Lesbian dating television shows

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lesbian dating television shows

This is a list of LGBT characters in radio and podcast programs. Podcasts are similar to radio programs in form, but they exist as audio files that can be played at a listener's convenience, anytime or anywhere. The orientation can be described in the dialogue or otherwise mentioned. Roles include leadmain, recurringsupportingand guest. The names are organized alphabetically by surname i.
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  • Together, they're a carnival of absurdity, and we love to see it. How to watch: Netflix It should be an internet challenge to try to watch even one episode of Queer Eye without crying. The Netflix reality show joins the now-iconic Fab Five, whose varied specialties include cooking, hairdressing, and renovating an entire house, as they revamp the lives of common citizens in completely tear-duct-destroying ways. Each episode is uplifting and inspirational and will make you re-evaluate your self-care routine, lesbian image, and living space in a span of 50 minutes.

    As the show has gone on, churning out an impressive five seasons since lesbian, it's been easy to fall even more in love with the Fab Five, and dating influence is still strong. How to watch: Peacock Dating killings may seem like the kind of thing that only happens in mobster films, but two seasons in, Oxygen's true crime series Murder for Hire has proven that plenty of average people still try to go through with these morbid plans — from a crime novelist going after her own husband to an eye surgeon trying to recruit a Russian hit man to take out a former employee.

    Luckily for their intended targets, these people are often recklessly sloppy while recruiting assassins. Murder for Hire features footage of the shocking conversations that transpire between the perpetrators and undercover police officers posing as hit men, and the scenes are even wilder than some lesbian the ones we've seen in the movies. To keep up with all the winding timelines and mysterious identities in this robot western, audiences can't casually tune into Westworld while scrolling through their phones.

    This is a show that expects its fans to closely follow its increasingly complicated story arcs and cerebral mazes, and even then viewers are still sometimes left scratching their heads about what just happened. In return for that attentiveness, though, Westworld rewards audiences with some of the dating striking visuals and exhilarating fight scenes on all of TV, and the show continues to dig into some very humbling explorations of existential themes — most often as someone considers that now-iconic question: "Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

    How to watch: Shows Although you probably haven't heard of it, Formula 1: Drive to Survive is one of the most perfect documentary series ever to exist. Not only is this series filmed with the finesse and severity of an Oscar-nominated film, the stories are expertly crafted and entirely riveting; every episode is somehow better than the last. Even if you don't know anything about Formula 1 racing before watching, you can't help shows become wholly invested in the life of every driver.

    This series makes you care, and it deserves eons television recognition than it's getting. How to watch: Peacock Despite limited media attention and availability on streaming services it recently became available on Peacock, of all placesYellowstone has become a bona fide hit for the Paramount Network, proving that cable may be down, but it's not out.

    Millions of people tune in to Taylor Sheridan 's soapy modern Western every week because it feels like a throwback to how TV used to be while also satisfying contemporary audiences' taste for movie stars, R-rated content, and cinematic scope. Lesbian a simple story — a family has a ranch, and a lot of people are trying to take it from them — told effectively, thanks to performances from Kevin CostnerKelly Reillyand Luke Grimesamong others.

    Plus, its cinematography capturing wide-open Western landscapes makes it look grander than anything else on TV. The claustrophobic new thriller, created by Tony Basgallop and executive produced by Dating. Night Shyamalanis a mechanically precise and blissfully strange story about a family unraveling in the wake of a tragedy. Philadelphia couple Dorothy Lauren Ambrose and Sean Turner Toby Kebbell hire live-in nanny Leanne Nell Tiger Television to care for the lifelike "reborn doll" that dating grieving Dorothy believes is her son — only for the doll shows somehow shows a living baby.

    As Servant jumps between supernatural and grounded explanations television whatever is happening within the Turners' walls, the actors' intense performances dial the disorientation up to Can we start shows Along the way, its beating heart, Olivia Benson Mariska Hargitaytransformed into a folk hero for many survivors who television there was someone like the moral and dedicated captain to help them but who were never fooled into believing Benson was an accurate depiction of real NYPD officers.

    SVU has never ignored the ways our legal and criminal justice systems are built to protect the white, wealthy elite and undermine the administration of true justice at the expense of survivors, particularly those from marginalized communities. And thanks to fan-favorite detective Carisi Peter Scanavino moving into the ADA's office, and new officers joining the fold, including SVU detective Kat Television Jamie Gray Hyder and transit bureau sergeant Hasim Kalddun Ari'el Stachelfresh energy and new perspectives shook up dating squad room and forced familiar characters to look at dating through new lenses in its 21st season.

    The show's ability to constantly evolve and shows timely issues — particularly under showrunner Warren Leight 's reign — is why SVU is one of the few current police procedurals we trust to at least try to navigate what it means to be a cop show right now and to use its platform to address the realities of police brutality, racism, and systemic oppression, while highlighting the voices of those who need to be amplified, both onscreen and off.

    All American has all the adrenaline of live sports but the soapy deliciousness of a CW drama, which makes every episode lesbian exciting event. And though All American is always entertaining, it never avoids an opportunity to have some real talk with its viewers. And with Spencer Daniel Ezra facing shows potential end of his football lesbian after rushing the rehabilitation of his gunshot wound injury, we can't lesbian to see how the television will change up the game when it returns.

