Is latinfeels a scam dating site

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is latinfeels a scam dating site

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Latinfeels has a consumer rating of 1. Consumers complaining about Latinfeels most frequently mention contact information, credit card and total scam problems. Latinfeels ranks 5th among Latina Dating sites. Photographs too professional. Believe women lead you on so you buy credits.
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  • You can buy credits using a credit card of any bank, PayPal, etc and thus get access to the fee-based services. One credit costs 0,5 US dollars. You can purchase 20 credits for 9,99 dollars. Here are some prices so you could have an idea on how much it costs to be looking for love at Latinfeels. An important note: if you make a deposit but out of a valid reason you want to withdraw the scam, you can ask for dating refund — latinfeels information you will find in Payment And Refund Policy section on the official website.

    LatinFeels is not only a good-looking and one of the best dating platforms, but also a complex technological product. LatinFeels works under bit SSL encryption which is a high-performing system developed by the top professionals in the field of data protection. Thus, Latin feels is a website you can trust. Besides a web platform, LatinFeels has a mobile application for Androids and Apple products. The app is downloadable for free and does not take a lot of space on your smartphone. In general, the application has good reviews you can see Latin feels reviews on Play Market and Apple Storeit is functional, simple in use, and stylish.

    LatinFeels is an officially registered company with a clear reputation. From all site points of views, it is a totally legit platform. You need to provide valid personal information to respect other users and yourself. Your profile can be viewed by any other user. The company enables its users to deactivate an account on a temporary basis subject to a valid reason.

    Read Our Investigation BEFORE Joining! It Will Save You Lots Of Money! |

    You will find more information on the official web page. LatinFeels is a great website with helpful support staff. And every time when I had a problem, guys from support helped me a lot. Your email address will not be published. While it does not necessarily mean that you will not find any singles interested in finding casual date, or those simply on a search of friendship, you will have the most luck finding serious long-term committed relationships.

    Latinfeels Reviews - 90 Reviews of | Sitejabber

    Just like any other site with a similar purpose, LatinFeels lets you meet men and women and communicate with them. It has all the usual features to facilitate your communication with singles on the site, such as messages, emails, voice- and video-calls. However, there are a couple of cool features you can use in addition to that that will definitely enhance your online dating experience. A Tinder-like carousel of photos that turns the matching process into a fun activity.

    All reviews emphasize the importance of this feature. You can indicate your interest in a person by simply sending them a flirty wink to grab their attention. From the perspective of this review, one of the coolest things about LatinFeels is the fact it takes things offline, too! You can purchase a real-life present such as chocolates, flowers or even something more expensive and substantial to be sent to the person of interest. The signup process on LatinFeels is rather time-consuming, but a lot of LatinFeels reviews claim that it is still very straightforward, so either way you should not be putting too much effort or thinking into trying to create an account on the site.

    It is absolutely free to join LatinFeels. The registration is fast and simple, and after that, you get to the fun part — matching with singles. The whole process can be divided into 4 steps and this review would tell everything about it. The first scam is pretty basic and, according to numerous LatinFeels dating reviews, is exactly the same as that of other online dating sites. On the landing latinfeels of LatinFeels, simply state the following:.

    Bear in mind that site is essential to use your active email address since you will be sent a letter with an active link to verify your email and be able to proceed to the next step of the registration. Once that step is complete, you will automatically be taken to the next stage of the registration process, where you will be required to upload a picture of yourself which later will be shown to all the members that view your page.

    Dating can either do that immediately or return to this step latinfeels. Either you skip uploading a profile pic or not, you will then be taken to the third signup page — there, you will have to outline your interests, hobbies and overall provide some adjectives to describe you best. Watch All Photos 9. The last and most important step is a questionnaire about your lifestyle, and some questions related to your ideal partner.

    Some of the questions you will encounter include:. The last step is necessary for the matching system to gather some data about your preferences and show you profiles of the people most compatible with you. This means, you can filter your matches in accordance site the following criteria to get the best options for you: country, city, marital status, the number of children, religion, level of education, drinking, smoking, members ID, and age. I have proof that dating are fake real scam that they are fake.

    Email me at [email protected]. I too am a USMC vet. And I am not afraid of these thug son of bitches either. LatinFeels is connected to numerous other sites. All phony. And whoever is behind it is raking in at a minimum, tens of millions of dollars a year.

    Latin Feels is considered to be among the top dating websites for men who are seeking for a wife from Latin America. This venue has everything to please the users and provide effective results. Full site’s review helps to find out its beneficial features and see why it is on top. Dec 16,  · First things first, this review wants to assure you that LatinFeels is without a doubt a legit dating service, with the staff of the site keeping a close eye on it. This implies that all the activity that is taking place on the platform is heavily moderated in order to Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins. If you are interested in better alternatives to LatinFeels, we highly recommend the following scam-free popular services: Latin Feels Review. Latin Feels is known as both mail order bride site and an international online dating site. The site was established by people who are both professionals and enthusiasts to assist men to find that woman Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

    Maybe more. So if you were to speculate, who do you think that would bring tremendous value too? Well here is my theory. Highly likely the Colombian cartels. The days of fat ass Pablo Escobar are long gone. The Colombians ship cocaine in paste form to Mexico and the thug Mexican Cartels do the rest. The Chinese might be involved related to the billions of dollars worth of site they ship to Mexico each year. I know what you are thinking Sir old Jarhead respect never dies.

    My MOS was I was a Lance Coolie. You were an officer. You are thinking this quack IS a conspiracy theorists. But think about it Sir. That money has to be cleaned up somehow. And what better way than to have several websites that feeds only lonely dumb asses like me? Sir, my only concern is that if all the documented files are TOO good, my head may site up in an igloo ice chest, just like thousands of others that have pissed of these low life thug sons of bitches.

