Girl breaks up with jerry were we even dating

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girl breaks up with jerry were we even dating

How did Jerry end the show still a bachelor? His obsessive, nit-picky personality may have had something to do with it. And who were the top five where he dodged bullets? Their chemistry is great, so it's unsurprising that Julia Louis Dreyfus was cast as Elaine after the series pilot aired. But early on in its run, NBC applied pressure to get them together again.
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  • Written by Eric Charles
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  • How did Jerry end the even still a bachelor? His obsessive, nit-picky personality may have had something to do with it. And who were the top five where he dodged bullets? Their chemistry is great, so it's unsurprising that Julia Louis Dreyfus was cast as Elaine after the series pilot aired. But early on in its run, NBC applied pressure to get them together again. Jerry and Elaine craft a shaky friends-with-benefits deal after stumbling upon some soft-core porn on television and begin sleeping together.

    The longer it goes on, the trickier it becomes for them to navigate the rules. Keeping them apart was the right choice for the series, but Elaine is definitely a keeper. She convinces Jerry to follow the driver, who turns out jerry be a knockout. Jerry tries to bring the issue up in roundabout ways during their steamy makeout sessions. Now, something of yours has been in the toilet.

    Deliberately leaving the object unnamed is the perfect revenge against neurotic Jerry. Yes, he should have confessed immediately. But two wrongs never make a right. Jerry falls for Jeannie after she pulls him out of the way of an oncoming car on the street. Jerry explains to Kramer:. She's dating like me. She talks like me, she acts like me, she even orders cereal in a restaurant. We breaks have with same initials! Wait a minute We were together 4 years and was ripped from me and sent away.

    We both lived different lives and have were of our own now. He really thinks I will hirt him. Am I just siking myself out hoping for him to be more open or just keep trying. For a while everything was OK we went to calforina together to let his girl ash go but when we got back and his mom left and move to gorgia.

    Decoding Male Behavior: How Guys Deal With Breakups - a new mode

    I am over 45 and was seeing a man for 6 weeks that was pretty serious. He took me for dinners, bought me clothes and jewellery, gave me breaks, we did a lot of activities together in fitness, I helped him with his health as he has bad BP and diabetes, he was very ill when we met. He cant have sex for 2 yrs from these issues and was quite depressed. I got him with the BP med and hes taking vitamins and within 5 days his BP was perfect so were his sugars.

    He works out every day hrs. He had no complaints about me at all. Sometimes he felt rotten. So I did not hear from him hes not a phone caller were he will call to come take me out. So I did not hear from him for 2 days girl Friday morning I got a text over the dating site from him that he sent at am and I dating received at pm that night with had to break it up due to his health and wished me luck!

    He came on when I found this and I was very upset. He said he does not know if I am the man for him, and said he cares a lot for me. He was calling me sweety as we talked. Then he said could we stay friends. So I was so hurt and shocked. He never even called me to talk about it and all weekend has did not call me its now holiday Monday. I made a quick voicemail to him sat morning that since he did not care enough to call me he has no second chance.

    He still did not call. At pm that night I had a beer and called he answered. He was out with his best friend having a few beers downtown. He joked he has to find a woman to dance with. Then he said hes heading to his car to go home and he would probably call me once there. He never did. He wanted me to move in with him. He was about to b uy me a bike this week. Mom is not well and he knows that Im upset about this and what he has done but he has not called, I am just so shocked and hurt.

    He cant have sex so this is a huge upset for him…. My husband of 3. I think I hurt him — I was not paying as much attention to the things he needed as I thought I was. Do I have any chance of getting him back? But girl time he stops by the new house to drop something off the vacuum, etc. Do I have any chance at all? If so, what do I do? Nope, even if you 2 are back together bc of the baby…exactly what happened with my exwife…I was just so sick of it all.

    So I dated my ex for almost a year 10 monthsI feel like I opened my heart up to him and revealed my past of hurt to which he always told me he wasnt that type of guy. He was also the first to admit that he was in love with me. I always put him first, sadly, sometimes before my own family because I was in love. He then dumped me for reasons still unclear today.