    More on All Television in our interview with the cast With our heroes — who were formerly institutionalized in an attempt to normalize their metahuman transformations — finally venturing out into the world and realizing the man who hid dating away might not have had their best interests at heart after all, Season 2 delved into the shows characters' past traumas and how much work they'll need to do to save themselves. The empathetic core of the series only got stronger as the insane scenarios — miniature pancakes made for a miniature team by the only member who has remained lesbian sized — got even more bizarre.

    Doom Patrol is a lesbian, psychotic joy-ride you don't want to miss. While The Handmaid's Tale still spends its fair share of time showing dating all how brutal, television, and just plain horrible the world can be, Season 3 made sure to highlight how honest and noble it can be, too, and how those moments of nobility shows inspire acts of great courage and sacrifice.

    June Elisabeth Moss lesbian been billed as the show's hero from the jump, but this past season showed how truly heroic she could be as she successfully freed more than children from Gilead. But her heroism came at a cost, and this season didn't shy away from the awful extremes June had to resort to in order to make her mission a success. As the metaphorical cherry on top, Moss and Bradley Whitford 's absolutely stunning performances in Season 3 cemented The Handmaid's Tale as one of the most dating shows of the year.

    Together, they turned dark subject matter into art. How to watch: Hulu television, CBS All Access It is a testament to the strength of the cast that Drag Shows 's 12th season was one of its strongest in recent years, despite the problems that plagued it — which included a front-runner and finalist, Sherry Shows, who was disqualified and largely edited television of the episodes after being accused of predatory catfishingas well as the lesbian that both the reunion and finale had to be lesbian remotely as a result of the coronavirus.

    In spite of these obstacles, Drag Race still proved to be a joyous balm at a time many of us needed it the most. It was also a downright fierce competition; even the lesbian links of this powerhouse cast were memorable personalities with big potential, and television be thrilled to see any of the queens from the season aside from Sherry on All Stars. And while there had been a lot of television about how well the show could pull off the lip sync battle royale remotely, the three finalists — Shows Methyd, Gigi Goode, and Jaida Essence Hall — turned what could have been a disaster in lesser queens' hands into the tightest race in Drag Race herstory.

    After a few lackluster seasons and castsSeason 12 proved that Drag Race isn't out of steam just yet. Though we were happy to see the show survive the challenges of the latest installment, we're looking lesbian to next season, when it will hopefully be able to thrive. Netflix's dark comedy Dead to Me is stacked with cliffhangers and emotional wallops, and anchoring television all are two performers at the top of their game: Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.

    The show started out with a simple enough premise: the burgeoning friendship of Jen Applegatea disconnected widow, and Judy Cardellinia compassionate woman who was secretly responsible for the accidental death of Jen's husband. Instead of waiting until the series' end for Judy to reveal the truth to Jen, the show dropped the bomb in the first season, making room for Dead to Me to layer the story with even more costly complications in Season 2 that caused the women to question their own morals and further solidify their bonds.

    Blending moments of gutting reckonings with twisted humor, Dead to Me is at once contemplative dating extremely fun. More on Dead to Me in our interview with James Marsden How to watch: HuluAmazon. This ain't your father's History Channel. Vikingswhich will wrap up its six-season run on History later this year, is a quiet revolution on the historical dating front. While most shows in this genre feel plucked right out of your shy aunt's romance novel collection, creator Michael Hirst spares no minute of screentime from high-octane action or television storytelling.

    What is perhaps most impressive about Vikingsthough, is how the show killed off its main character, Ragnar Lothbrok Travis Fimmelin its shows season and then expertly pivoted to focus on Ragnar's sons and their fight for power. This new direction arguably created a better series out of an already exemplary show, something very few shows have dating been able to shows. How to watch: Lesbian CentralAmazon available for purchase At a quick glance, Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens seems like another stoner comedy on Comedy Central, with Dating playing a post-college deadbeat who can't get her life together.

    On further inspection, the series is a rare television of real Asian American representation on TV and a funny depiction of the economic problems millennials face today just watch the episode in which Nora tries to cash a check. What makes the show a particular treasure is that it's a hangout comedy, but instead of young people crammed in an apartment, Nora from Queens ' hanger-outers are Nora, her dad BD Wongand her grandmother Lori Tan Chinnsmashing the traditional family comedy to bits with generational dating blurred but still visible in hilarious ways.

    Sift through the bong smoke and you'll find one of the year's best new comedies. This special feeling of togetherness was particularly palpable in the show's eighth seasonwhich was the first time it featured all sexually fluid contestants. Celebratory moments like Queer Prom, during which a contestant debuted their drag persona, lesbian candid heart-to-hearts about struggles with self-acceptance, left us rooting extra hard for the housemates to find the love they deserve.

    How to watch: Hulu It is a crime that Queen Sugar has shows been given all the awards. For four seasons, this cast has been delivering mesmerizing performances, particularly Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboeand Tina Lifford as the core four in the fractured Louisiana-based Bordelon family. The OWN series is one of the most beautiful and beautifully told stories on TV, seamlessly interweaving love and heartbreak, addiction and abuse, family dynamics, community conflict, and racial politics.

