Guy dating girl who reminds him of his father

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guy dating girl who reminds him of his father

  • Your Crush Says You Remind Him Of His Mother. What Does That Mean? | Dating Logic
  • Date The Guy Who Reminds You Of Your Dad | Thought Catalog
  • The guy I am dating always says I remind him of his mum? Is this a compliment? - GirlsAskGuys
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  • My dad taught me what I am worth, what I deserve, and to never settle for anything less.
  • As someone who studied psychology.

    This is actually pretty normal. Say what you want about the guy, but most of what he said was accurate. You do it without realizing. We do this without realizing it. If he means it in a good way tho. If his mom was a terrible person, then no. They say guys are attracted to women who temind them of their mothers and women are attracted to guys that temind them of their fathers. I think there is a lot to that, so he may not have meant it as anything other than an observation, but he is probably into you.

    Nik1hil 1.

    Subconsciously we are attracted to partners who have habits like our parents. Boys find Girls who resemble personality of their mothers. Girls finds boys who resemble personality of their fathers As attractive trait This say saying Go. And part of studying oedipus or Electra Complex. Like you will find a guy who does things that your father did as a young man very attractive. Thanks for the MHO and the understanding.

    ExcellentHarry 52 opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 5. Do you know what part of you reminds him of his mum?

    Maybe ask him that lol Quite funny but doubt it's a bad thing. Could mean different things depending on what exactly is making him think that and what he means Could mean you look like her, or maybe you're just keeping him in check which is never a bad thing really and means Ur a keeper hahaas long as he doesn't hate his mum you're fine lol and I'm sure it's a good thing in some sense And if he does hate his mum Bad sign lol Best wishes.

    Show All Show Less. Haha that's good. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. OlderAndWiser 8. Depends on his mother and what kind of relationship he has with her.

    guy dating girl who reminds him of his father

    Honestly it sounds pretty creepy. Like is it things you do that he's talking about, how you look?

    Your Crush Says You Remind Him Of His Mother. What Does That Mean? | Dating Logic

    I mean, early on, dating, saying something like you're someone I could see my parents liking, moving fast, but not so creepy, "you remind me of my mom" repeatedly, ehh. ZackBan opinions shared on Dating topic. It's universally seen as creepy and a red flag but the truth is it's a compliment. After all we were all raised by our mothers normally that is and to find a woman that actually has the same manners and way of thinking is something any guy would be happy to do. So don't sweat it too much.

    Unless he calls out his mom's name during sex if so then run. Chobitsmaster Xper 2. Honestly depends on the context and the frequency the comparison is made. Does he have a good relationship with his mom?

    Feb 05,  · Her: "You remind me of my dad, but in a good way" is a bit confusing but that could mean she is a little more indifferent about her father, she sees the good and bad and you remind her of the good bits. The things she wished were stronger elements within her father. So, I'd take that as good. Best way to get clarification? Ask her for more detail. The girl broke up with him and got married to another guy and it totally broke his heart into pieces because he’s still madly in love with her. They broke up 2 years ago but he still mourns and. Jan 04,  · Your crush may not want to directly tell you that sometimes he feels that you are too clingy or demanding about something. He may not want to hurt your feelings. Hence, he tells you that you remind him of his mother. Book a Dating Coach Phone - 60 Minute / 45 Minute / 30 Minute. Skype - 60 Minute / 45 Minute / 30 Minute.

    Too good? If it's just the one time then its, at the very least meant as a compliment. Also might be he doesn't have a lot of close interaction with women and his mom is the only experience he's had. With or without the issues.

    Date The Guy Who Reminds You Of Your Dad | Thought Catalog

    BubbaSparkx Xper 4. He has a very twisted and unhealthy attachment to his mother, you should never let a man who you are about to date compare you to his mother; it would give off red flags that he wants to date his mom and that is not good. You would've asked him to take you home by then and tell him to go be with his mommy. To some it's a compliment, but to others it's not. I'm not much of an expert, but to some it would seem he needs to see a Psychiatrist about his deeply rooted issues with his mother, before ever getting into a relationship with a woman.

    No woman should ever tolerate that.