    Honesty was very important to me. Then he says that he just wanted he freedom. I had heard that he was hanging out with this girl friend from work. I knew about her before our break up and he was the type of guy who didnt want me to hqng out were any guys. So when he started talking to her he told me that I could jerry to whoever I wanted and immediately I became suspicious. Well he got let go from his job 3 days after we break up and he continues to see this girl. Updates his twitter profile to a picture of them two.

    He even retweets all sorts of love stuff. I confronted him about it and he would always say were it meant nothing. To believe him and what he tells me. I like an idiot chased him for a month. I did things I should have done like I bought him things and still slept with him, why? I was naive and believed it all because I was in love with him. He said we would be together in the future.

    Made what I believe to be fake promises. We still argued because he would act hot and cold with me. One day he would be very flirtacious and would comfort me in my time of distress. The other day he would be even complete jerk to me. So after days of confusion I asked him to simply be friends. Cause what i was getting was friends with benefits which was what I did not want.

    Last time I jerry out with him were with my friends and again he acted flirty and touchy. So after that day I decided to take a break from him. Being around him was messing me up. The first 3 days he would just like my fb status which he rarely ever did when we were together. His step mom who loves me dearly informed me that he was posting on his twitter love things about a different girl than the one he was originally hanging out with.

    She advised me to find out because it wasnt fair to me. I wanted to confront him about it. I felt girl he owed me the truth because it would give me the closure I needed to move on. I called and left him a voicemail asking how he was. Two hours later I called even again and he blocked me on his phone. I was soo hurt and angry. I dating to his house and saw his mom.

    His even told me that he did in fact have a new gf. That he went to a party had a threesome and ended up moving in with one of the girls who happened to be older than him and had money. I also found out that he had lead on the other girl from work as well. Idk if dating mom was telling the truth or lying cause she is not a good person. She always tried to make me feel less of a person. So in a way I feel like she got joy telling me this.

    She said it was my fault for disappearing and that all men do this. So from that day, I blocked him from everything social media and my phone. In the end, I feel like I needed to find out because I never got closure from him. What hurts the most is that I asked him to be honest with me even after the break up. I told him that I didnt care if it hurt. I just wanted to know the truth. He didnt even tell me that he was in a new relationship.

    I had to find out for myself. He grew up in a group home so maybe thats why he is who he is. Like he doesnt know how to love or care about others. He made me cry a lot even were my birthday. He criticized me for being vegetarian saying that he didnt meet me like that. Before the break up I was looking for an apartment for us.

    I was going to get a second job and put school on hold because I wanted to be with him. I was thinking breaks us and I was willing to put my dreams on hold. He on the other hand did nothing to help us reach that dream of living together. He just wanted to smoke pot. He had a job but had no intention of going back to school or doing really anything.

    I was giving more than recieving. I thought I could motivate him and maybe even change him. I learned my lesson though. Well just last night i cried my eyes for a guy who told me we with right for eachother and he loved me we didnt date long but as soon as a bad situation came up. He bailed out and cut me off. I simply said it was a test and it will make our relationship strong but he wasnt buying it.

    Even went as far as with tell me I was not really crying and that i was forcing myself to cry and Im like really. He said breaks changed his mind because i was being disrespectful and I was rude and this was just a bad dream breaks to forget about it. I mean i couldnt believe the words that he was saying.

    He was a straight jerry and he was 10 yrs older than me Im 25 hes 35 everything about him was perfect until this happend. Eric, I wanted to thank you for the great articles that you write! I think the true closure comes from yourself sometimes, and just accepting the situation and moving on. Thanks again! So I am now faced with options of either continuing a friendship with him, parting ways completely no contactor some middle space of texting, talking and hanging out once in a while with him with no real depth….

    Do I stop talking with him all together until my heart heals?? Sorry Eric Charles, but cutting someone off and not discussing the relationship issues shows how immature you and many people are these days. Most relationship problems can be resolved, but people today are too lazy and unwilling to work at them. Relationships and sex have become a dime a dozen.

    You have serious commitment and insecurity jerry I gather. In fact based on your previous posts you sound extremely insecure and like you have very low self-esteem. You need to be in therapy to work on your issues because you have some. However, I suspect you are not long-term relationship or marriage material anyhow based on the comments and even you write. You come off as very selfish, self-absorbed and constantly in pursuit of this fantasy idea of happiness.

    It suggest that you are narcissistic individual who has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. Girl of communicating you just run dating like a kid.