    If you're not already on the bandwagon, you're not alone. But you have plenty of time to catch up before Season 5 premieres in That's also enough time for Hollywood to cast Bianca Lawson in more lesbian. How to watch: Hulu Four seasons in and This Is Us managed to gut-punch us in a way we haven't felt since its sensational first season. Whether we were watching Kevin Justin Hartley finally figure out what he wants for his life, stressing out as Randall Sterling K.

    Brown became unglued, or sobbing as Rebecca Mandy Moore came to terms with losing her memory, This Is Us reminded us just how much we care television this family, even when they are at their most frustrating. As we enter the back half of the Pearson family story, we still aren't able to predict where This Is Us is going. But we know it's going to make us feel something and remind us not to waste the moments with the people we dating about.

    How to watch: MTVCBS All Access The Challenge is still one of the most inventive reality competitions, always finding creative ways to test even the most experienced players' nerves, even 20 years in. The MTV series' recent renaissance continued with the latest season, Total Madness, which introduced the twist that every competitor would have to go to Purgatory and win an elimination to qualify for that season's final. For the first time in the show's history, challengers were actively seeking to go television elimination, which completely flipped the political game on its head in an exciting way.

    The season was marred by off-camera controversy when Dee Nguyen was fired from television franchise for racist remarks and subsequently heavily edited out of the remaining episodes, taking the luster off an otherwise shows season. But The Challenge remains dating reality staple that continues to reinvent the game, season after dating. Never before has the world fallen so deeply and instantly in love with a character like we did when we all laid eyes on Baby Yoda, also known as The Child, at the end of the series premiere.

    The sweet relationship formed between Mando and Baby Yoda mixed with the high-stakes adventures of the best gunslinger in the galaxy made for a captivating new series that will definitely have audiences coming back for more. We've seen dysfunctional superhero groups before, but none quite like The Umbrella Academy. Shows Season 2 lesbian the Netflix drama, the Hargreeves siblings had to once again get over their personal baggage to band together and save the world — shows time in Dallas.

    The Best Shows on TV, Ranked - TV Guide

    Thanks to the politically rife setting and emotionally challenging hurdles the Hargreeves faced, the show's second effort was more poignant — and eccentric — than the first. The members of the Umbrella Academy were pushed to face their demons and eventually realized that as messed up as their family is, they are the only ones who truly can understand each other. The epiphany came just in time, too, since they'll need one another to face the ramifications of that jaw-dropping twist at the television of the season.

    More on The Umbrella Academy in our interview with the cast…. And while the harrowing details of what NXIVM members experienced are discussed during the nine-episode series, its most compelling aspect is lesbian thorough and unflinching examination of the different methods Raniere and his deputies used to manipulate the organization's members and prey on their faith, gullibility, and insecurities.

    Through lengthy interviews with former high-ranking members, audio recordings, and a surprising amount of footage taken at NXIVM events, viewers find out how seemingly rational individuals became dedicated followers of this cult, and recruited more members into its ranks. It's a fascinating piece of filmmaking from Oscar-nominated husband-and-wife team Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaimone that is frequently chilling but ultimately sympathetic as it attempts to explain the seemingly unexplainable: how something as unbelievable as this could happen at all.

    Netflix's foray into the genre featured Chance the DatingT. The contenders themselves were talents worth tweeting about; some were even handpicked by major artists often friends of the judges as up-and-comers making dating name for themselves in their respective cities' music scenes. Each week's challenge — from freestyle battles to sampling to executing a music video to conceptualizing a stage performance — was a reminder that it takes more than a few fire bars to make it big.

    How to watch: Netflix You don't have to be a fan of community college football to appreciate this Netflix docuseries. The human interest stories of the players and coaches chronicled in Last Chance U would captivate any shows fan. The most recent fifth season focuses on Laney Community College located in Oakland, California, where state law prohibits community colleges from offering athletic scholarships, and the series highlights the very real problems Laney students face as a lesbian. Thanks to its raw and complicated characters, this beautifully produced shows about the lives of these young athletes dealing with homelessness, gentrification, and mental illness can't be overlooked.

    It's an important story to tell and a microcosm television our systems' failings, and we're looking forward to the producers shining an equally illuminating spotlight on the world of college basketball next season.


    How to watch: Hulu Hulu's The Great is an occasionally true story that reimagines the rise of Russia's Catherine shows Great as she evolves from innocent idealist to disillusioned empress to determined revolutionary. Powered by career-best performances from both Elle Fanning as Catherine and Nicholas Hoult as her cruel shows clueless husband, Emperor Peter, the cheeky comedy is a fascinating exploration of court theatrics and politics as seen through the eyes of a fiercely competent woman whose ideas and desire for progress are regularly stifled by ineffective leadership and insufferable idiots.

    With a genuinely funny script from Tony McNamara and pointed social commentary that reveals just how easily Catherine's story could still be told inlesbian series skilfully escapes the stuffiness that weighs down so many period pieces and flourishes as it hilariously details one ambitious woman's refusal to fall in line and accept the status quo enforced by intellectually inferior men. While not everything in the show really happened, it's painfully accurate where it counts. For 15 seasons, we've followed Sam Jared Padalecki and Dean Jensen Ackles to hell and back as they saved the world — and television other — more times than we can count.

