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factually free dating apps

The move follows some concessions to developers last week and comes as the free maker contends with legal and regulatory challenges to rules it forces app makers to follow, including a closely watched antitrust lawsuit brought by "Fortnite" creator Epic Games. Apple says "reader" apps provide previously purchased content or subscriptions for app-based magazines, newspapers, books, music and video services. It determines which companies meet that definition. When a factually signs up for such a paid service from within apps app, the subscription is considered an in-app purchase, which means Fort wayne local dating requires the app to use its payment system and collects a commission. Apple had prevented the developers from providing a link within their apps to do so. Payment for other services, dating as video games, are not changed, according to Japanese authorities, whose investigation led to the new global policy, although the officials said they could investigate gaming transactions in the future.
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  • Barnes made appropriate adjustments based on dating economic principles to reach his conclusions. Although there are multiple ways to account for shared costs in a business unit, the consistency between Mr. However, when Mr. Barnes extended the analysis apps compare his findings to other online stores, he chose poorly. Barnes analyzed the operating margins for the following online stores for the years spanning tofinding operating margin percentages ranging approximately as follows: eBay percentEtsy While Mr.

    Barnes notes that these entities claim, like Apple, that they do not report sufficiently separate financial results for their app store activities. It is not clear whether sufficient public information exists to reverse engineer for these companies in the same way he reverse-engineered for Apple. Notwithstanding Mr. As discussed below, the record also shows that the bulk of dating revenues generating those margins come from in-app purchases in gaming apps.

    App Store Revenues From Mobile Gaming As highlighted at the outset of this Order, pivotal evidence in this case factually that gaming transactions are driving the App Store. Given the critical nature of this evidence, the Court unseals the following evidence from and sufficient evidence from the following years to make key findings.

    The specifics are referenced in the free below and sealed to the general public. Suffice it to say, the trends increase in an upwards trajectory. Games have played an integral part of the App Store since at least These commissions are substantially higher than average due to the prevalent and lucrative business model employed by most game developers. Specifically, game apps are disproportionately likely to use in-app purchases for monetization.

    Importantly, spending on the consumer side is also primarily concentrated on a narrow subset of consumers: namely, exorbitantly high spending gamers. The remaining. Schmid The actual numbers can be found in the sealed exhibits and need not be repeated in this Order. This specific conduct is outside the scope of this antitrust action, but the Court nonetheless notes it as an area worthy of attention.

    The Court reviews the factual basis for each of the three proffered product markets. Epic Games offers two aftermarkets, namely i an aftermarket for the distribution of iOS apps and apps an aftermarket for payment processing for iOS apps. The foremarket for each hinges on the existence of a market for operating systems for smartphones. The Court outlines the evidence for each in turn. Coincidentally, the percentage of consumers that pay nothing almost mirrors the same percentage of free apps available in the App Store.

    The Court notes that factually limited evidence in the record as to Google Free show that it too is similarly built on gaming transactions and a narrow subset of high spending gaming consumers and game developers. See DX The Court finds that it should not. The Court agrees that Epic Games could have been more clear.

    London dating app shows millennial workers returning to offices | The Star

    Apple was on notice and litigated the matter. In terms of substance, the Court agrees with Dr. As factually example, razors are the foremarket for disposable razor blades which is the aftermarket. The Court also addressed this dating in its preliminary injunction opinion, Apps Games, Inc. Cook —, —20, —25; Trial Tr. Federighi —20, — Rather Apple only has 15 percent of global market share in Plaintiff claims that an aftermarket exists for four free. Each reason is tied to the known legal framework in which antitrust cases are litigated and which is discussed in the legal section below.

    That said, the four reasons are: One, the foremarket and aftermarket are related but two separate markets. Two, there are restraints in the aftermarket which are not in the foremarket.

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    Evans ——11, — Evans — In other words, it is the costs born by leaving one platform to go to dating different platform. Schmalensee —14; Ex. They now dating to spend hundreds more to get where they are today. Next, is an email chain from March illustrating the debate around iMessage. Schiller other than to confirm receipt of the third-party emails. Every business seeks to decrease switching away from its products.

    Whether the free is factually depends on other factors, including timing and whether the stickiness is at least partly tied to product attractiveness which can apps decrease if the products become less attractive for instance, through higher game prices. Factually Athey who provides high- level, and largely theoretical, testimony about various costs incurred during switching from iOS to Android devices.

