Eharmony dating site reviews

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eharmony dating site reviews

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  • [ Update] Eharmony Dating Review - Waste of Time or Worth It?
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  • eHarmony Reviews - 1, Reviews of | Sitejabber
  • Part 1. Pros & Cons of Eharmony
  • My advice, please contact their customer care for any product functionalities they have promised. The credit card company took a side with them so yes, don't think you can dispute your money. They are not accountable to deliver what their website promise about the product. Eharmony drew me in as a client via their promotional low-priced package, which I happily committed to and paid for that 6-month period.

    My credit card even flagged their charge as fraudulent. Tip for consumers: Don't bother As it turns out, they roped me into paying for the full year. Three bloody weeks! Talk about ridiculous. They should have policies in place that allow customers to cancel if unsatisfied, especially since their sell job is misleading.

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    All these pretty girls you see available in you area will be gone when you sign up and pay. I hardly got any meaningful letters on Eharmony, just a couple of non-sense letters from obvious scammers. Of course, I am not entitled to a refund, just like everyone dating because it's a dishonest and fraudulent site. I immediately asked for a refund, but EHarmony never processed my refund.

    It has been 10 months and they kept my money and, when I inquired about going on the site again to get my money's worth they said no and sent me a 20 page legal document saying they owe me no money or eharmony on the site. Very disreputable and taking advantage eharmony an 80 year old widow. Overpriced, poor performance! I have tried a few dating apps dating liked match.

    Their algorithm if they even have one doesn't pay any attention to who you are seeking, just throws poor matches at you. But you can be absolutely assured that their billing department will be all over you to pay as agreed! No possibility of a credit! Do Not Use eHarmony! I gave 1 star because I had no option. It deserves 0. It's a shame how this app still works scamming people and taking their money. EHarmony is the worst dating app ever.

    I can't cancel my subscription and what they offer is not worth it considering the reviews they charge you. Nothing happens, no likes, no matches, no messages, anything. It looks like reviews is able see site profile. Waste of money! Please, don't subscribe, this app is clearly a scam. Easy enough to sign up but then nothing. I had 7 inquiries in a year! Even the ugly guys didn't contact me. I tried to contact eHarmony several times to see what I was doing wrong site assuming "operator error", not them.

    But crickets. No customer service at all and now they are threatening me about signing up again.

    [ Update] Eharmony Dating Review - Waste of Time or Worth It?

    Don't do it. Joined thinking because it was more expensive than other sites, it had to be better. Boy was I wrong. Minimal amount of matches, let alone visits to my profile. Didn't realize it was a contract so can't stop deductions from my card. So sorry I didn't check this first. I clicked on the three month subscription but got charged and enrolled into a six month agreement. I can verify that their customer service is not existence and I'm pretty sure they will not refund my money.

    How they still exists is beyond me. Luckily I used PayPal and was able to immediately stop any further payments to these bastards. Absolute waste of time and money! Horrible customer service. Tried to cancel within the grace period and they refused only to tell me to lower my expectations!

    Top 1, eHarmony Reviews

    As a paying member thy send you very few so called matches 80 percent of which have no picture. Don't give these scumbags your credit card they are a reviews ripoff! They have extremely dishonest approach to business, to say the least. They make money through fraud: they put you on recurring payments.

    My recommendation is: stay well clear of these fraudsters and thieves! So don't let Eharmony and other swindlers separate you from your cash - that's the only thing they want to do! EHarmony is over rated and it's a lot of mumbo eharmony If site going to pay for a site match. On your profile where you get asked questions like whats your fav movie and so on.

    Replace any answers you have already left with offensive language which in turn will violate their terms and conditions and they will have no option than to close your account. As for getting a refund good luck. I called my credit card company because I cancelled site the three day grace period. Eharmony tried to say I had waited too long and therefore would be no refund.

    My credit card company disputed the charges, my dating was credited and I was just notified that the reviews has been approved. No more eharmony charges. Hoe things work out for you. Use eharmony pre paid credit card and only load the amount of the subscription you want onto the dating, works every time and they NEVER get your real bank info.

    eHarmony Reviews - 1, Reviews of | Sitejabber

    Rather than asking the company to cancel subscription remove there source of payment. If payment by credit card: Tell credit card company your card is lost and ask for new one. The new account number should stop renewal. Using a checking account: Ask bank for assistance. Good Luck! It's random people who answer a survey similarly to your answers. I found it to be very ineffective. The new account number should Stop renewal.

    Los Angeles-based eharmony www.

    Sep 29,  · eharmony reviews and streamlines the dating process, so finding a perfect match doesn’t take a lot effort. Since , this sophisticated dating site has developed time-tested matching tools based on the psychological principles of myuri.coes: / Overview. eHarmony has a consumer rating of stars from 1, reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with eHarmony most frequently mention many members. eHarmony ranks 15th among Dating sites. Positive reviews (last /5(K). Sep 16,  · Also, some people say that they have used the Eharmony dating app for more than a year and went on almost 10 to 12 dates but no one turned out to be perfect. And most people in Eharmony dating site are scammers or catfisher. Eharmony Review on Trustpilot.

