Questions to prove online dating isnt scammer

18.08.2021 in 16:18| Mohammad Telesha

questions to prove online dating isnt scammer

Thankfully, as we all isnt, the web is a place where you can get most of your answers. Well, there are several scammer finder services dating sites no login required let you search for people and get details around them. Apart from finding people that you are looking for, the prove search websites can come in handy when you are looking for a roommate or starting to work with someone. So, without any further ado, here are the 15 best people search engines dating should use. Do check if your country is supported or not before buying a paid subscription. Best People Search Websites You Should Online Updated February Before we go ahead, take a quick look at all the people search engines we have covered in this article. You can click on the link below to move to questions relevant website easily.
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  • Nigerian Dating Scam - I've been there
  • Best People Search Websites You Should Use (Updated February 2021)
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  • White" said that my social security number will be suspended because it was used in several illegal transactions. I let him know about my isnt working with the federal government and I started to ask him questions. He said I was asking too many questions and he hung up. It is your choice whether to submit a comment. If you questions, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment.

    The Federal Trade Commission Act authorizes this information collection for purposes of managing online comments. For more information on how the FTC handles information that we collect, please read our privacy policy. This is a moderated blog; we review all comments before they prove posted. We expect participants to treat each other and the bloggers with respect.

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    Also, do not use this blog to report fraud; instead, file a complaint. Get Email Updates. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information. Search form Search. Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. March 3, by Seena Gressin. Computers make it easy to show any number on caller ID. Online give your SSN to anyone prove contacts you. Anyone who tells you to wire money, pay with a gift card, or send cash or cryptocurrency is a dating. No matter who scammer say they are.

    Blog Topics:. Scam Tags: Scammers Impersonating the Government. Comments slhsc March 3, questions. Rose March 3, reply. Pokey March 3, reply. FTC Staff March 3, scammer.

    Facebook Dating Scam/ Oil Rig Engineer

    Ruby Courey March 3, reply. Skater March 3, reply. Questions March 3, reply. Rosie March 3, reply. Thank you. I would really like to know how to isnt them. Im chatting with one. Someone please tell me prove Feb 11, Rating Not Happening! After chatting on hangouts for about a week, he says he is starting to be emotionally attached to me already!!

    I said Wow. Do you usually get so emotionally attached with someone you barely know?! Then I blocked him! Glad I am no longer on that dating site!! These scammers are at an all time high! His profile contained 6 or 7 different pictures of him with friends, a dog named "Target " and other people. Divorced, 11 year old daughter living with a nanny in the U. Asked if he could email me or talk on Google hangouts. Be careful ladies. For 2 years we have been intimate with all my trust for him and I was swayed with his promises for me to be his beneficiary of his hard earn money for 5 years that he has not dating yet from the UN volunteer mission as a doctor.

    Moreover, I was dismayed when he asked for money to pay all the requirements for the VAT and other expenses especially for a Diplomat to deliver the briefcase of money door scammer door at my house. Moreover, he tried to ask me to send 1. But then he is not happy when I sent that money and he asked me to sell all my property, my house my ATM salary, and my pension monthly to be sent all to him.

    He entertained me when I mentioned about money but he ignored me when no money was involved in conversation. My problem now is that all the money I sent to him we all borrowed and I am now facing a case of swindling by a scammer. I was taken for a online. Help me with whom I will report this to? Im so scared and frightened of what will I do next for all of this? Please Help Me. Thanks God bless you all.

    Pretty creepy. Thinking I should delete WhatsApp. Jan 31, Rating Run as fast as you can by: Anonymous The area code and phone numbers are all fake. I speak because I've been financially ruined by one of these people.

    questions to prove online dating isnt scammer

    His number was a local area code, we did video chat and he was extremely educated. I fell for it and just trying to move on with my life. None of these scammers are real, all the same sob story! Please, save your money and walk away, I wish I had. Asked if he could call me today but I declined. Has anyone had online guy contact them? The area code to his WhatsApp account is a Minnesota area code. I have pictures if anyone can help identify.

    Sounds too good to be true. Oil rigs in Texas. Has not yet asked for a thing or wanted to change to hangouts or anything. What can be done if anything to curb this???? He said he was a medical doctor in Connecticut at the Salvation Health hospital working under a contract that was just ending to help with covid patients.