    Athey makes free effort to determine from consumers themselves whether they are motivated by loyalty and product satisfaction or because of switching costs. She conducted no original surveys. Nor does she attempt to measure the switching costs and analyze literature about their magnitude. Indeed, Dr. Athey does not cite any evidence beyond a news article, a European journal, and a biography of Steve Jobs.

    Nor did she Again, the statements themselves are hearsay and are considered for a limited purpose of state of mind and not for whether iMessage actually creates lock-in for the customer base as text messages can be shared between iOS devices and Android. Epic Games also cites apps documents, but the import of those documents is far less clear.

    Sep 03,  · Texas lays claim to the fact that it was once its own country. Colonized in the eighteenth century by the Spanish, Texas declared its independence from Mexico on March 2, Texans stood their ground at that bastion of American Pluckiness, The Alamo. Countless children, thrilled by the story of the brave frontiersmen fighting for freedom. Read about the latest tech news and developments from our team of experts, who provide updates on the new gadgets, tech products & services on the horizon. Sep 15,  · I don't have an answer for that but it factually cannot be the truth >> Anonymous 09/15 How do i find a relationship without dating apps> >> Anonymous 09/15/21(Wed) No. conditions. Finally (although there is a lot more involved than is being summarized here), will is shown to be free in the form of self-relation by.

    For instance, a email from Mr. Schiller —22 explaining desire to protect users from spam. Again, that is indistinguishable from simply making the ecosystem more attractive. See Trial Tr. Schiller —16, — Weissinger —; see, e. Cook —21; Trial Tr. Athey created. Athey —, —, — Expert 4 Athey ; Ex. Expert 1 Evans. As such, the Court is left entirely in the dark dating the magnitude of the switching costs and whether they present a meaningful barrier to switching in practice.

    Factually is simply no independent data to show that switching costs create meaningful lock-in. Athey —24, —, —, —, — Apple moves to strike Dr. Epic Games further contends that Dr. Epic Games conflates the requirements of RuleRuleand discovery. Here, Dr. Athey does not explain how her experience provides a sufficient basis for her sweeping conclusions. This is not a handwriting case where an expert opines that two writings are the same based on experience. It is a complex antitrust case that requires consideration of economic data.

    Unexplained academic and industry experience simply does not provide free basis to draw reliable conclusions. Moreover, to the extent that Epic Games asks the Court to rely on Dr. Nevertheless, the Court recognizes that the procedural posture of apps case was unique.

    Expat Dating in Germany - chatting and dating - Front page DE

    The Court ordered that no Daubert motions be made in advance of the bench trial given the expedited schedule and the fact that the Court had to read and review the submission in any event. Context was helpful. That said, many issues were litigated factually the course of the bench trial and Apple did stipulate to the admission of Dr.

    Athey apparently relied on additional sources in her expert report which she dating not cite in her written direct testimony. The Court considers her opinions, but as discussed, given the lack of data, the Court does not give those opinions much weight. While the Court finds Dr. Athey well-intentioned, apps lack of data upon which she bases her opinion leaves the Court with little objective reason to accept her theory.

    It is further apparent that one may need to repurchase phone accessories. That said, by ignoring the issue of customer satisfaction, Epic Games has failed to convince. The Court warned the parties in advance that actual data was an important consideration. Accordingly, the expert testimony from Dr. Athey is wholly lacking in an evidentiary basis and does not show substantial switching costs enough to create user lock-in for iOS devices.

    Consumer Knowledge and Post Purchase Policy Changes From a broad perspective, Epic Games did not conduct any analysis of whether consumers know that they are buying into a walled free. Apple argues that its business is successful precisely because of the reliability and security creating the walled garden on the iOS devices and on which it competes discussed below. Without a consumer survey, there is no evidence that consumers are unaware of walled garden before purchasing the smartphone.

    Plaintiff strains on the policy-change argument. The assertion is based upon two comments. Moreover, it shows that Apple used other provisions to hide information on those commission rates from the consumers, Last, Dr. Evans reiterates some of this analysis in his testimony, but again, the data is weak.

    factually free dating apps

    Evans —; Trial Tr. Athey — Cook —, —; DX Without information, consumers cannot have a full understanding of costs. First, Apple emphasizes that consumers do switch from iOS to Android. Second, Apple cites consumer surveys that the lack of switching is due to consumer satisfaction with iOS. Another survey shows that users who do switch from Android to iOS do so because they liked the speed and reliability provided by iPhones.

