Dating sim guys otme

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dating sim guys otme

  • 5 Creepiest Boys From Otome Dating Games
  • Great Dating Sims for Otome Isekai Fans | CBR
  • Period: Cube
  • dating sim guys otme

    While actual otome games come in a wide variety of settings, the world of Code: Realize will seem familiar to isekai fans. The game takes place in a fantasy version of Victorian England, even including Queen Victoria herself as a character.

    The story follows Cardia Beckford, a sheltered young woman whose touch is poisonous. Lupin and Cardia team up with several other famous literary characters, including Victor Frankenstein and Abraham van Helsing, and the group sets out to find Cardia's father and cure her of her poison touch.

    5 Creepiest Boys From Otome Dating Games

    Of course, all of the men end up adoring Cardia, and the group even lives in an aristocratic mansion that becomes their base. Code: Realize has a much more serious story than most otome isekai, but its aesthetic is a perfect match -- with a bit of steampunk added in. The game has two sequels and was adapted into an anime in For fans who especially enjoy the isekai elements of the genre, Period: Cube offers the trapped-in-a-video-game scenario that forms the basis of most otome isekai, with the major difference being that heroine Kazuha has a chance to escape.

    The game is connected to her brother's mysterious disappearance, and if she finds him and clears the gamethey will be allowed to leave.

    Complicating things is that a "Divine Sword" is supposedly needed to beat the game -- dating apparently, Kazuha is that sword. Naturally, this leads to a lot of attractive guys becoming very interested otme her, and she even gets a chance to romance an NCP. Like Code: RealizePeriod: Cube contains significantly darker content than most otome isekai, but it emphasizes the isekai element far guys strongly than most other games otme its genre.

    The first in a series of Alice games, Alice in the Country of Hearts is another isekai tale, this time based on the classic story Alice in Wonderland. However, this Wonderland is far different from the nonsense world of the sim story -- most of the characters are sim as handsome men, war and violence are everyday realities guys all Alice wants to do is go home, which she can't do until she spends enough time with the strange characters she meets.

    In this game, the Mad Hatter is a mafia boss, the Cheshire Cat runs an amusement park, and the Caterpillar dating the literal personification of nightmares -- and all of them stand a chance at winning Alice's heart.

    Though she may not be the sweet, charming protagonist usually associated with otome isekai, Alice's situation is exemplary of the genre. The franchise spans several games, various spinoff manga pairing Alice with different characters and an anime film. Unfortunately, only the first game has received an official English translation, which is no longer available, but several of the manga can be purchased in the west. Ah, Diabolik Lovers. This vampire-themed otome franchise has a whole treasure trove of psychotic, rapey guys -- but if anyone takes the cake for the Creep Factor, it's resident shota Kanato.

    dating sim guys otme

    The kid's room is full of wax dolls that used to be real peoplehe throws intensely hysterical tantrums in order to get his way, and he carries around and talks to a teddy bear filled with his mom's ashes. And like all his vampiric brethren, he doesn't give a crap about consent or niceties, and is perfectly willing to manipulate, sexually abuse, and drink the blood of the heroine without considering her own wishes.

    I guess you can excuse his issues as the result of his Tragic Past and self-harm tendencies, but really, it's probably a better idea guys take a guy like that to the psych ward than give him your body, blood, and heart. This guy is such a creeper that he sim get his own route, and only shows up as a "love interest" when the player chooses the brothel route. Which is, dating, exactly what it sounds like.

    He's also a hedonistic sadist who takes pleasure in "breaking" and raping others and turning them into his sex slaves, and then killing them when they've outlived their usefulness. Otme he does it all while maintaining his composure as a polite, respectable gentleman.

    Great Dating Sims for Otome Isekai Fans | CBR

    Don't bring this one home to your parents. Kuro to Kin is another game where all the love interests are pretty problematic in a "I have an overwhelming desire to sexually assault you" sort of way, but Tomoomi definitely wins the "most likely to be put in a mental institution" award.

    Apr 16,  · Thanks, in part, to My Next Life as a Villainess, the otome (dating sim) subgenre of isekai has recently become more popular and widespread. Also known as "villainess isekai," in these stories, girls are reincarnated into an otome game, often not as the intended protagonist but rather, a . Jul 02,  · Otome games -- visual novel dating sims where the female protagonist can romance a number of attractive men -- have become increasingly popular and available in the West. With these games come a number of sexy, emotionally turmoiled men ready to fall over the heroine and fulfill the player's desire for a perfect and perfectly attractive boyfriend. Dating sim guys otme; Welcome to otome The secluded island trope as two projects are committed relationship. There are sites aplenty dating sim guys otme in Las Vegas, both over and off the Strip, so how do you choose where to go for a classy sites date?

    The game starts with him chasing down the heroine and cutting her hair by force for no apparent reason, though if you choose his route you come to learn that he has a seriously creepy fetish with her hair. The salon he runs in the game is all a front for his obsession with the heroine, who he considers the "perfect female specimen.

    Period: Cube

    How is this not a horror game, again? Anyway, in one of his bad ends he turns the heroine into his own living otme, and in another he locks her in his room, rapes her, and almost mutilates her. But in the good ending, she convinces him that she's not a doll and they get married and have lots of happy consensual sex! It shouldn't be surprising that Mikami is a disturbed person, considering the tragic death of his parents years before the start of the game.

    Unfortunately, guys death has lead him to pursue a dramatic and bloody quest for revenge that the heroine and her other potential love interests guys dragged into. Makoto is one of the secret villains of the game, but his crazy side only comes out in full dating on his route, where his love for the heroine is mostly dependent on her ability to fulfill his vision otme her as a messianic figure devoted to justice.

    If she messes this up, then he dating her. Not a great sim to start a relationship. Stalkers, yandere, violent psychopaths. Dating sims have them all, and then some. Though sim might find them attractive in fictional form, I would highly recommend that all steer clear from people in real life that display any of the qualities found in the guys on this list.

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