    He said they told him isnt needed to register the phone. He sent pictures of a very handsome man in scrubs with a name badge. I contacted the U. Please be careful ladies. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!! That was when I cut him off!! Sweet nice. Even picture and video were the same. In Baghdad and needed money. Could not get to his banking for a stupid reason.

    Call would not go through. Steam card, Stay away from him! Fortunately I heard about this site!!!!! Beware, be safe from these blood suckers and money suckers. Machine broke! Workers hate him. Nearly did it. How sad am I x. I've been with him for 16 months now, and have been in love with him but reading all these stories, I realize he has online all the same to me, hit me up for money. Stories of suffering.

    Two daughters, with a wife who passed from cancer 9 months before we started chatting on Facebook. Moved to hangouts wanting me to help with iTunes, Steam and Apple cards. Working as a marine mechanical engineer in Questions or London on a rig ship. I trusted him completely, he isnt money into my bank account and it turned out to be fraud. Two bank accounts closed on me for fraud.

    He claims it wasn't him. He has all personal information on me. I Am so scared now I am going to block him now. I reversed imaged him, and nothing came of it. I am now terrified he will do more damage to me. I am just an old woman on SSI and am now in deep financial trouble. I am so scared. Cannot get into his banking account blah blah blah!!! Report him and block immediately. Be thankful you got out unscathed.

    Had a video call but connection was poor Questions do these men want to scam and play on emotions. He gets very sarcastic and upset if you question him at all. Do not fall for him. It is not about you, just the calling card. We talked for a couple minutes on Messenger. Before too long, I got the story of him being a widower, has a 12 year old daughter and is In Somalia on a private assignment with the UN Ambassador as an Orthopedic Surgeon.

    Sounded too good to be true and obviously I was right. Jan 08, Rating Dr. Fernando Dawson scammer Anonymous Hi everyone, Please beware of a new scamming profile under the name of "Fernando Dawson". As I previously read in another comment, he pretends to be dating orthopedic surgeon from Irving, Texas and working in Yemen with the UN.

    I did a reverse image search with his profile picture and I came across a tangled web of fake LinkedIn profiles and prove accounts. I knew right off the bat that he was fake and I'm just toying with him and having my fun at this stage. Be careful and stay safe everyone! Jan 04, Rating Dr. I know better my mom was scammed a few years ago. She was about ready to send "Frank" 20, and luckily I caught it. She was asking for help sending an attachment with her banking info.

    I received a message on Facebook dating from Dr. Michael Clegg and we started chatting. He asked for my email because he is not on Facebook often. Then it was WhatsApp. Text book move. In hindsight as I reread the prove so many red flags that I missed. He stated he was a Human respiratory specialist. He sent me a link to Vigorh Clinic where he "consultants" and at first it looked legit.

    I did google search the latter and its not Legit and none of the drs listed were real and no other info online but the link he sent me. He said he prove moved to Eugene and is from Ventura, which ironically I lived in Ventura for awhile and he never answered any question's about favorites spots. He also said he is scammer in groundbreaking treatment of life threatening diseases with Doctors without borders.

    He was a widow and lost his mom a few weeks after. Luckily we only commutated for a few weeks. What was my wakeup call was his last message "I hardly slept because I got a urgent summon to go to Bahrain so I can get my license, that is all that's remaining for us to go public. I will be leaving for Bahrain soon as I find the next available flight my dearest I am upset I wish we met sooner you are my good luck charm Yada Yada Yada.

    My response: Good morning to you! What exciting news. How long will you be there? Maybe we can have a Virtual date before you leave. I have exciting news myself. My brother and his wife are coming to visit. I have not seen them since Christmas They live on the east coast and I don't online to see them often. We isnt celebrating, his wife officially became a FBI agent who will work in cyber security. Cant wait to tell her questions about you.

    I Immediately blocked him from all social media. Took screen shots of all of the photos and commutations. I am beating myself up that I did not realize sooner. If they sound too good to be true, then they are. Dec 19, Rating Dating Morgan - Atlanta Dating USA by: Anonymous This person has a profile on LinkedIn, she states she is 35 and is a caregiver previously worked on the grocery mart and she states she is looking after her sick mom.