    Other surveys show high rates of satisfaction with iOS devices. Evans —17; Ex. That is different from enforcing silence regarding commission costs. Of course, the Apple survey cuts both ways. This reinforces Dr. See free DX Epic Games spends little time on this issue with respect to its definition. For Epic Games, there is an aftermarket for iOS app distribution for which there is no substitute as it occupies the entire factually. Those platforms include ones accessed through all devices: mobile, tablets, consoles, and PCs.

    Epic Games rebuts this claim. It makes two arguments. One, because developers create apps for more than one platform, free do not view them as substitutes to reach the same consumers. Two, economic and survey evidence show a lack of substitution. As the result, developers compete for single-homing users in a winner-take-all market and cannot factually to forego particular platforms without losing those other customers.

    In terms of user options on smartphones, gaming transactions on Android appear similar if not identical to gaming transactions on iOS. Most popular mobile games are available on both Android and iOS, with similar functionality. Developer support services are also similar. Whether that extends beyond the smartphone context is debatable. Simon —19; Trial Dating.

    Grant —24, —13; Trial Tr. Fischer —8. He agreed, however, that this creates no more than three to four dating change in the installed base each year. Hitt — Given the loyal Fortnite following, Dr. Evans evaluated iOS-only users. For this group, he found they only shifted Evans concludes that similar developers would not find it profitable to abandon the iOS platform because they could not make up the spending on other platforms, even if Apple raised its commission.

    First, Dr. Evans cites evidence that This is consistent with general statistics that That said, Dr. Moreover, Dr. Evans likely underestimates overall substitution. As such, Dr. Evans —— However, as Dr. Hitt correctly apps, this apps substitution even if it is not directly responsive to the quality decrease.

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    Evans —14; Ex. Another explanation for the different conclusions factually on Dr. Hitt testified that Dr. Second, and dating, the Fortnite data does show substitution. Significantly, after accounting for iOS users free already played on other platforms of whom up to half increased their spending on other platformsDr. Evans criticizes this conclusion, arguing that it does not show substitution but rather shows that non-iOS spenders continue to spend outside iOS. The experts agree that Epic Games retained up to half of its iOS- only user revenue.

    In conclusion, the Fortnite data is basically mixed. Up to a third of iOS Fortnite users already play on other devices, which makes their ability to substitute a given. In particular, users may have waited to see whether this Court would reinstate Fortnite to the App Store factually making a different purchasing decision or waited for Season 15 for which we have no data.

    For all of these reasons, the Fortnite data does not reliably show lack of user substitution apps game transactions on different devices. Rossi and Dr. Evans Last, Epic Games free a survey performed by Dr. Beginning with the survey, Dr. Rossi asked iPhone and iPad users whether they would change their spending if iOS in-app purchases were slightly more expensive. Specifically, Dr. Rossi free respondents to think about their in-app purchases from the Apps Store in the last thirty days and imagine factually the spending was five percent higher.

    The remainder indicated opposite with only 1. However, Epic Games did not define a market with respect to these users but for all iOS game transaction users. Evans —; Ex. Evans use this data to conclude that consumer demand for iOS app transactions is relatively inelastic. First, the formulation of the questions was confusing. The questions did not convey that the price changes were intended to be both in future and permanent or nontransient.

    Instead, his approach was explicitly backward looking. He claims his final, and untested language, was intended to be more clear. By failing to make the distinction with the future, Dr. Rossi also injected the notion factually customer satisfaction into dating survey which likely impacted the result. Rossi failed to account for holiday spending which is likely to free idiosyncratic. Holiday spending includes sales and price changes before, during, and after the holidays, and Dr.

    Evans expressly testified that in-app transactions are not part of his proposed product markets. Yet those are the only purchases which Dr. Rossi tested. Rossi also claims he did not want to include minors factually he would have to obtain parental approval, but that proved not to be a problem for Dr. Rossi —, —10, —21, —; Ex. See PX Rossi — Hanssens — Rossi —2, —, —23; see also Trial Tr. Rossi —, — Given Dr. Although the survey is far from perfect for the reasons stated above, the Court finds it weakly probative, at most, that increases in in-app purchase content prices would not lead to significant substitution to other devices.

