Is dating an ugly girl bad

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is dating an ugly girl bad

Picture muncie,indiana dating free scene. Taking a deep breath, Stan Cattermole sidles into a crowded London wine bar. Blinking nervously, he looks around to find himself in what should be every red-blooded man's idea of heaven. Ten attractive single women are sitting at individual tables, each waiting expectantly to talk to him. It's a speed-dating night, and Stan has ten minutes to woo and charm each of the ten women.
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  • Women like to think they're not as shallow as men, valuing personality above looks. Stan, you see, is ugly. In fact, he believes that he is so ugly that women won't want to spend even ten minutes with him, let alone allow him to prove what a lovable, loyal partner he might be. For the past two years, Stan has been writing a hugely popular blog about his experiences looking for love. It has now been published as a book, Bete de Jour - the title a self-deprecating play on words on the anonymous call-girl blogger Belle de Jour.

    1. Women who date to ugly guys are statistically more happy. According to a recent study, women who engage in relationships with men who are considered to be ugly or less attractive than average report a higher level of life satisfaction versus women who date beefed-up hotties. It’s a scientific study, so it must be right myuri.coted Reading Time: 5 mins. It's a pretty well known fact that most women - attractive women - will happily date ugly men. We see it on TV -- in shows like King of Queens, though I would probably argue that Kevin James is kind of a stud, and really, that's exactly the point I plan on making-- and we see it in our friends. There are plenty of studies on this strangely anti Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Cons 1. No one takes pictures with or of the Ugly Girl. While this is most of the time a great blessing, it can also hurt. Your friends will take selfies with each other right in front of you and act like you aren’t there. At family reunions people will be taking pictures of everyone but somehow you’ll be left out of all of them.

    And it's struck a chord with the millions of other men who believe they are also too ugly to find love. So what is it like to be an ugly man in Britain today?

    Can it really be as tough for a man as for a woman? After all, we all know that men - superficial creatures that they are - judge a woman on her looks. But there's a commonly-held belief that women are infinitely less shallow. They might fantasise about a tall, dark stranger whisking them off for a night of passion, but when it comes to looking for a partner, they value wit, kindness and success just as much as good looks.

    5 Pros and Cons Of Being The Ugly Girl | Thought Catalog

    Or do they? Stan, a year-old writer, has been tortured by his looks almost all his life. Nicknamed Elbows at school because his face resembled a bag of elbows, he's been teased in the playground, and later in the pub and the workplace. The success of his blog seems to prove there are lots of men in exactly the same boat - eager to lap up all the details of Stan's humorous and sometimes downright harrowing search for love. I've tried to do the same thing many times in my life and always failed.

    People are taking me at my word: they're actually interested in what I've got to say and what I think, instead of just what I look like. I'm really enjoying that.

    Would you date an ugly man? | Daily Mail Online

    But it wasn't Stan's weight loss that has kept readers riveted by his blog - it's his graphic descriptions of his attempts to get dates, and a large part of his readership are shocked by discovering how society treats those at the bottom of the beauty pile. Stan- who writes under a pseudonym and does not have a photo either on the blog or on his book jacket - is adamant that being ugly is a terrible curse. The first woman I met - I'll call her Gloria - was a banker. Right from the start, she looked like she hated me.

    Why Women Gladly Date Ugly Men (And Probably Even Prefer Them) | HuffPost Life

    But is Stan's lack of success really down to his looks, or is there something much deeper which makes women shy away from him? Such as a poor sense of humour, and even more woeful social skills? Bad Kerri McPherson, a chartered health psychologist at Glasgow's Caledonian University, believes that simply identifying yourself in your own head as ugly can have a negative effect on your personality and experiences.

    But the reality is that no one is as ugly as they perceive themselves to be. And, on a day-to-day basis, they can get feedback from those around them. As an ugly man, Stan faces one other huge hurdle: although dating knows he is ugly, he's still programmed to think and act girl any other red-blooded male. While unattractive women might value personality above looks when they are looking for a mate, Stan has no such qualms.

    In fact, he admits he's as picky as the next man. I would love to live there - or, in fact, ugly any country where women are less pasty than in Britain. So does Stan really stand a chance of finding love with a beautiful woman?

    Why You Should Be Actively Looking To Date An "Ugly" Guy

    So far, the omens don't look good. Although his blog has won him plenty of female admirers, most are interested in him not despite his ugliness, but because of it. They are just curious to discover if this self confessed Mr Ugly really is as unattractive as he claims. Another woman lured Stan to her home only for him to discover she wanted him to take part in a low-budget porn film.

    They were trying to put together a film featuring ugly men. Dating coach Peter Spalton, who runs workshops and onetoone sessions as the Dating Doctor, believes that looks and first impressions are very important.


    However, despite Stan's fears, they are not the be-all and end-all. In fact, goodlooking men can find it just as hard to make a good first impression as ugly men - because they are just too good-looking. However, if a guy is very good-looking, then women have a fear of rejection and might just gabble or dry up rather than start a friendship which might lead to a relationship.

    is dating an ugly girl bad

    It's the same for very beautiful women, who tend only to get approached by drunks or weirdos. And research definitely indicates that ugly men do have it easier than ugly women. A recent study of 4, participants at North Carolina's Wake Forest University shows that men and women place a very different importance on stereotypical signs of physical attraction. I actively avoid reading magazines or looking at make-up ads for too long.

    Why torture yourself?

    Is it bad I want to date a blind person because I am ugly? - GirlsAskGuys

    The struggle is real. There is no reason to compare yourself to other people or to have a standard you feel like you have to live up to. Global warming, starvation, war. Those are the issues. I know this. Some of you know this.

    The whole world needs to know it too. Just live your life. Enjoy it. Take it slow. These words are for us all. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney.

    The Beauty of Dating Ugly People - Thrillist

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