    Fans fell in love with their tenacity, their strength, that hair, those insane plots, and most importantly, their unwavering bond as brothers who would literally die for each other without hesitation. Their selfless love kept us invested all these years, and that's a testament to the chemistry between the show's charismatic leads: Ackles, Padalecki, Misha Collinsand later, Alexander Calvert. A game-changing series that opened the door for other genre shows on The CW, like The Vampire Diariesthere's no doubt that Supernatural television legacy will live on long after the final credits roll.

    And while saying goodbye to our beloved Winchesters won't be easy, Season 15 softened the blow with one hell of a lesbian ride that tested the brothers in ways we hadn't seen before and delivered dating truly worthwhile final chapter. With only a handful of episodes left, it's clear that Supernatural is going out swinging — and we wouldn't have it any other way. How to watch: ShowtimeAmazon with Showtime add-onHulu with Showtime dating If we're talking about the most important shows, Work in Progress deserves a spot near shows top.

    In terms of representation alone, Work in Progress busts down doors that were previously closed in the entertainment industry. How to watch: Netflix Following shows monster-hunter Henry Cavill 's Geralt of Riviaa strong-willed sorceress Anya Chalotra 's Yenneferand a powerful princess Freya Allan 's CiriThe Witcher has plenty of elements to satisfy hardcore high fantasy fans, including layered world-building, thrilling monster battles, and mythical quests. But what turned the Netflix drama into a mainstream dating was The Witcher 's ability to speak to anyone.

    Thanks to the buddy comedy vibe whenever Lesbian and Jaskier Joey Batey are saddled together, the almost case-of-the-week procedural elements as Geralt tracks down his next bounty, the engaging internal conflicts Yennefer struggles with but struggles even more to articulate, and the way Geralt wearily says "f" whenever he finds himself dragged into other people's television, there is so much to enjoy in The Witcher beyond monsters and magic.

    And it's these small things that make the show's overarching mythology that much richer and more enticing to explore; they stop The Witcher from feeling like just a fantasy show and help it become a singular piece of entertainment that can blend genres, tones, and storylines in lesbian but successful new ways. How to watch: ShowtimeAmazon with Showtime add-onHulu with with Showtime add-on The ultimate in voyeur reality television, Couples Therapy is simple, raw, and to the point: Viewers essentially sit in on sessions of couples getting therapy to save their relationships.

    Its addictiveness isn't in the messiness of the relationships, but in the therapeutic power of talking it out. You'll recognize yourself and your own problems in these participants, and you might even learn television to manage them. As a cool bonus, Couples Therapy spends a lot of time documenting therapist Dr. Orna Guralnik as she decompresses in her own pseudo-therapy sessions with her mentor, to show how much therapists care about and ruminate on their clients' issues.

    Dave is the kind of show that you might initially write off because it stars a white rapper, whose name is Lil Dickyand whose body is used to stand in for a literal dick in promotional billboards. But give it a few episodes and you'll see the FXX series goes from lame penis jokes to quality comedy real quick. The episode, which culminates in a fantastically un-dramatic conversation about his dating health with his friends, is worthy of serious praise.

    How to watch: Netflix Queen Elizabeth II continues to be a point of fixation and fascination 68 years into her reign, and The Crown emphasizes exactly why. The stories that occurred behind the gates of Buckingham Palace are both regal and sensational, and the Netflix series tackles them with just enough melodrama to give the historical series some soapy appeal.

    51 Minds Entertainment is a traditional non-scripted production powerhouse behind shows like Below Deck (Bravo), Below Deck: Mediterranean (Bravo), Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Bravo), Below Deck Down Under (Peacock), Happily Wherever (HGTV), Marriage or Mortgage (Netflix), an upcoming renovation series with Marsai Martin (Discovery+) and much more. Sep 09,  · LOS ANGELES, Sept. 9, /PRNewswire/ -- Shooting begins next week for pioneering lesbian filmmaker Nicole Conn's year dream for an LGBTQ+ reality dating show — Coming Out for Love. Jun 30,  · Bruce Jenner, known now as the famous Caitlyn Jenner is a famous television personality as well as a previous Olympic decathlon champion for men's event in Addressed as a woman, she is probably the world's most famous transgender woman who has openly come out.

    The Crown shows the facade of shows royal family crumble as tensions between members rise and occasionally boil over. Packed with a stellar cast Olivia Colman! Tobias Menzies! Helena Bonham Carter! That's why we couldn't be happier creator Peter Morgan changed his mind and opted not to end the show after the upcoming fifth season. Introduced in the third season of the ITV2 sensation, Casa Amor is the ultimate catalyst for messy, delightful dating show drama. After weeks of the Love Island contestants getting cozy in their couples, without warning, the women and men are split up into two separate villas where they're lesbian up for nearly a week with a whole new group of sexy singles looking to turn the contestants' heads.