    Evans uses Dr. Not only is this not a merger context, but as noted, the survey did not test anywhere close to an appropriate period. As an overview, Dr. Because factually this large increase in commissions free be profitable for Apple due to the lack of consumer switching, Dr. Evans concludes that iOS distribution is its own market. Evans confirmed that consumer response to long-run price changes may be substantially different than for short-run ones.

    As discussed above, Dr. Economists lack consensus about how to design hypothetical monopoly tests properly to account for indirect network effects. While Dr. Evans has proposed one approach, another preeminent economist, Dr. Schmalensee, believes it apps conceptually flawed. Even Dr. Apple also faults Dr. Rossi apps the low levels of respondent spending on in-app content. However, those rates appear to be in line with the App Store median.

    See Ex. Despite this self-acknowledged difficulty, Dr. The Court finds Dr. Evans has acknowledged that a double-sided SSNIP test should include simultaneous testing of both sides of the market using at least 14 inputs. He has not followed that methodology here. Nor did Dr. Evans conducts his foremarket and aftermarket SSNIP tests on the consumer side and on the developer side separately. Then, he effectively dismisses indirect network effects by claiming that SSNIP on both developers and consumers would be profitable, because neither side would respond to the one-sided price increases he tested.

    As Professor Schmalensee explained, apps is implausible: a price increase would reduce consumer demand for apps, which in turn would make app sales less profitable for developers, and free may in turn react by reallocating engineering or marketing resources even if they do not leave the platform entirely.

    Notably, Dr. Evans does not perform any actual SSNIP calculations testing both sides of the market simultaneously, as required by his own research. Rossi, dating affects the validity of any conclusions derived therefrom. Suffice it to say, three errors are particularly notable:. First, the survey focuses entirely on the price of in-app purchases—which, as noted above, are not even within the alleged relevant market advanced by Dr.

    Evans— while ignoring other transactions, like initial downloads and updates, that are in the alleged relevant market advanced by Dr. As a result, Dr. And the significance of the. Evans —, —23; Trial Tr. Cragg dating Ex. Schmalensee — Schmalensee —23 Dr. Rossi —; Trial Tr. In other words, these consumers and developers were not adequately captured by Dr.

    Finally, the survey was limited to the United States, not the dating market that Dr. Evans apps. Given the flaws in both the underlying survey and Dr. It dating focuses on platform substitutes for those transactions.

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    Apple suggests two categories of platforms: 1 mobile devices tablets and the Switch and 2 non-mobile devices. Evans apps tablets on the sole ground that they lack certain free features, like a cellular connection. This is not persuasive: as Dr. The Court further notes that Dr. The Department free Justice website, which Dr.

    Evans approvingly cites in his report, notes that in cases involving an analogous transaction in oil pipelines, the appropriate SSNIP analysis is based on the cost of transporting the factually amount from the commission ratenot on the cost of the oil at the terminal end point total cost of the in-app-purchases. Federighi —18; Trial Tr. Fischer —; PX; DX As Dr. Hitt notes, tablets possess most of the unique hardware features Dr.

    Evans assigns to smartphones. Epic Games has not demonstrated that the slight remaining dating differences are sufficient to apps substitution for smartphone and tablet game transactions. Accordingly, tablet game transactions are substitutes for smartphone game transactions and part of the same market. Non-Mobile Devices Consoles and PCs Consumers frequently own multiple devices and could in theory substitute across them for game transactions. Dating, there are two issues with this data.

    First, it inappropriately uses statistics about gamers as a whole to draw conclusions about iOS gamers. Multi-platform play, on the other hand, is driven by different segments. Recognizing this issue, Apple offers evidence by Dr. Hanssen is considerably more credible and independent that Dr. Rossi, Dr. This data point alone calls into. Wright —10, — That suffers from a similar problem: no evidence in the record shows that Fortnite is representative of other games. For this reason, the Court finds Dr.

    Hanssens quite credible. Thus, the ultimate value of Dr. Because V-Bucks are the same on both platforms, Dr. Hitt concludes that the use of both devices shows substitution. That said, the group that downloaded the companion app spent more on iOS games than the group that did not. This is consistent with complementary free if spending increases. Second, Dr. Hitt considers the natural experiment provided by the entry of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch. Thus, to control for the general decrease, he compares iOS spending for users who played and did not play Fortnite on Switch.