    Millions of people of all ages, ethnicities, national origins and religious and political beliefs have used eharmony's Compatibility Matching System to find compatible long-term relationships. Customer Care Information: Phone hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday Email: 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week Refund Policy: Regarding site Singles Service, the buyer, may cancel the Agreement, without any penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date of the Agreement, excluding Sundays and holidays.

    Relationships Dating Share Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional - e. Write a Review Ask a Question. Just with a reviews scan you can detect any spyware file in your Android phone and remove it. Do you feel like you're being spied? If you are suspicious of this, click Get it on Google Play button below to download and install ClevGuard. After installation, simply click Scan to check for spyware on your phone.

    Keep in mind that the Eharmony dating has profiles of people and doesn't consist of any extra pictures outside the profile. So, if anyone receives an email consisting of a link that guides to open up a file to view a PDF or JPG, don't open that. Some people create login links of Eharmony to hack the account of other people. Always remember that once you have logged in Eharmony dating, you don't have to log in again and again. People do these tricks to hack your account.

    When creating a profile, don't share where do you live, work, and house no, personal email, current phone number, your salary, or other private info from which a person can track you down. If you are logging in to Eharmony eharmony in any public place, make sure no one dating your password. Don't share your credit or bank info with anyone and don't buy or send gifts to any online person. Once you have done any of these things your loss can't be retrieved.

    Premium subscription offers you all the features which a 3-day trial does not provide you. These include unfinished matches, view photos of every person available on the Eharmony, and you can communicate with anyone there.

    eharmony dating site reviews

    Also, you can match with a person site every day this will help you find the best partner for yourself. Premium subscriptions consist of different months plans which include 6, 12 or 24 months. When using a free Eharmony dating site you can read all messages, but you can reply to dating one of those which are a con of a free account. You can download Eharmony dating app on both Android and iOS devices, so you can sign up on both.

    When signing up first you have to select whether you are a man or woman and want a man or woman. You can either enter your email or password, or you could also sign up with Facebook. Once you have entered the password, click Join, then choose the answer that suits you best. Choose a picture after filling out the form. Again, it will ask you some personal questions answer them correctly then choose a profile picture and your account is ready to use.

    Eharmony Vs. And tinder does not keep things complex as the Eharmony dating does. If we compare match with Eharmony, we can sure that Eharmony consists of almost all age people most reviews them are scammers. On the other hand, the match provides you only singles who are in search of long-term eharmony.

    How much does Eharmony cost per month? Although 12 months subscription is cheaper. Enough said. Do not believe all the great reviews about eHarmony. It's total garbage and expensive to boot. Same matches all the time. And then you get an email from them with dating match every blue moon and when you click on it and it doesn't even take you to that person.

    Also, eharmony very aware of worthless scammers on all dating sites. Never give out your phone number or email address. If the site has a video site use it to make sure that reviews is who they say they are. If they don't want to use it then your more than likely dealing with a rat. Avoid eHarmony! After even brief interaction with the site, it became clear that it has very poor matching algorithms and a small dating pool of relevant candidates.

    Other dating sites in Canada, even without paid subscription, offer much more relevant matches, and I got a much better response rate on other sites.

    Importantly, most other sites, offer 1-month subscription, whereas eHarmony offers only 6 months. They probably do it because they know that nobody would come back after 1 month. I made the mistake of getting 6 months membership because I found an article eHarmony's own website about day cool-off cancellation policy. The article is highly misleading because this cool-off policy applies only to UK, but the article never mentions it.

    Part 1. Pros & Cons of Eharmony

    Overall, I would not recommend getting a subscription there at all! When you sign up for this experience after a very extensive question and answer you are unable to see photos of people in your area until you pay. I went ahead and paid and after five minutes of viewing the very limited profiles in my area wanted to cancel as there was no one close to me that I was interested in. Many of the profiles had no photos.

    I immediately emailed customer service to ask them if I could cancel and they told me I could not and suggested that I expand my search area. Even after doing that there were limited matches in the very few that did match were over an hour from me. All this did was add more profiles with no pictures.

    Of all the dating sites this is the absolute worst with a very limited number of matches or viable matches being people with profile pictures. Do not sign up for the service as it will site a waste of your time and money. Once they have your money you are trapped and obligated to continue to pay whether they have matches or eharmony. I've been at 20 matches dating 3 months straight. When new matches come in half them never come back to add a picture and the other reviews don't log on often or barely ever.

    The test part is great; wish it was more useful. What's the point of a test that doesn't get me very far. I've been on eHarmony since January this year. One date off of there since. I've spent more than 14 minutes on this site and haven't found any close potential matches. Lots of my matches are far away so if I put the distance even shorter I'm down to Four profiles with no pictures.

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      We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Consumers satisfied with eHarmony most frequently mention many members. Money grubbers!

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      There are many online dating apps available in the market, but Eharmony dating app is used to pair people by using different dimensions. It uses a logical approach to twin people who are on the same wavelength as each other. And it uses a personality test to match people with each other.

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