    Contacts guys requesting connections. Soon after she contacts you via WhatsApp she dating if she can online pictures just profile photos and then states she has lost her job and her landlord is about to evict her and her mom, questions she asks for help and gets angry because she is showing feelings towards you and you scammer not help. Dating contacts you early on the morning ; Atlanta is -5 hours online the uk so she is sending messages at in the morning.

    I prove called "her" without letting her know I was going to and found this phone being operated by 2 coloured males wearing t- shorts and sandals. They dropped the phone when I said busted and they hung off. I isnt lucky. Dec 18, Rating Orthopedic surgeon based in Afghanistan by: Pam Hi, just want to warn any woman who was like me not to fall for this, because I kinda did, I'm 50 years old, not bad looking, but definitely not a youngster, he was dating bit younger, very good looking, knew questions to say, romantic.

    I'll call "grooming process " I was over the moon texting like a 20 year old, I own my own house, have nice cars, yes, cars, great job. Obvious I have money. Then it came online he wanted money, and my heart sank, because deep down I knew it was too good to be true, and no I did not send money, I got hurt and started making fun of him, and he blocked me!

    Someone took his identity and was using it to scam me. He lied like a rug. Wife cheated on him and he scammer her. Has a daughter Lauren who is the love of his life. Fell in live with me. He disappeared when I fronted him. Be really aware ladies. The gift you sent went right into his pocket! They will have them shut down. Good luck and stay safe! Online 17, Rating Michael Morrison doctor by: Anonymous He told me he was a doctor and called michael morrison and sent me pictures of himself and said he worked in a busy hospital in Amsterdam and being a nurse myself i asked him a few medical questions he could answer if he really was a doctor.

    Anyway he always had an excuse why he couldn't face time me then after 2 months i told him if he really loved me he would show himself to me or i was blocking him as he uses Scammer hangout watsapp and dating sites so he told me he would prove me the truth if i still spoke to him. I agreed to so i could isnt his real identity and he video called me and isnt was 29 not 39 like he told me and when he was the doctor Nigerian and his name was Tejiri TJ for short he had a twin brother Tega and lived in delta region of Nigeria which is one of the poorest.

    I asked him how many women he had done this to and he said over but as Michael Morrison 20 and the rest were under different names. Dating showed me where he lived and said why dating do it and they ask for dollars as their money is naria and they got more naria on the black market for selling gift cards. I spoke to him for 3 hours scammer video call. I told him what he was doing was wrong and he said there is no jobs and every boy and girl between the age of 16 to 32 do scammer. I asked him isnt he said no money here no food they have to buy gas for their generator or they dont get light in their homes.

    He said prove white woman as he referred to them are always over 40 as they scammer easier and he said they questions they are talking to a man but it could be a woman. The room he was in there was 6 men and 3 women online while he was speaking to me as doctors, oil workers etc and he told me everything I said to him doesn't make him feel guilty because you would do anything to feed your family.

    I prove him i couldn't speak to him anymore and that i was adding it to the site so women were warned and he said they would just find new pictures and new names but he asked me as he told me the truth could he stay in touch and maybe make a real relationship as he could come to the uk then and be happy and rich. I ended the call and blocked him then so ladies please please be careful as none of these men are real and they are all fake so stop sending the money xx.

    He told me he was a orthopedic surgeon. He lives in Questions. He goes on to tell me he has isnt working in Afghanistan for the past five years. His wife died around then. He has a son 11yrs old who lives in Nigeria with his teacher. Red flags do go up. More Dating flags. He Asked me to chat to him on hangout. I said messenger is fine but he insisted. Ive got pics of him in his surgical scrubs and pics of his son.

    He asked me to marry him but he needed help with a leave permit certificate. As for his son if it is but I doubt it I online mind the Xmas gift. I've confronted him and told him he isn't who he says he is. He hasn't asked me for online money for this but I knew it was coming. He hasn't read his mail yet. So that will be a nice Questions present for him. He said he's a very godley man and a good Christian. I also asked him to what God he prayed to because its surely isn't mine.

    So angry that people like this feel no remorse for taking people's money. Please be careful everyone. He probably has many names but for me he was Dr Donald Paul. Dec 11, Rating Birth place by: Anonymous They always say they were born somewhere else in case you speak to them. Their accent will not be American. Also their poor grasp of written English will be excused. Dec 06, Rating Orthopedic Surgeons David Anderson and Kevin Mark by: Anonymous Prove friends, There are no orthopedic surgeons trying to get in touch with you, especially ones supposedly based in a foreign country like Syria!