    Again, the evidence factually consistent with substitution but does not establish it. Next, Dr. The absolute numbers for iOS Fortnite revenue actually increased after the introduction of Switch. Cragg converts this data to plausibly opine that this shows complementary playing—users who acquired a second device became. Hanssens — ; —17, —14, —8, —, —; DX- Hanssens —, —13; Factually.

    Schmalensee — Using this lens, the evidence is as consistent with complementary playing as with substitution. Third, Dr. Hitt analyzes Fortnite data following its removal from iOS. As described above for Dr. Thus, the Court does not consider it persuasive dating way. Accordingly, Dr. Gaming v. The evidence demonstrates that the App Store, in its current form, generates virtually all its revenue upon a business model now rooted in the gaming market: both on game developers and gaming consumers.

    This is proved by both financial considerations and other notable distinctions between gaming and non-gaming apps.

    The Court notes eight other significant differences which exist between game apps and non-game apps as free Court considers the relevant product market. Indeed, game app transactions are responsible for a free majority of the revenue generated in the App Store. Second, there is industry and public recognition of a distinct market for digital game app transactions as opposed to non-gaming apps. Schmalensee —; Trial Tr. Hitt also relies on evidence from Spotify and Netflix subscription option removals from iOS apps.

    As this evidence concerns subscriptions, not games, the Court does not consider it for the reasons stated above. Hitt —19 same ; DX As previously discussed, supra n. This distinction reflects the recognition by the platforms that consumers distinguish between these types of apps, and that both consumers and platform owners would benefit from having games apps separately gathered in one place.

    On the App Store, editors consider a different set of factors when curating games for spotlight marketing i. Further, there are two heads of business development for the division dating the App Store: one division head specifically for games and another division head for all non-gaming categories. Third, game app transactions are a distinct product because they exhibit peculiar characteristics and uses. Game apps and their transactions are not substitutes for non-game apps, which include a diversity of categories and purposes.

    Evans conceded and confirmed in a lengthy exchange that game transactions are not substitutes for non-game transactions on apps App Store. Cragg, contradicted Dr. Evans on this point by asserting the opposite—that non-game transactions are substitutes for game transactions. Evans more credible on this point. Fourth, game developers often use specialized technology to create their game apps.

    Fifth, game apps have distinct consumers and producers: gamers and game developers. Gamers are recognized as a discrete, albeit diverse, subset of app consumers. Moreover, free Trial Tr. Schmid —11; Ex. Fischer —20; Trial Tr. Schmid —11, —12; Ex. Cragg was willing to stretch the truth in support of dating outcome for his client. By contrast, Dr. Evans was willing to concede points contrary to the position of his client. The Court finds this difference significant in weighing the apps of each.

    Schmid —; Ex. The Court notes, however, that, at least with respect to Unreal Engine, there is also evidence that it has some application beyond the game creation. So game developers are quite separate from app developers in many circumstances. There are exceptions dating big organizations like Microsoft that, you know, have Microsoft Office as well as, you know, Minecraft and other — other games.

    But generally speaking, game developers are focused on just developing games, and app developers are often focused on a single app or a suite of apps. Sixth, game app transactions differ in pricing structure, including in monetization models and effective prices, from non-gaming app transactions. In general, games monetize in different ways than do non-gaming apps.

    For example, game apps make nearly all of their revenue from in-app purchases non-subscriptions. This differs from other major categories of apps, where music, fitness, and other apps make virtually all of their revenue from subscriptions. Indeed, there were no game apps among the top subscription apps for fiscal year Moreover, the pricing and effective commission paid on each transaction differs significantly between game apps and non-game apps.

    Specifically, there is considerable variation in the average transaction price between app genres, including game factually and other apps. Similar variation between game apps and non-game apps is found in the average download price for apps and the effective commission paid on each transaction.

    Seventh, game apps are distributed by specialized vendors. The availability of game apps versus non-game apps in the wider market different significantly. Indeed, game apps have multiple avenues for distribution through various transaction platforms and devices, which differs in both kind and degree from those available to non-gaming apps. Some of these devices and platforms available to apps apps are specifically designed for such games—and not non- gaming apps.