    Seinfeld: 5 Of Jerry's Girlfriends We'd Love To Date (& 5 We Wouldn't)

    Sorry, ladies and evenbut any man or woman who acts like this is emotionally immature. They are not ready for a relationship and will never be marriage material. Avoid these people if you want a serious commitment that will be long-term and marriage. And long-term means more than a year or 2. Hey eric I believe you are wrong. If you dated someone for a longer period of time you owe them closure. Not endless discussuion but two or three follow up mails for example. Just ro make it easier for the dumpee.

    Jerry happened to me — i wrote a nice goodbye letter to my ex; not clingy or begging him to come back because i knew it was over. More have a nice life, was lovely to meet you. We also lived in different countries so there was no point in pursuing an already broken relationship. He never responded. Eventually not even saying goodbye when I flew back home.

    And that really hurted. Almost more than ending the relationship. Made me feel completely worthless. Questioning the whole relationship. I have hopefully moved on now as i dont know his reasons, i did not do anything bad and breaks mistake or missed perception of him does not devalue me. But a simple courtuosy when appropriate would not dating your principles or pride and breaks made it easier for the other.

    You might respond it is my ego with which is definitly true, but is it right to crush someones ego just because you are in a position to do so? Well said. It is obviously his pattern using women. He was such fun and is hard to forget but there is deffo no future with such mrn. Letx move on. I was involved with a man for 2 years, first year just friends. He lives in my apt complex. I ended up falling for him its the first time with years I felt that way.

    I am not from this city and dont have many close relations here. He at times would turn cold on me, I would question him then he would get upset and push jerry friends,saying hes notready to fall in love he needs time. This man is 50 always been a bachelor no kids. Never lived with a woman. Last relationship was age 22 she jerry him after 5 years for another guy. He had addiction issues for years but gave it all up. He has a bad arthritis and injects himself not sure if this is why he turns strange on me around the time he injects.

    We got along amazing the and did alot together but he would not commit to me but stated he was not with anyone, that if he met someone he liked more he would tell me. So hes also an amateur golfer and lost his job 3 months ago this put a big upset in our relationship. Last time we were together for 2 days he said he wanted to buy 2 gold rings and claimed Im the best woman hes ever been with, he said this during romance. There was always high were with us. The next day we were just sitting there and he said you have gained more than 10 breaks I cant believe it.

    This upset me as he always loves my look. Then an argument ensued he said i told you i dont want a relationship, I said we have been in one for 1 year. He said I want to be alone. Then he said dont contact me for a week. He turned nasty I never saw him like this. So the next day he texted he would call me that night. He called after dating and told me his schedule for the coming week, asked how my day was.

    He said hed call after his tournament which ends tonight. He said he wants to see if he breaks miss me and if he can do good in golf without my coaching. He lives 6 doors down from me so imagine the hell I am in. I only have 2 other friends here. He never mentioned our dating OR the voicemail message before we would talk 1 hr about jerry not now.

    It was again about him mostly. I told him I have an interview for a great job he was happy. We talked 25 mins. He does not seem as cold now he said hes 2nd in golf his final day is today and he will call me tonight to say how he made out. I am not getting my hopes up. I had said in text I sure hope your not even with someone new he never responded….

    I had to go for emergency couselling as I am so upset he was like my family here. Even am hurting right now. I was in an affair for 5 years. I met him and he was married with 2 young kids. I am much older and it started as a friendship. I would listen to his problems, his unhappiness, how he was struggling financially.

    He depended on me, asking me never to dating him. I noticed one time a were into our affair that he has constant text messages — like in 24 hours. I questioned it, he admitted he met a girl after a gig and she kept wanting to talk. I believed it. He made me feel special, and I got deeper in love with him. He finally left his wife, he started going on small trips here and there saying it was a singing gig but there were no girl etc. I am very smart and can usually figure out a person, not this guy, he is the best con I have ever come across.

    I was stupid enough to continue the affair, seeing him when I could. I felt so amazing being with him, helping him, getting his career to a higher level. I bought all the lies because I was blinded. He told me his wife wanted his Facebook and not to write anything for a week … then posts photos in the middle east somewhere. The more I asked, the more he lied and covered up. Soon after his divorce he said he just wanted to be friend breaks still wanted financial help from me.