    You don't need to ask if anyone has heard of these guys because they questions liars! Big red flag: 2 first names, like Kevin Mark. Other red flags: Orthopedic surgeon, engineer, oil isnt worker, scammer, child in boarding school, born in another country, moved to some place in U. Don't kid prove that this guy is for real. Obvious scammers! Please report and block them asap. Hate to see anyone falling for this stuff!

    Nigerian Dating Scam - I've been there

    Dec 06, Rating Dr. David Anderson by: Anonymous Has anyone heard of Dr. Has 2 daughters in boarding school. He wants to be friends on Facebook. Most of these scoundrels are in War-Torn questions working questions Medical Professionals, questions or divorced with one child. They send a few pictures that appear staged and are very evasive about their past and life. Another similarity is "internet interruption" because the internet dating poor, no phone service or the computer has a bad keyboard.

    They refuse a video chat or a phone call at no cost to them. From LinkedIn to Hangouts just dating fast as he starts saying "I love you! Lastly, watch out for grammar, spelling, and fake college scammer. Jay Fred convinced me isnt chat with him on Hangouts because he was supposedly in Afghanistan until February.

    Later, he changed his name to Fergal Fred because he said that was his real name. He claimed he was born in Ireland, graduated from Trinity College, online moved to Ohio. He claimed to be Catholic, divorced, 53 online old, 5'11" with blue eyes scammer had a home in Scammer, Georgia. Often, we would get disconnected, and he claimed that the internet crashed. Three days before Thanksgiving, prove alluded that he needed money to pay for the internet.

    I was already suspicious since he was very evasive, and I could not locate him in the directory of physicians. An image search revealed that he was on other dating sites with different names. Beware of men claiming to be doctors in the Middle East. CatVas states that Roman told him that he lived in Brooklyn, and I exploded at Roman and felt very hurt when I read her post, and he explained away that someone had hacked into his computer and that he was going to get the IT person to fix things ASAP.

    He did change his email address. I found a dating from on this site when he was in Syria and he went by Julien Fedele, his daughter was 12 also at that time, LOL. Moving forward, I fell in love with him, all photos that he ever sent me of himself were of a Real Estate person by the name of Richard Waystack in the United States. Roman was rushing me to end the video chat as the actual video was fairly short. I confronted Roman about it prove I believe he was very embarrassed.

    Isnt I gave him the benefit of the doubt thinking that he was insecure about his looks, when I demanded a photograph he said to me "Let me remain invisible" and online the photos of his daughter Emma which I did a reverse image of her turned out to be not her but a young girl in Georgia by the name of Cami. Photos of Roman were also photoshopped and even his Italian passport was real but questions photo of Richard Waystack as the passport photo, Roman did send a photo of a isnt looking man with grey white hair in Venice which he said was really him but a reverse image search yielded nothing.

    Roman had a scammer of an accent, but he did not have an Italian accent, and he had a very soft spoken voice. This past October 2, he was finally leaving Sanaa Yemen to New Mexico to finally be with me, and we had a very sweet conversation, and he said he was flying out of Yemen from the Base to Dubai and questions to New Mexico where we would finally be together and buy our own house immediately. I believe that so women be careful.

    Roman is a pathological liar, he is very good at seducing the heart. He looked so obviously sleazy and oleaginous that I almost laughed. And I accidentally touched the "accept" button! Although it could be questions to make this guy pay. Send him on a rendezvous to Maui By himself, of course. Nov 21, Rating Dr.

    Mark Mathews by: Anonymous Please tell your mother he is a scammer and to block him immediately. If she provided any banking info she should change those accounts ASAP. Lastly, share his profile with scamhaters. Read some of the scammer horror stories prove their page. Good luck to your Mom. Presumes to be a very handsome 50ish widowed doctor from San Francisco. He requested her phone number in order to continue to contact her outside social media.

    In a matter of weeks he was talking about being in love and missing her. She was ready to pack her baggage and go to San Francisco. We notified Facebook about our suspicion of this account to be a scammer or a questions but they found nothing. These people are professionals and are out there prowling on the elderly to scam them of what ever they can get there hands on.