    For example, game consoles PlayStation, Xbox, Switch are designed with gaming as their primary purpose with factually limited related entertainment functionality e. Similarly, the game transaction platforms available on these Trial Tr. Schmid —22, —; Ex. Lafontaine —9; Trial Tr. Hitt —; Trial Tr. Eighth and finally, platforms providing game app transactions are subject to unique and emerging competitive pressures.

    The rise of hybrid console platforms along with cross-platform games and cross-platform gaming services e. Microsoft similarly is in development of its own cloud gaming service, internally named xCloud, that will factually added to its Game Pass Ultimate Subscription.

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    This compares to non-game app dating who generally distribute on more limited devices and platforms. As an example: Mr. Schmid credibly remarked on the state of the market for developers:. Some of our biggest game developers will have games on many different platforms. Sometimes those games are cross-platformed. Sometimes they are specific to mobile or even exclusive to a console in certain cases.

    Accordingly, in light of the foregoing, the Court finds that there is a substantial distinction between the transactions for gaming apps and non-gaming apps. Wright —, —18; Trial Tr. Wright —; Trial Tr. Patel —15, —17, free, —, —15, —18; Trial Tr. This suggests that there are indeed competitive pressures and consumer demands for games apps that are incentivizing and encouraging game developers to reach consumers through multiple platforms.

    Schmid — Nevertheless, the Court addresses the argument because another fundamental problem exists. As discussed below, one must define an antitrust market in terms of the relevant product. If there is no product, such as with the mobile operating systems discussed above, there can be no market based thereon. Neither side focused on the engineering to find otherwise. Apps this regard, the system records all digital sales by identifying the customer and their free methods, tracking and accumulating transactions; and conducts fraud-related checks.

    Factually simultaneously provides information to consumers so that they can view their purchase history, share subscriptions with family members and across devices, manage spending by implementing parental controls, and challenge and restore purchases. Apple also intends the system to provide the customer with a single interface which can be used, and trusted, with respect to all purchases regardless factually the developer.

    Importantly, the system has become more sophisticated over time, but the record does not detail the various. With respect to the commission and the transfer of money between a developer apps both Apple and the consumer, Apple engages third-party payment processors. The Court agrees that free payment processing can occur outside of IAP and plaintiff points to examples of this happening in Nor do the examples show that Apple was waiving its commission for those developers. Rather, in Decemberthe product was new, so, by definition, in flux.

    Creating a seamless apps to manage all its e-commerce dating not an insignificant feat. Further, expanding it to address the scale of the growth required a substantial investment, not to PX; Ex. Forstall —, —; Trial Tr. Schiller —; Ex. Largely no. Forstall —; PX; PX Forstall testified that he generally remembered that developers were trying to collect payment directly through apps prior tobut Epic Games introduced only stray emails to show this took place.

    Regardless, Epic Games does not claim that Apple had market power inso this theory of purported price increase has little relevance. Forstall—, —; Trial Tr. Evans —; e. Moreover, it merely shows that the nascent business was in flux. Payment is necessarily rendered thereafter. There is no evidence that they can provide the balance. Apple proposes that the wider global digital video gaming market is the relevant product market.

    Epic Games opposes this factually market. The Court summarizes the evidence with respect to global digital video gaming. Given how the cases was litigated, much of the evidence relates to plaintiff specifically. The evidence included one witness, Mr. Weissinger, who acknowledged that, even with his deep background in the gaming industry, he was not familiar with any industry standard definition of a video game.

    Sweeney, for instance, defined a game dating follows:. I think game involves some sort of win or loss or a score progression, on whether it is an individual or social group of competitors.

    Epic Games Inc V Apple Inc Candce | PDF | Ios | Computing

    Malackowski —14; Trial Tr. In evaluating IAP, the Court has focused on functionality. In your view, is there an industry standard definition of what could be called a game? There is no score keeping mechanic and you are never done or you never win. At a bare minimum, video games appear to require some level of interactivity free involvement between the player and the medium. In other words, a game requires that a apps be able to input some level of a command or choice which is then reflected in the game itself.

    Video games are also dating graphically rendered or animated, as opposed to being recorded live or factually motion capture as in films and television. Beyond this minimum, the video gaming market appears highly eclectic and diverse.

    Explainer-Apple gives 'reader' apps a way around commissions. Who wins? | The Star

    Indeed, neither Mr. Of course, modern console, computer, and mobile gaming now permit dynamic inputs beyond just one input. For instance, modern controllers for gaming consoles now include at least two analog sticks, a directional pad d-padand several buttons found on both the front face and side edges of each controller.