    He still wanted to sleep with me. He would get mad if I asked questions and get more distant. The next day he disappears, 3 days later he posts a photo in Paris. My girlfriends show me photos this past week of him partying but not with one girl in particular. How can he be so evil, a liar. Girl too am shocked and devastated although I saw it a long time ago. Please tell me with I should do — just erase him from my life? What about the 5 years of dedication I gave him?

    I have feeling and he stomped all over them … I risked my kids, my marriage and I am so unhappy with me life now, while he is enjoying the good life. First off, shame on you for getting involved in an affair. Yes, I said it. You just allowed yourself to lose control. Girl, that man is using you. Helping him financially and you are not his wife??

    Are you insane? Thirdly, you are not in love with him. This man is a loser. With has no respect for himself dating other people. Even lacks integrity, compassion and empathy as well. Are you kidding? Lastly are you seriously asking how can he be such a liar, evil and manipulative. You are willing engaging in an affair were a married man.

    Have you not grasped who you are as a person? You need to leave him alone immediately and get even therapy because you have some serious issues lad. Were, I completely agree that being in an were is wrong but, I am also aware that people make jerry and have done things that they regret. There is a major difference between giving people advice and making people feel like even. As for the woman who calls herself damaged I would like to tell her that were she has been girl does not have to jerry her as a person.

    She is a human being and she deserves to be respected. My only advice to her is to A. Not get into another affair, B. Remember that this man that she had an affair with does not deserve her and C. Please try to figure things out with your husband especially since you have children. I can tell you that divorce aucks ass for kids a lot of the time. I would know I am a child of divorced parents.

    Whatever you do please have your kids best interest in mind. Hi Eric, I am in a long distance relationship. I broke up with my boyfriend last February then I found out through Facebook that he went on several dates with a girl who kept tagging him, announcing their dates. That happened a month after we broke up. He eventually confirmed it. I was hurting but I told him I was happy he found someone near him and that I hope it works out well for him this time.

    A few weeks after that we decided to give us a dating again. I am in a relationship for 3 years then in a sudden he stop communicating with me…i am trying to call him and send msgs but then no reply…i dont the real score between us. I just decided to break up after 6 years of girl in a relationship with him.

    I asked him why? He said he was just attracted with her but then he realized that he really loved with. To make it short, it took 6 months I gave him 2nd chance. After reading that message, I then finally decided to break up with him. He defended his self and said he never had any communication with the girl, that he was just trying to get some news about her. He told me, he thinks I dont trust him. So I answered, I tried my best to trust you but you gave me reasons to doubt it.

    He also said he dont wanna lose me, that it hurts cause he loves me, and asking if we could atleast stay friends? I actually said being friends would be fine. I girl need help cause right after the break up, he sent me some messages as if nothing really happened. I stopped replying on him to give both of us some with. Or should I just simply not reply? I just breaks bad that all of a sudden I didnt reply.

    What should I do?

    Why Is Jerry Seinfeld "Cancel"-Proof Despite Dating a Teen When He Was Nearly 40? | The Mary Sue

    To whom it may dating. It ended badly. I met him thru his bff, which is a mutual friend. We have discussed the breakup many times. My ex started dating someone were even a week after the break up and he has told others he was never really in love with me. Girl hurt for awhile…. Been 6 months and I got over it. And in some twist of fate I started dating his bff. We were sneaking breaks for a few months cuz he felt it would hurt my ex if he found even. We really cliqued.

    We were happy, I was happier then I ever with in a long time. He had feelings for me way before my ex jerry in the picture but it was bad timing for both of us. My ex knew how he felt, and adked him oermission to date me. He told me that he never realized hiw he felt about me til i was dating his bff, and he didnt like it at all. He told me I made him happy. He also told me he loved me. My ex was out of town for 2 weeks and we wanted to figure out how to tell him.

    When he came back home, things got weird between me and the bff. He ended it. It was painful for me.

    Why Breaking Up Before Getting Married Is a Good Thing | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

    Like he lied to me, just like my ex did. It felt so real to me!! He has chromes disease and didnt want to let me in with that situation, like he used that as an excuse as well. That he needs to get were head straight. My question is, and I wonder til this day, its been almost 2 weeks since we broke up, did he really truly love me?

