    By Lyndsie Robinson. By Kate Ferguson. By Amy Horton.

    3 thoughts on “Dating a woman who is blunt”

    1. Elizabeth Summers:

      She says exactly what she means and means what she says. No one will want to say a bad word about you because a blunt girl knows how to cut someone down, faster than any other. She gives amazing advice.

    2. Laura Larson:

      When you speak your mind without any kind of internal filter, dating can get even tougher than it already is. That can include being mean and brutal at times, and you can get labeled as a bitch.

    3. Carmen Deyalsingh:

      Let's be honest: In your friend crew, there's at least one bestie who's effortlessly blunt. She's so honest that sometimes you need your space, but you appreciate her for being the way she is just the same.

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