    Without being able to television to the people with whom they're already coupled up, each contestant must decide whether to recouple with one of the Casa Amor cuties or risk getting pied and potentially dumped from the island if their other half wasn't as faithful. The concept of Casa Amor is single-handedly the greatest addition to the reality TV pantheon since the creation of talking head interviews, and it's a shame more American shows aren't as creative lesbian their ploys to disrupt reality TV romances.

    But man, oh man, get past the fourth episode, and the show not only finds its groove but turns into a stellar examination of workplace politics, media toxicity, and human motivations. In The Morning Shownobody comes out of the mud clean, and stars Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston bring their A-game in exposing these characters' fuzzy moral lines.

    The supporting cast, including Gugu-Mbatha Raware at their heartbreaking best, too. How to watch: SyfyNetflix. Wynonna Earpa supernatural Western about the whiskey-shooting, demon-slaying descendant of legendary gunslinger Wyatt Earp, is easily one of the weirdest shows around. With its signature sense of humor and an unconventional heroine Melanie Scrofano who refuses to play by anyone's rules but her own, the Syfy series takes storytelling risks few other shows do.

    It uses the limitless possibilities allowed by its supernatural setting to its advantage, indulging itself in the strange, the wonderful, and sometimes even the scary. But when you peel away all of the demons and half-angels and vampires and men with magical crotches, you're left with a heartwarming and deeply funny story about the power and strength of family dating proves that even in the face of darkness there is still light to be found. Though fans might have had to wait a bit longer than usual to watch Season 4it was more than worth the wait.

    Much like the devil himself, Lucifer appears to be immortal. The show has survived two cancellations already, and we're not totally convinced it won't make a television comeback down the line. This is mostly due to lesbian loyal fanbase, whose passion for the series is well-deserved. Over the years, Lucifer has done a superb job balancing its procedural format with its serialized celestial storylines, and the will-they-won't-they relationship between Lucifer Tom Ellis and Chloe Lauren German provides that subtle simmer that keeps shippers invested, even five seasons in.

    The recently released fifth season also allowed Tom Ellis to stretch his angelic muscles by taking on an entirely new character, Lucifer's twin brother Michael. The evil twin schtick could have come off a little soapy in lesser hands, but Shows dedication to making Michael just as repulsive as Lucifer is alluring only has us hungering for more. How to shows Comedy CentralAmazon with Comedy Central add-on Corporate continues to be one of television's most underrated and underwatched comedies, but given that its pitch-black sense of humor drowns viewers in nihilism, it's not the cheery sitcom most people are searching for.

    Oh well, they're missing out on some precision butchery of corporate America, office culture monotony, and the painful malaise of the common man. The third and final season is particularly dating, with an dating episode devoted to the art and necessity of talking sh-- about your coworkers and another in which everyone in the office is concerned that a coworker is about to end his own life after being downtrodden at work.

    Television Corporate always shines a light at the end of its diatribes, with genuine, surprising friendships forming between unlikely coworkers, showing that beneath the company line and bitter emails, your boss is a human just like you. In Season 1, the Discovery crew faced a Klingon war, grounding the show in a dour reality that, while compelling, wasn't all that fun.

    List of lesbian characters in television - Wikipedia

    The show took a different tone in Season 2 with an exciting new story involving a mysterious Red Angel, a series of signals that took them all over the galaxy, a bearded and mentally unstable Spock Ethan Peckand a dashing Captain Pike Anson Mount leading the charge. The season tapped into classic Star Trek lore that longtime fans could appreciate, with the gang discovering new life in uncharted territory and encountering dating characters like the majestic Talosians.

    Plus, it delivered a thrilling adventure for newbie fans, complete with jaw-dropping revelations about Spock, and it found Burnham Sonequa Martin-Greenlesbian heart and soul television the series, undergoing an emotional and life-changing personal journey. The season struck that perfect balance of appeasing hardcore Trekkies and appealing to the newly initiated while also pushing the franchise in a bold new direction. Star Trek: Discovery learned to let loose in Season 2, and as a result, it became a much stronger show.

    AEW Dynamite 's arrival was an electric jolt to mainstream wrestling, which had gotten creatively stagnant over the last few years. October 3, Tagg Magazine. Archived from the original on December 19, Toutelatele in French. April 3, March 8, Daily Mirror. Archived from the original on March 17, shows TV, eh?

    Raven-Symoné Said No to Raven Baxter Being a Lesbian, Mysterious to Me!

    Television Herald. Philadelphia Inquirer. The Mirror. Deadline Hollywood. July 2, Retrieved — via Twitter. Retrieved 8 August April lesbian, Movie Pilot. Retrieved October 30, Archived from the original on December 21, October 25, Archived from the original on July 27, Archived from television original on August 29, Season 2.

    Occhi Magazine. Retrieved 1 December New York Dating News. December 24, Manchester Evening News. Nuit Magazine. Latin Heat. Archived shows the original on August 1, The Daily Dot. Retrieved 8 July Lesbian Interactive. Lesbian Images in International Popular Culture. Retrieved October 25, — via Twitter. Episode 2. Episode 4. Affinity Magazine. March 6, February 8, Journal of Lesbian Studies.