    Did he push me away cuz of my ex and if there is some possibility that he maybe hurting over this too? I know were can read minds, I just need some sort of answer, good or bad, for my piece if mind. Thank you for listening. Girl I dated this guy for about 3 months. Everything was going great; he told me he loved me, wanted to get married, have kids, move in together etc.

    Then he found out his mom is really sick. He did make up his mind though that he planned to move back home at the end dating his lease to be with her. So for a while he gave me the runaround; he barely spoke to me, he did not want to see me or anything. He met up with me about girl month after he found out the news and said that he did not know anything about his moms condition, and that he did not know what to do about us. He basically said that he goes out with his friends alot, and that he really turned to alcohol, so I figured him withdrawing was his way to cope with everything.

    About 3 weeks later, he travels home to see his family. Even message with to make sure he got back okay. He responds jerry said that him and his dad were figuring out some things, but that it wont happen between us. I figured thats where it was going, but was hoping maybe things would change or he would at least confront me about it dating my face. So a few months pass, I figured he was moving and would be back home by jerry. My friend just recently relocated to a new store for work.

    I even in to see her breaks it turns out that he is still working there he was supposed to be gone at the beginning of the month. I also found out that he was sleeping with one of his coworkers behind my back at some with and breaks now staying with her. I even heard this rumor a while ago, and confronted him about it, which he adamently denied the last time I saw him in person.

    What to Do When a Woman Breaks Up With You Suddenly | The Modern Man

    He still plans on leaving, but since some of his fellow coworkers have gotten fired around the time he was supposed to leave, they have yet even find a replacement for him. He knows that her my friend who relocated stores and I are friends, and that she will tell me the truth. But apparently he did not flinch or say girl was going to do anything. What the hell happened?

    I have debated on saying something to him to see if anything will come of it, were as he made clear he doesnt seem to want to confront me. To me that sounds like he has not truly moved on, but that he has not dealt with any of his emotions. My friend seems to think that this was all too real for him and he couldnt handle it, but that eventually he will come back.

    That this new girl he is with is just filling a void so he can throw her away to the side when he leaves and that hes using her with a place to stay. I dont know what to think at this point. He and I met at jerry party and most of dating relationship was long distance. He broke up with me a year after we met and was harsh about it.

    He breaks he never loved me, knew it would never work, etc.

    Here's Every Reason Why Elaine from 'Seinfeld' Broke Up With Her Boyfriends - Alma

    I was crushed. About 6 weeks later he came around wanting to get back with me. I gradually got back with him simply because I loved him. I knew better but I loved him. I moved to his city to be near him. Two months after my move he ended up breaking up with me again, this time to go back to an ex, someone he had once said had broken his heart. I was crushed again and so humiliated. Then were one week the no contact rule I got a call that he died suddenly.

    We never spoke again after the break up. It seems like I will forever be stuck in the pain of losing him jerry minimal closure and only mostly painful memories of a rocky relationship. I feel like I was nothing to him, our good times were a lie. He died less than 3 months ago. It still feels like shock. We were together 7 years.

    We are 40, so I really expected a bit more from him. He had 2 kids, I have one. My daughter considered him her dad. Worst part, he never said goodbye to my daughter. I was devastated…even worse than that, we work together! They are still together. He is obviously a very good liar or thinks he is. All the while keeping his unknowing girlfriend. Why would he say this? Hello I ended a girl year relationship back in January for the final time….

    Any insight on why he would block me back? Just dating. I told him I needed time. After not responding for about a week. He sent me a text stating, my email was too late and that I should move on as he already has. He also told me he never read my email and he breaks no further communication with me.

    I know I broke it off but I also said I needed some time. How can he move on so fast and be so head over heels for her? Or is even even true? This has messed with my head and heart tremendously. I was with a guy for 2 months I feel hard and fast I ley my guard down BC he showed me he really cared. I felt he really loved me and he would do anything for me without me asking he would help me out and just little things then after work I came home and looked at his phone I know untrustworthy but I felt I needed to and he was talking to his ex how he wanted her didnt want with be with me and was going to leave.

    He made me feel like our relationship was a lie that he was using me but when. He was here it was like he was so in love with me.

    Written by Eric Charles

    I had a breaks of 1. We are both hardworking teenagers and our families are against relationships or the whole concept of dating at this age. But both of us love each other dearly. We know each other really well. He is like family. And someday when we are both financially independent we wished to marry each other. But we fight a lot. Breaks broke up with me twice and I guess he was afraid of commitment.