    The guy I am dating always says I remind him of his mum? Is this a compliment? - GirlsAskGuys

    He's referring to your personal qualities then yes it's a compliment in my opinion. If he's referring to you physically it can be debated as a compliment or not lol. I usually think someone resemblance my mum but I don't say it cause I don't want to scare them off. This actually happens a lot with people and they don't even realize it.

    People like to find partners that resemble their parent if they were fond of them.

    Again, most don't even realize it though and they do it unintentionally. Yes, it is supposed to be a compliment and no, it doesn't always mean they have "issues". Depends on if he likes the things you do an says it or it say it reminds him of the negative things usely guys say that it's when you take care of them when not feeling well an it's meant in a nice way so can be good or bad just have to ask to find out. Laozi opinions shared on Dating topic.

    It is compliment. It's a universal truth that guys look for their moters caring, loving, friendly, never hurting, always accepting with all the flaws etc. You know how it is said that husband and wife tend to look similar like siblings after some time of marriage it is because people search subconsciously for the people in their house similarities in face body or charecterstics personality something would match its only when they some time is passed they realise it.

    I've been into 4 guys so far, and 3 of them told me that I remind them of their mom.

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    Ironically I was in a relationship with only one of them, which was the guy who didn't say that and it was actually for like 3 days. I think it's a really nice compliment, they feel cared for enough to say that. Ramtastic Xper 2. Compliment unless he hates her Used to be told by my ex I reminded her of her dad a lot, he's a funny guy so always took it as a compliment. Everyone goes for some level of familiarity with their opposite and sometimes the same sex parent.

    Maybe the one that was less emotionally available. Who knows. Nope We usually attract partners based on our parents If the dad or parent is unavailable You have a habit of picking unavailable people.

    We go for what is familiar to us. It more likely is a compliment but it depends on his relationship with his mom. He might also have just been stating his observations. Either he sees you as a motherly figure to him, his emotional connection to his mother is TOO deep, or. Hahaha weird to actually say it to them. Think it is a good thing if you want to be serious with him. If his mom is too shelf it's a compliment in strange way. If your not serious then start running. I would take it as a compliment.

    Most guys have a high regard for Mother. Daniel opinions shared on Dating topic. Yes a very big one. A wife usually has the qualities a mother would because a woman's "job" is a general consensus of support for him and vice versa. Xper 6. Yes and no If you help him feel calm and secure then maybe If you make him feel like he's being henpecked then no.

    It depends on context and situation. Paris13 3. Fight with him. Izumiblu Master. For instance he might think his mom is a nagging controlling helicopter mom. Or he may think his mom is a fantastic person seems kind of odd though tbh.

    My dad taught me what I am worth, what I deserve, and to never settle for anything less.

    It really can be. Weird as it sounds. She might be the strongest most wonderful woman he knows and he seeks a person with similar ethics values and most importantly her approval. If he likes his mom then yes. It sounds to me like she's deceased. BBFDancer 64 opinions shared on Dating topic. You might have some habit that his mom has. MichaelS4 Xper 1. If these discussions were mostly positive, he is comparing you to someone that he loves and admires in a good way.

    There is a good chance that he is telling you indirectly that you have some of these negative attributes. He will do this in order to insinuate instead of coming right out and telling you how he feels about something or some things in particular that you do which may irk him.

    guy dating girl who reminds him of his father

    His mother is a safe cover for him because he can use her while knowing that if you were to respond in a negative way to it, he can just say that his mother is someone he loves and you should appreciate the fact that he is using her as an example. Started by: Ivy in: Dating. Started by: Isla in: Dating. Share This Post Facebook 0. Pinterest 0. Twitter 0. Join The Discussion Search for:. Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 of 2 total. What Does This Mean?

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      Even about work I always tell him work were you are appreciated. Haha, well that's a good thing lol. I hope to find someone like that when I'm looking for something more serious.

    2. Mike Glup:

      Your crush may be insinuating that you are a good example but at the same time you may be a bit too much to handle. This is the part that your crush may be insinuating that you are a bit too overbearing or too much to handle.

    3. Michael Hart:

      My dad is quirky, nerdy and 12 at heart. He has the goofiest smile, and his laugh is my favorite sound.

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