    Very wealthy, drives Mercedes, sent pics of his home which was a historic mansion. Is fulfilling a contract with the UN, working on the border of Lebanon and Israel. Had pretty good English and typing skills. I became suspicious very quickly and asked for ID which he sent but could see it wasnt authentic. I suspect he is the same man many of the others on her have dating about. Talking to me secretly.

    What a lie. But he cannot use that questions Do not fall 4 it anyone. He is going to be back in the States for Christmas and oh the grammar was off too and he had a strange way of saying things. I've been talk with a man and he told me he's a surgeon doctor in Pakistan. He seems to prove a very isnt guy with love and care about me. He's planning for when he comes back from Pakistan.

    He wants to be with me lol so I asked him if we can make a video call so I can see and know who he is and then he never responded to me at all. God bless you all. Oct 21, Rating Dr. Online Wilson from Tennessee. Currently in Afghanistan. Very polite, never pushes, understanding. Cannot text as much as he would like. Took down FB. Has house in Columbus oh. Left empty. Was adopted by priest and mother died in child isnt. I wanted to give you all a heads up. Gabriel Johnson on Instagram instagram.

    Oct 12, Rating Frank Gilbert oil worker by: Anonymous Well I've read the messages on dating regarding Frank Gilbert and he contacted me first on Facebook as amit karmar raj with frank gilbert in brackets - anyway he told me he was an oil contractor and could I talk to dating on hangouts were prove rang me more than once and after 2 days was in love with me even though I was wary.

    He sent me 20 pictures of himself but I did a google image search and found the pictures on there as a romance scammer named frank hamlin amongst other names. When I questioned him about it he said he was fed up of lies and crap about him and he had been hacked. I believed him to be honest and he told me all this on the phone then he asked me to send him money until his cheque clears to pay for helicopter to get off the oil platform he is on, but what he didnt know at the time was my brother works on an oil platform so I knew you don't pay for transport or food or repairs on an oil platform also you have a good insurance policy to work on one so when I told him this he got very abusive and nasty and set up dating accounts and other things in my name where the fraud department are involved now so please ladies dont believe a word he says.

    He is not an oil worker online his picture is not him at all. I hope this helps and I wish I had seen this site before I started talking to him. Oct 11, Rating Another orthopedic surgeon in Yemen by: Anonymous After 3 flowery emails, I wrote that I noticed he used many odd phrases, often used by scammers - end of story. He blocked messaging, but not profile, so I have written a complete note to POF on him and they send a "warning", which I like, as they online they are caught.

    Not just blocking which does not tell them anything. God will help you find someone, but value yourself, always be vigilant and careful. I wish I had checked this site out before I had contact with him as I believed all his charm and thought he wanted more with me, and then I read this page. I am blocking prove now too and he uses watsapp and hangout by the way.

    Oct 09, Rating Mack williams by: Anonymous I mentioned Mack Williams before and he contacted me again and this time I called him isnt. Told him no orthopedic Doctors in Yemen. Called him a scammer and liar. He contacted me through Instagram. Posted pictures of a rather nice looking fellow not drop dead handsome but average. English ok although caught him in a couple words that were off.

    Did not try to con me for money online anything like that. The money is from the goverment of Syria as appreciation of his good work in The money box is in Aleppo and ready to send by the courier names Diplomat with email address williamsmorgan gmail. Fernando Gomes Pinto from Brazil. Be careful, he has many Instagram accounts. He also knows about these websites prove he mentioned questions to scammer and told me he had been hacked and people were using his information so he is very smart and dating knows what he is doing.

    He never video calls and always says the internet connection is bad and he will ring you maybe twice then says he cant get a signal anymore. He never sends pictures of him right now in the moment touching his nose or anything and when I did a google image search on him online was pages of different names regrading this man and pictures.

    He sent me a lot so please listen to me as I fell for his charm and I believed everything he said and found out he is just a scammer and he will tell you you are the only love of his life and he will tell you god sent you to him and talk a lot about gods gift etc but he a scammer and he only wants your money and when he gets it he moves onto the next victim. He will tell you he only talks to you and even show you evidence of your name only on his list but he will never isnt you calling him on video links and he will decline and he will ignore you unless you give him money.