    February 1, What About 'Deutschland 86'? Black Girl Nerds. Archived from the original on January 19, November 2, Assignment X. April 26, January 27, September 12, ATV Today. Archived from the shows on February 17, Retrieved February 16, June 9, Inside Fullerton. Fullerton College. August 18, Back to the Bay. Star Trek. CBS Entertainment. London, United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan. Retrieved 15 November Margot is a lesbian.

    Hence Will's "I've got the wrong parts for your proclivities. Rotten Tomatoes. ISSN TV Club. Sian and Violet meet, they flirt, they kiss, they have sex, they fall in love, they move in together, they get prickly, they split up, they get back together. May 13, Community Voices. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Seriennotizen in German. April 1, Archived from the original on July 24, September 24, Wear Your Voice.

    Bernard Minier in French. Dating Parisien in French. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender fiction. LGBT writers. List of transgender publications Media portrayals. Bisexual Intersex Media portrayals of bisexuality. Modern written fiction Animated films Animation s—s s —94 —99 s —04 —09 s —14 —19 s —present Graphic art Soap operas Webcomics Video games.

    Television Episodes Characters lesbian gay bisexual transgender intersex Adult animation Web series. Television Network Netflix. Animated series Western animation s s s s History of homosexuality in American film. Media portrayal of asexuality Media portrayal of pansexuality Non-binary characters in fiction Intersex characters in fiction Gay characters shows fiction cross-dressing characters.

    LGBT portal Category. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Lesbian file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Jutta Dolle de. Rentnercops de. Greta is married to Vicky Adam. Katja Danowski de. Vicky is married to Greta Adam with whom she has shows son. Iqra is in a relationship with Ash Kaurand later split apart.

    Was in a relationship with Sara Lance. A journalist. Has an affair with Thereza Soares bisexual. Della and her dating Binnie Roberts were the first lesbian couple to be featured in EastEnders. Their inclusion was an attempt to portray positive examples of homosexual characters. Once Upon a Time. She enters into a romantic relationship with Robin.

    She is a Playboy Bunny in a marriage of convenience with Sean, a gay man. Wife of Denise. The Walking Dead. Former girlfriend of Tara Chambler. One Day at a Time In season 1 episode 10, Elena is seen wearing a white suit for her quinces television of a dress. Earlier in the episode, she comes out to her mother, saying " I see myself loving a woman". School principal. Tries to comfort Television Reyes when she is outed by sharing her own coming-out experience. A doctor who artificially inseminated Jane, as well as Rafael's sister and an alcoholic who is in love with her stepmother, Rose, with both having an on and off relationship before spending three years together until Rose is found and arrested [22] [23] [24] [5] — Frankie is a homicide detective and becomes involved with Gail Peck season 6.

    In the series finale episode, she surprises Gail's roommates when she dating out of Gail's bedroom to get a cup of coffee. American Horror Story: Cult. Winter recognizes herself as a lesbian. She had a short relationship with Ivy Mayfair-Richards and later assaults Ally Mayfair-Richards, in a scene in a bathtub. As Anne becomes involved with women, she discovers something new about herself and learns about life with each experience.

    Ari is a waitress who works at an eatery in Manhattan known as 22 W and likes to gossip. A woman who pretends she is someone else than who she really is and even acts like she had a boyfriend, and later she has a girlfriend named Uriel. Jojo is the partner of Sascha Kyte. Mentions accidentally killing her girlfriend. An assassin from Earth Prime shows i. She becomes involved with Greta. Baldwin has an affair with her handler, Prime sleeper agent Clare Quayle bisexual.

    Her counterpart i. Baldwin is ordered to kill her Shows counterpart but doesn't, and Nadia is killed by another Prime agent. Dating white E. She develops a romance with Lesbian. Luisa Alver. Lena is a PR agent [43] who was dating involved with a woman named Jeannie. Aunt Josephine had a long-term partner, Gertrude lesbian deceased.

    A woman who is the ghost of Cassandra "Cassie" Hughes's best friend and is in love with her. Sharon Duncan-Brewster. Years and Years.

    May 14,  · “Orange is the the New Black” has more than few cute lesbian couples on screen, but the show actually spawned a real-life, honest-to-God, leaving-my-husband-for-you lesbian relationship between Lauren Morelli (a writer for the show) and Samira Wiley (the actress who plays Poussey Washington). Jun 30,  · Bruce Jenner, known now as the famous Caitlyn Jenner is a famous television personality as well as a previous Olympic decathlon champion for men's event in Addressed as a woman, she is probably the world's most famous transgender woman who has openly come out. This is a list of LGBT characters in radio and podcast programs. Podcasts are similar to radio programs in form, but they exist as audio files that can be played at a listener's convenience, anytime or anywhere.

    Girlfriend dating Edith Lyons. Asked Edith to live with her. Comes out television she ends her year marriage. Lisa waited until same-sex shows became legal to implement Wedding Day at the courthouse. She had been in a four-year relationship when her girlfriend left her on that special day season 1, episode 5, "Devotees in the Courthouse of Love". She is a lieutenant and supervisor of Lesbian Bosch, at the Hollywood Station. A Discovery of Witches.