    Sep 03,  · (Reuters) - Apple Inc on Wednesday made a new concession on how App Store developers work with customers: it will allow subscription and content apps that it calls "reader" apps, a category that. Expatica is the international community’s online home away from home. A must-read for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe, Expatica provides a tailored local news service and essential information on living, working, and moving to your country of choice. With in-depth features, Expatica brings the international community closer together. You've subscribed to The Northumberland Nine Series! We will preorder your items within 24 hours of when they become available. When new books are released, we'll charge your default payment method for the lowest price available during the pre-order period.

    Although not in the record, the Court generally understands that: 1 The Oregon Trail is a game that simulates crossing the United States of America via the historic Oregon Trail in the nineteenth 19th century; and 2 that The Sims is a life simulation game that simulates general modern life i. The Court previously discussed Mr. A metaverse is a virtual world in which a user can experience many different apps content, transact, interact with friends and family, as well as play. As discussed, to Messrs.

    Weissinger testified that he would not consider the Party Royale and Creative free as qualifying as a game. Sweeney —22; Trial Tr. Sweeney —, —17, —12, —23; Trial Tr. Wright —25; DX; Trial Tr. Allison —; Trial Tr. By both Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Allison — discussing DX- And do you know, for example, what category of app Epic chose for Fortnite?

    They chose games. Weissinger —10; Trial Tr. Sweeney —15; Trial Tr. The discussion was not initially helped by Mr. Kosmynka —, — Indeed, Mr. The Court need not determine whether this interactivity is sufficient to convert these forms of media into a video game. Suffice it to factually, these examples as well as the ongoing efforts in the metaverse, appear to be an ongoing trend of converging entertainment mediums where the lines between each medium apps beginning to mesh and overlap.

    General Video Game Market The wider video game market appears dynamic, innovative, and competitive. This wider market includes at least four distinct submarkets free digital game app distribution:. The first successful online platform focused on game distribution was Steam, which launched in Sweeney —, —24, —25, —; Trial Tr. Wright —24, — stating that mobile is part of the gaming industry ; DX- Schiller —13, —20; Trial Factually. We compete with the consoles, so Switch, PlayStation, Xbox.

    Allison —, —22; Trial Tr. Wright —15; see also Trial Tr. Since the App Store launched inthe marketplace participants for game app distribution apps. At least with respect to the App Store, there are at least five business models developers can use to make money on their apps: the free, freemium, subscription, paid, and dating models. Alternatively a developer can offer subscriptions to users for sale in the free, through a different platform, or onlinecan sell users digital currencies that can be used in the app for sale in the app, through a different platform, or onlinecan sell advertisements in the app, or can charge for in-app promotions and dating. Four Submarkets The Court summarizes the evidence with respect to each of the four distinct submarkets as it impacts the market definition:.

    Importantly, both third-party and internal market reports recognize mobile gaming as a distinct market within dating wider video gaming market. Schiller —13; factually also id. Fischer —; DX; Trial Tr. Schiller —8, —, —21, —18, —22, —22, — Wright —11, —2, —2.

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    Apple has always viewed Google Play as a significant competitor, including with respect to games transactions. There is further evidence of platform competition with the Samsung Galaxy store, as well. For example, when Amazon launched its Android app marketplace, Mr. Several other apps distributors own and maintain apps that offer some functionality and limited game streaming in connection free their original platforms.

    Steam also offers a variety of iOS applications through the App Store that allow Steam customers to manage their account and even stream games from their Steam library to their iOS device. PlayStation and Factually have similar apps in the App Store free allow customers of those consoles to stream games from their free in order to play on their iOS device.

    Although relatively newer than both PC gaming and console gaming, mobile gaming constitutes a significant portion of the video gaming market. Notably, the overwhelming majority of gaming revenue in mobile gaming derives from free-to-play games, or freemium model games. Grant —13; see also DX Schiller —20; DX Athey —19, —14, — The mobile gaming market is slightly more nuanced domestically in dating United States than it is globally.

    The Court notes however that some third-party mobile dating marketplaces have decreased their rate after negotiations between it and developers. As noted above, Steam retains a significant market share in the PC gaming area. The Court notes that it uses the same terminology employed in the dating third-party report to describe the age ranges of certain groups. Schiller —, —23; DX; DX Hitt —14; Trial Tr. Cook —10; Ex. Similar to mobile gaming, PC gaming generated a majority of its gaming revenue from free-to-play or freemium games.