    I would Latinfeels rather get together a group of old hard head ex-Marine bastards like me and go down in a blazing gun battle against those piece of shit thug punk bastards. There is nothing that would please me more than to hear on all national news outlets that a MAJOR money laundering organization using the front of multiple scam dating sites was busted and eliminated. Rob SirI know my theory is a bit out there. But if you think about it, you will have to admit, it is possible.

    Perhaps borderline probable. Semper Fi Brother Sir. I hope to hear from you soon. Rob…Your theory is interesting in the fact that the one woman who personally emailed me, seemed Very upset when i ratted her out to the site. I only ratted on her because she asked for money. Then again maybe she was lying…. It sounds very plausible.

    It is clean money not legit moneybut a way to keep them in Business under the radar. So I have been scammed for a LOT of money. It is all true, this site is designed to rob people for their money, although I cannot speak for ALL their profiles, at least ALL of the profiles I have chatted with are fake, and I have chatted with maybe a hundred, so I have a pretty good idea of what is going on.

    They are there simply there to collect your credits, and if they are not directly employed by the site, they are being payed to rip you off in the name of the credit. Shit, but the end result is the same for us, we are being scammed and ripped off, and this has to be stopped. Some woman on the site broke into my conversation one day and actually admitted to me that the site was all fake, and gave me details of some of those responsible for her scamming group.

    I have not heard from her since, and I am afraid they may have silenced her. I agree, criminal organizations are behind this site, so we should not take on these people lightly, and I am not sure where latinfeels are located, but since Cyprus was mentioned, it could even be Russian involvement here, and the payments are being done to VictoriaHearts. If we are going dating bring scam people to court, we have to be absolutely sure where they are located.

    However, since these criminals so flamboyantly can make this fraud so completely consistent, I mean, would it not be wise to have a few real person amid all the fake ones? Since they do not, they are pretty sure they will never get caught by a justice system. Be sure, these people are listening into this forum also. So we can not discuss any solutions here. But they need to be dealt with one way or another.

    By the way, guess where latinfeels. Cloudflare Inc. Guess where this site is hosted? Just to clarify, I do not know the level of involvement by Cloudflare Inc here, it could be just some technical DNS or DDos protection service or something, but the point is, they should be refused to give any kind of service to a fraudulent site like latinfeels. I also got the 4 emails that she sent. Why, they get paid! However, I did get refunded all my funds because ONE lady happened to personally email an admitted her name was fake….

    I was surprised but at same time i also said charges were fraud, which id be reporting to bank…. Secondly, woman who asked me for cell phone got kicked off due to doing that. Are you asking me if I have proof Stephen? But the vagueness of your question makes me wonder if you are on the wrong side of this cluster fuck. Hope not. But I will elaborate just a smidge.

    The girls ARE highly compensated by Colombian monetary standards. But then there is the other side. If they EVER slip up and be honest on the actual site, the consequences scam be and likely are debe stating for them. And for you low life cocksucking thugs at LatinFeels that monitor this site. You need to know this. I am a law abiding citizen.

    But I would have ZERO compunction upon established truth with putting a bullet in your piece of shit head!! You are no talent fucking sociopaths that only know how to fuck people to make money!! Dating are pieces of shit that will burn in hell!! I see it as an awesome video game experience. Perfect site for isolated individuals who need interaction with a human.

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    Enjoy the flattery, listen to their problems, ask great questions and learn how to dating a conversation with different types of women and Sharpen your conversation skills. I play along until the fake ness site obvious, then I move on to the next. Play in moderation. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Scam to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle Navigation. Real Women Or Fake Profiles?

    Validated Members below to choose to send the same message an "Icebreaker" to a number of other Members, who are selected by an automatic algorithm in order to allocate the attention and activity among Members of our Site. You may receive Icebreakers from the same Validated Member more than once. Icebreakers may be sent through the same channels as ordinary messages, including as a chat message and as a letter. Shawn says:. November 28, at pm. Antonio says:. May 30, at pm.

    June 15, at latinfeels. Phredd says:. February 24, at dating. Reed Murrell says:. January 14, at pm. Richard says:. January 19, at am. James says:. January 27, latinfeels am. Don says:. February 3, at pm. Joseph Grande says:. November scam, at pm. Eric says:. August 21, at am. Stephen stacey says:. December 11, at am. May 7, at pm. Review Is It a Scam?

    Nic says:. December 27, at am. Walter says:. January 16, at pm. Gary says:. January 22, at pm.

    is latinfeels a scam dating site

    Mike says:. January 28, at am. Chris says:. March 8, at am. Frank says:. March 8, at pm.

    LatinFeels Review [October ] Is it Legit or Scam?

    Cliff says:. May 3, at pm. September 13, at am. Jay says:. March 13, at pm. Dave says:. March 14, at pm. Walter Sattler says:. March 25, at pm. March 31, at am.

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    Gwendolyn says:. April 22, at am. Tucker says:. April 25, at am. Joe Esparza says:. May 7, at am.

    is latinfeels a scam dating site

    Will says:. May 23, at pm. June 1, at am. Scott says:. July 5, at am. Randy says:. October 10, at am. Billy says:. December 21, at pm. ART says:. JG says:. February 7, at am. Brad Dodge says:. September 8, at pm. February 3, at am. review - Scam October - Fake check -

    KC says:. April 14, at am. June 1, at pm. June 4, at am. Tony says:. June 5, at am. Rusty P says:.

    Latin Feels Review in - Read Our Scam Report! -

    July 13, at pm. June 21, at am. Admin says:. September 13, at pm. Richsrd says:. June 24, at am. Jeff says:. June 29, at pm. John says:. July 5, at pm. Larry says:. August 4, at pm. Jonathan says:.

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