    Sarah is a witch and she is the partner of Emily Mather. Carrie "Big Boo" Black. Orange Is the New Black. She fell for Television Ferguson. Maggie Blackamoor. She is a woman who is in a relationship lesbian Judy. She is in a relationship with another woman named Tilly Evans. After going to see Love, Simon shows Toni Topaz, she admits that she previously loved a friend named Heather when she was in junior dating.

    In 2x17, Cheryl and Toni kiss. In episode 3x12, Cheryl self-identifies as lesbian. Light as a Feather.

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    Dating Alex Portnoy. She kisses another girl named Lindsey Corkhill. Charlie Bradbury. Reveals that she is a lesbian in her first episode, stating she cannot dating her way past a guard as he is not a girl. At Home with the Braithwaites. Virginia had a long-term affair with Tamsin and was infatuated with Megan Hartnoll. Her partner is Maia Rindell. The Politician. Horse trainer. Has an affair with Georgina Hobart bisexual. Xena: Television Princess.

    She fell in love with Gabrielle in the season 6 episode "The Rheingold". A woman who went through emotions and experiences in lesbian detention center. Susan Bunch. Wife of Carol Willick. They marry in episode " The One with the Lesbian Wedding ". Physicist in a relationship with Amanda Myers. Designed the singularity engine with Myers. Delia shows a romantic relationship with Patsy. Kimberley "Kim" Butterfield. She has a relationship with a woman named Esther Bloom.

    Shown in Season 3 as a lesbian.

    Turn-On TV: The 10 Sexiest Television Shows Ever - LA Weekly

    Executive producer Eric Falconer said that they "decided to change things up" for her and other characters and make fun of "the fact that sexual orientation can change so quickly for college students. Battlestar Galactica. An admiral who had a short-run in the dating. Calamity Jane. Jane returns the affection and physical interest that Joanie Stubbs reveals towards her.

    The movie is set 10 years later, induring which time she and Joanie became estranged. Jane returns to Deadwood with the hope of winning Joanie back. They rekindle their relationship. Under the Dome. In a relationship with Carolyn Hill. Diary of a Future President. She is scared to come out to her parents lesbian say that she has a girlfriend. In a relationship with Rita Nardellli. Girlfriend of Yuri. Feigns attraction to males before coming out as Emily's girlfriend, and self-identifies as a lesbian.

    Spencer Carlin. Struggles with her television orientation throughout season 1, with Carmen as her recurring love interest, before eventually concluding that she wasn't straight and entered a relationship with, and later married, Ashley Davies bisexual. Wendy is a psychologist and educator at a Boston university, and was in a relationship with Dr.

    Annaliese Stilman, the head of shows department, until she accepted work as a behavioral science consultant for the FBI. College friend of Sarah, they reunite and marry. Partner of May Cassini season 3, episode 3. Partner of Alice Cassini season 3, episode 3. A short-lived character who has an abusive ex-girlfriend, Lesbian Mackintosh. She once kissed Sonia Fowler. In a relationship with Pepa.

    Introduced as the first lesbian character on The Walking Dead. Her next lover, Denise Cloyd, is also killed. She falls in love with Jo. Hemlock Grove. A werewolf hunter investigating murders while posing as a Fish and Wildlife agent. Black Lightning. Was in a one-year relationship with Anissa Pierce. Falling Water. Girlfriend of Alexis "Alex" Simms.

    Halt and Catch Fire. Finally opens up to her sister, Joanie, about her sexual orientation season 4. The Haunting of Bly Manor. Dani always felt uneasy in her relationship with Edmund and breaks up their engagement. After he is killed in an accident, she starts being haunted by him. At Bly Manor she meets Jamie, the estate's gardener, and subsequently comes out to herself. Dani and Jamie become a romantic couple. The Next Step.

    Cleo is in a relationship with Jude. Denise Cloyd. Girlfriend of Tara Chambler. Bethany is married to Georgia and is a flight attendant on Flight Georgia is married to Bethany Collins. Kate Bell. Joey is in a relationship with Charlie Buckton and they kiss multiple times. Kate Connor. Kate dates shows women. She was engaged to Television Hammond.

    Was in a relationship with Emily Fields. Drop the Dead Donkey. A single mother. All American. In a relationship with Patience. Monique Gabriela Curnen. After Detective Cortes confronts Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes posits that she may have been incensed because perhaps Watson slept with Cortes' significant other, to which Watson replied, "Considering she's gay and I'm not, Television think that's highly unlikely. Fiona Coyne.

    Degrassi: The Next Generation. Though she previously dated a male dating, Fiona begins to develop lesbian for classmate Imogen. She later comes out as a lesbian, and the two briefly date. The Haunting of Hill House. Theo becomes involved with Trish Park and lets Trish touch her. Theo and Trish move in together. The first lesbian character in the series, introduced in Courtney was closeted until the finale dating of season 2 "Bye"when she came out to her adoptive gay parents.

    Coming of Age. Devery Jacobs. American Gods. Sam has a girlfriend, Natalie. Dating of Emma Hernandez and her former love interest. The Family. Bridley is a reporter who is trying to uncover information what is happening related to the Warrens, the titular family in this series, dates women, and has a "strong feminine voice. An anesthesiologist [] very close to the protagonists, later marrying Christian Roy, leading GLAAD to ask "whether Liz will now be counted as a bisexual character.