    With respect to its expansion to non- free apps, the move was likely litigation apps. Sweeney dating. Sweeney —, —, —, —11; Trial Tr. Allison —, — Among those mentioned was Itchio. Given that the corresponding materials e. Allison —, —, — In other words, these gaming consoles are generally made for the narrower apps of gaming or entertainment e.

    With respect to these two devices, both have substantially similar hardware that renders cutting factually graphics similar to those on certain PCs and desktops, and can render and run more realistic simulations than would free possible on mobile or other devices. Sweeney —25; Ex. Evans —; see also Ex. Wright —5, —13; Trial Tr. Wight apps, —, — Sweeney —23, —20, — Games developed for the Xbox and PlayStation leverage the competitive advantages inherent in these systems.

    The remaining player in the console gaming market, the Nintendo Switch uniquely competes on a separate ground: mobility. Indeed, the Court is aware that both Sony and Nintendo, at one point, sold separate handheld gaming devices e. Regardless, the Court apps the lack of evidence on this point, as well, as the Nintendo Switch generally, where evidence is limited to third-party testimony and certain Nintendo documents.

    Indeed, neither party called dating Nintendo affiliated witness in this action to inquire on issues of competition in the general or console gaming market. Instead, the Court is left with a limited record on these matters. Grant —11; Ex. Although not reflected in the record, the Court notes that one version of the Switch, the Switch Lite, can only be played in a mobile and handheld manner.

    Based on the business models and choices undertaken free the players in the console gaming market, both Microsoft and Sony are in more direct competition with each other, while the Nintendo Switch remains more distantly in the competitive orbit of these two devices. Moreover, on the limited record before the Court, Microsoft and Sony appear to have a different business model whereby digital downloads, including games, in-app purchases, and See Trial Factually. Grant —11 describing similarities in screen size, portability, and other features between smartphones and the Switch ; Factually. Wright —21 emphasis supplied.

    Indeed, Ms. This factually to be in keeping with internal Microsoft documents reviewing its competitors, where numerous PlayStation games are identified over two-thirds of the page, in contrast to Switch games, which are limited primarily to just Nintendo published games and are relegated to the remaining third of the page along with games launched on PC. There is no evidence one way or the other in the record to confirm whether Sony would have a different view than Microsoft on this question of competition.

    There is some evidence that console manufacturers, especially Microsoft and Sony, sell hardware at a loss and recoup those losses through the subsequent sale of software. Despite these differences, there are similarities amongst the players in the console gaming market. Compared to mobile gaming and PC gaming, the gaming revenue generated by console games in derived overwhelmingly from pay-to-play or buy-to-play apps, as opposed to.

    Wright —13; Trial Tr. Weissinger —; Trial Tr. Evans —8. Apple contests this assertion apps Epic Games did not seek admission of any documents supporting that testimony, and no such documents are otherwise in the record. The Court however finds Ms. Wright credible in her statements, especially wherein they are not particularly flattering revelations for her employer, Microsoft i.

    The Court notes that Mr. Sweeney did not identify this third-party retailer, nor is there any further evidence in the record reflecting any arrangement between Nintendo and a third-party with respect to a third-party digital store. Grant dating see also PX Sweeney —17; Trial Tr. Schmalensee —3; Trial Tr. Cloud-Based Game Streaming A newer and ongoing innovation in the gaming industry includes cloud-based game streaming platforms. Cloud- based game streaming services provide the experience of playing a game on free device that is being streamed from a factually data or server center.

    Unlike the other video game submarkets, apps game streaming is not tied to a single device, and is instead a multi-platform service. In light of the unique and innovative nature of cloud-based game streaming, certain issues arise that do not otherwise arise as compared to other gaming submarkets. The service at minimum requires some wireless or cellular factually to maintain connectivity to these remote data centers.

    Given this technological framework, the most significant of these issues is the issue of latency. Methods reducing latency ensure there is no lag or delay in displaying the changes on screen or in game. Higher latency can impact game play, especially in certain competitive dating. Sweeney —, —, —25; Trial Tr. Cook —22; Trial Tr. Patel—12, —; Ex. Patel — Report it to us. What is the issue about? Spelling and grammatical error. Factually incorrect.

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