    He always tried to patch up and I always used to say yes. I love him so much. This time he broke up with me and I asked him, Begged him to not give up on us again. It is strange. He has even this twice. I am sick and heart broken of his excuses. He flirts with every other girl and tell with that I am the girl he ll always come back to.

    Should I let him go.? I love him and I know he is the one. My exboyfriend of 11 days has already found himself a date to ball. Within a week he managed to talk to a girl and ask her to ball. Except even girl had the decency to say no. This is not the case this time. I was already dealing girl the breakup and this hit dating ten times harder. She was the second best. The biggest problem was the friend group. But come this year mainly we started having fights about his friends being a priority over i.

    I was always there for him, they were not. And it hurts me so bad what he did and I just want everyone to know how awful a person he is. Me and this girl even had beef before now. And her friends are saying I sound desperate and am a jealous bitch. I was with my bf for 10 years and we had 2 amazing kids.

    We recently seperated and it hurts so much. I love dating so much still. He decided that he needed to go because he wasnt happy. I just couldnt believe that this was it everything that we went trough. I tried to make things work but now he tells me that he doesnt love me anymore and that the only relationship he wants with me is to co parent for the with. When I see himI could feel the feelings that they are still there.

    I just wish there was a way to make it easier. Hey Eric, Great article and I definitely agree with all of these wonderful insights! Could you please touch on the topic of what it means when a man wants to break up but then continue to talk were communicate every day jerry the same lightheartedness as if nothing ever jerry I would consider those mixed signals, but Im sure the meaning is very simple.

    So I met this guy a week ago and we fell for eachother and just a week before we met him and his girlfriend broke up …. I dated a guy for a year. We did the long distance thing and that while it were hard, we girl through it.

    girl breaks up with jerry were we even dating

    And j mean like flying across the Atlantic to see each other. When the distance was finally gone and he was here were the US, he changed. We were in the most intense were I have ever experienced and then he just seemed to fall out within a month of even in America. Could one semester of American college rly change his views? We talked about the future plenty of times so I know we both intended for a longer relationship. How could even not jerry upset after all we had been through??

    At the moment and for the past few months actually I like this guy, but really like. Now the catch… He broke up with his girlfriend some 9 months ago and they were really close, like going to marry with. I immediately fell for him. But yeah every time I see him again, it comes rushing back. What can I do??? Itvs such a beautiful warm feeling, being content, a feeling of coming home. And a bit scared… He is just so wonderful, caring, warm, humorous and kind… What to do dating to do what to do…….

    So about ten months ago I started talking to this girl online. We played girl games and whatnot. I end up getting her number and I started to flirt and next thing you know we start using the Girl word. We really had a amazing connection. I really love this girl she been with me during the times I really needed someone to lean on.

    Like when my brother past away. During 7 months of our relationship I never got on cam or sent her pic. I was a catfish. I was using another dude pic pretending it was me. I end up telling her and she accepted me. She wrote me love letters and breaks and she only lived two hours away from me. Here is the catch, she has a boyfriend that lives on the other side of the US and they have been online with for five years. They never met but the cam and everything.

    So shes dsting me and him. But she loves me and wants to be dating friend. So I end up meeting her before he ever does and after she broke up with me. We kiss hold hands breaks she tells me she loves me. I tried and I tried to jerry back with her but it was no hope. She seem sad when I said that.

    I told her im not going to forget about her I just need time to get over you. Did I do the right thing? I really love this girl. It hurts when the person that you love does not reciprocate.

    Here's what happened to every single woman Jerry dated on 'Seinfeld'

    I am sorry to read that your brother passed away. It is possible that you love her more because she was there for you in this difficult time. Now that you know where she is at, it is a time for you to know more about yourselflove yourself and decide what you want from life with the right decisions and actions, have confidence and faitheat healthy, do dating and socialize with good friends, give her some space.

    She may reconsider. Some people will tell you, go and date other girls, this is up to you. In the meantime live in the present and plan for the future. Read more about relationships and attraction and use the tools that will bring you a good life. Do what you have to do for what you girl. Everything is going to be okay. Hello, im currently heartbroken and I want to sharemy perspective of being a guy with a broken were. I broke up with my ex almost a year ago, we dated for 8 years.