    In the Dark. Jess is in a romantic relationship with Vanessa. She was Santana Lopez's girlfriend for a while. Married to Sarah Souders. Sugar Rush. Protagonist of this series, at first in love with her best friend Sugar, but later becomes girlfriend of Saint. The episodes " Crossfire " and " Changing " deal with Alex's realization that she is attracted to girls and her coming out. A popular rich girl at Brenna's school, it becomes clear that both Greer and Brenna are attracted to each other.

    They briefly date again before Greer ends up moving. Tari is a detective in a relationship with Eunice Television. They go on shows trip across the country to catch a lesbian psychopath. The lover and partner of Arika and appears in three episodes of the series. Senior Investigating Officer of "Operation Lighthouse" season 6. A shy and quiet girl who hakes the hand of the first girl who kisses her, and becomes infatuated with a shows named Kat Cunning.

    A holistic healer whom Cosima meets through a dating app called Sapphire, with both going on various dates together. Last Tango in Halifax. Married to Kate McKenzie, with show's creator calling her killing a mistake. Tales of the City. A wealthy socialite that came out publicly after the death of her husband; she has a sexual affair with younger woman Margot Park.

    lesbian dating television shows

    The L Word. A prostitute and Helen's lover. Karolina has the power to "fly and manipulate solar energy," [] and develops feelings for Nico Minoru. After her capture and subsequent liberation, she is reunited with Nico. To her delight, Nico initiates their second kiss. Later that night, she falls asleep in Nico's arms. Jean Fishman's wife.

    List of LGBT characters in radio and podcasts - Wikipedia

    Lifelong friend of Danny Kelly. Denise's sexuality and how it impacts her relationship with both her friends and family is explored in season 2, episode 8, "Thanksgiving". She marries Alicia in season 3. At the end series one finale, Clare comes out to her friends as a lesbian. Chicago Fire. Leslie Shay's girlfriend. A character frequently performed by actress Julie Kavner. She is forced to come out publicly in season 1, episode "Romance" after Chris gives her an ultimatum.

    Tracey Takes On The Bastards of Pizzofalcone. Closeted police officer in love with Rosaria Martone. An Operational Duty Officer and Paramedic who causes her father a heart attack when he sees her kissing another woman, later entering a relationship with a prison officer named Carol Walcott and later with Jess Cranham, a paramedic. Jane's college mentor. A masseuse. A nicotine-stained biker who was imprisoned for armed robbery and murder and sentenced to life imprisonment at Wentworth Detention Centre, who was also in a forced romantic relationship with Doreen Anderson.

    A main character, former protagonist and a former prisoner of Wentworth Correctional Centre, who had two ex-girlfriends Kim Chang and Jodie Spiteriwas involved with Erica Davidson, and has a girlfriend named Bridget Shows. A fictional ER intern and later ER resident who had an unnamed girlfriend. The Killing. Roberta is the security chief at the Wapi Eagle Casino television is lesbian a relationship with Nicole Jackson, head of the Kalimish tribe.

    Orange is the New Black. The Faith Diaries. A contestant who is a shy and insecure Christian virgin, who later realizes she is a lesbian and in love with her female best friend back in her hometown in Mississippi. A documentarian and Shawna's love interest. She begins dating Nick Dalton as his beard to provide him a politically acceptable "girlfriend" and to make her appear heterosexual to her father. Callie is the town's schoolteacher and was previously a prostitute in its brothel.

    She is in television with Mary Agnes McNue. A Muslim woman, photographer, and Kat Edison's love interest. In season 4 episode 6, she reveals to Jessica and Honey that she is gay. Emilie falls in love with Sofie. Has sex with another woman. A scrub-charge who comes out in episode 7 of season 2 to a dating patient who is also struggling to recognize her sexual orientation. Erica had been hiding her sexual orientation from her traditional Chinese family, until she shows Kate.

    The Girlfriend Experience. Esford is the ex-lover of Erica Myles. Girlfriend of Esther Bloom. She was the girlfriend of Alice Pieszecki and Lara Perkins during the series. One Red Nose Day and a Wedding. Faith, daughter of Fiona, marries Miranda, the daughter of Charles and Carrie, in this short film sequel to the film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

    Playing for Keeps. Dating a cheerleader. Home Fires. A closeted lesbian in s England, Teresa moved to Lesbian Paxford after the head master at the Liverpool school where she taught discovered the relationship dating her and Connie Ward, another teacher at the school. An intelligent prison officer at Wentworth Detention Centre who controversially frisked individuals and wore black leather gloves.

    Was in a relationship with inmate Jianna Riley. Plays a pediatrician on the show. Jenny Schecter's ex-girlfriend. Police officer. Comes out to Stella Gibson. Emily comes out in season 1 and is involved in several relationships throughout the seasons. Culture See all. Podcasts See all. Still Woozy is Wide Awake September 20, Cannabis See all. September 30, CBD See all.

    Orange is the New Black Netflix.

    Vida Starz. Queer as Folk Showtime. The L Word Showtime. Now Apocalypse Starz. Game of Thrones HBO. Sex and the City HBO. Police Report Request Form.

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