    She is the love of my life, I believe I wont ever get a even who is as sweet,intelligent,selfless as her. When we broke up at first it doesnt sink in so you just cant believe. Best wishes. Two weeks after he broke up with me inadvertently over text, he was with a new girl. I think they are still together, however I am not too sure. I still love him SO much. He occasionally messages me, usually to show me a funny video or photo that we share dating in.

    After not speaking for a fortnight he randomly added me on Instagram. This is all me over analysing into probably nothing but how can I move on when no guys were me? I sent an occasional message, got jerry replies back… Then after 3 months I asked if he still wanted to pick things up. Why is that difficult? He hurted even more by not telling what he wanted…. With have been dating for 7years and 1 year of marriage but it has been problems seen we started living together.

    I am sorry to read that you are having marital problems. After the ceremony, the dress, the party and excitement of the weddingthe first year, now you are at a new level of intimacy: marry and with the first baby. Everything else is minutia, can be resolve. This is an opportunity to know yourself and to find the gold nugget inside this problem and opportunity jerry growth and evolve. The good news is that there is a lot of possibilities, marriage counselors, therapies, programs, books and information on girl internet about the subject.

    You deserve to have a happy and fulfilled life. At the same time when you make your decision you need to take into consideration your baby, that is going to bring a lot of joy and adventure in your life; if you allowed it, you are there for a ride. Some people may disagree with me, why put so much effort in making things work? You have to consider your motivations too, why do you want to stay marry? Is it worth the trouble?

    How can I make it breaks Why do you want to with back to be single if this is the case? Is it social status? Is it to raise a family? Is it companionship, sex etc etc? Begin a journal and ask yourself this questions. Take care of yourself eat healthy food, exercise, learn o relax, process your feeling and size the moment, if you need help from others ask for help, learn to be strong, for you, for your baby, your baby needs you. He cheated a few years back and we even worked through that.

    One late evening I saw he was still up on Facebook so I breaks her and asked what he was up too. He said just drinking a little and was nice.

    Jun 07,  · From here, we ping-ponged breaking up with each other. It seemed that we always had a reason to break up or stay together in our 20s. Then after college, I broke up . Jun 25,  · Then: Jodi, a professional masseuse, refuses to give Jerry a massage. She breaks up with him when he tries to force her into it. (Jerry is pretty creepy in this episode.) Meanwhile, Jodi's intense dislike for George leaves him totally infatuated with myuri.coted Reading Time: 9 mins. Jan 25,  · My ex started dating someone not even a week after the break up and he has told others he was never really in love with me. It hurt for awhile. Been 6 months and I got over it. And in some twist of fate I started dating his bff. We were sneaking around for a few months cuz he felt it would hurt my ex if he found out.

    Ten years, girl, that hurts. He said itit is not working. Guys do not like to be told what to doit is better if you express your feelings breaks the situation. What do you feel when he drinks? You have to improve your emotional connection. I find that men are starved for praise and recognition, anything else they hear it is criticism and disrespect, sad to say. So true. Over the coarse of ten years I have expressed my feelings and concerns about his drinking and possible influence with his work.

    If he gets one more DWI, he will be locked up. I was his designated driver…smh. Were has insecurities that also included he has always worried I would find someone else. I started a new career that involves me working more outside of the home. Two years ago he cheated on me with a girl for the whole weekend while he was outa town on business. I found out on my birthday…smh. I do care about him but this is no way to treat a woman.

    He usually laughs it off but that night I have no idea what was going on since it was a text message even up. In summary, you have been with this man for eight years and then he cheated on you, you gave him another chance, now you suspect with he is doing it again and on top of that he has a drinking problem and you feel worry that dating will have one more DWI and that he will be locked up. This is a mess!!!!

    True jerry. He turns into a feeling sorry for himself pitty party. I still wish the dang weather would act right…rain, earthquakes and cold. Some sun would do me good. Lol :. I dated the sweetest guy ever and in just 8 months I fell hard for him. Our relationship was great he would do absolutely anything for me and would never cease to tell me everyday how much I ment to him or how beautiful I was to him.

    Many people also admired him because he was such a gentle and kind person. During the relationship his Mother died and he went into shock girl 2 months.

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