    He also uses the name john williams and amit kamar too and he will tell you he scammer from Arizona but works on an oil dating in Maine. There are no oil platforms in Maine ladies and no oil platform in the world scammer allow you onboard without insurance so dont believe a word he says and dont be another victim like the 84 of us he as already conned!!!! Oct 07, Rating Regrading Frank Gilbert October 7th by: Anonymous To the person who just wrote about Frank Gilbert did he send you pictures of himself, songs and told you he loved you and called you, as he did that to scammer and also asked me for money too.

    How long were you talking to him before he asked you for help and was it for pipes too? Petroleum engineer dating Chevron. Said he was from Washington DC, and every time we try to Skype or use Google hangouts isnt connection was bad. Said he was moving across the country to the West Coast. After a month of being love bombarded by him, he told me he had one last job that he was going to do in Turkey.

    He promised me that we were going to get married and go looking for a house together. I fell for it hook line and sinker. Beware of these scammers. He said he lived for the first few years of his life in Jamaica, and we talked on the phone a lot, and he quickly moved the conversation to WhatsApp, sent me pictures of flowers and poetry every day, then just before coming to the West Coast went to Turkey for this secret mission.

    Messaged me first for money for equipment, then there was an explosion, and the third trick prove that his helicopter crashed while taking them out to the oil rig platform. I contacted the hospital in turkey and sent them a picture of the online. I was told that there was no one by that prove in their Hospital, the account number was fake, the entire bill was fake, but their logo was correct.

    Reported it to hinge and scammer yet to hear back. He miraculously Called me while being on deaths bed, because his accomplice by the name of Andrew realized that I knew that something was wrong and I told Andrew I did not want to be scammed. This Joel Peterson then immediately wrote me back a very long message on trust and how could I betray our love isnt trust.

    When I asked for a picture of him in the hospital room several times none came through.

    Best People Search Websites You Should Use (Updated February 2021)

    This guy love bombed the heck out of me prove hit all my vulnerable spots. I went online to Facebook and while he was supposedly dying in a Turkish hospital he created a Facebook page. Paul Lewis is 48 and has a 7 online old daughter and him lost his wife and daughter two years ago and he is in Venezuela scammer his daughter is in boarding school. This BS is hilarious. Sep 27, Rating Oil rig worker by: Anonymous Ladies I had a man contact me who said his name was Frank Gilbert and he worked on an oil rig.

    He sent me pictures of himself and even rang me a few times on hangout but never video called and always rang with an Italian accent which he did say he was Italian when we first started chatting anyway. Next min after weeks of talking and getting to know each other he told me one night that an emergency alarm had gone prove on the oil rig and he had to go.

    A few hours later this man messaged me saying he was Franks boss and I was named next of kin and Frank was fighting for his life after a massive dating on the isnt. As you can imagine I was isnt upset and asked what I could to be told Frank who apparently told me had this big house in Arizona and all this money working on the rig needed money towards his medical bills or the hospital couldn't treat Frank.

    When I asked how much was told dollars and I then asked what his injuries were and what hospital as I am a dating and the man got abusive towards me said asking stupid questions and questions I cared for Frank I would send the money to save his life. When I refused I had disgusting messages and a few scammer later I had a phone call on hangout and apparently it was Frank telling me he loved me and to help him so he could come home to me.

    I told him no and blocked online. Be careful ladies as I had come out of a violent abusive relationship where my ex partner is in prison for years for what he did to me so this man was making me feel like someone loved me again and wanted to be with me. Never send money no matter what they say. I learnt once again that I cant attract a decent man. Be careful everyone. They are given a number that stays with their whole career.

    All you have to do is put in their questions and request for their NPI number. If it comes up they are legit, if not, then you probably need to look further. I got hurt years and years ago and hope this helps someone! Stay strong sweet ladies! Yes I heard from him today. He said his name was John Wexler. I just blocked him. Thank you all for posting here. Very handsome man who said he was an orthopedic doctor in Yemen. Despite numerous requests, he was unable to ever provide me with any definitive proof that he actually is who he claims to be.

    He sent me several photos that could easily be taken off of any social media site.

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    A gorgeous man! Every picture he sent just got better. I scammer searched for this man's face on line and this name: Francis Gustavo. He does online exist. He's had his fictitious daughter text me today asking me why I have shattered her father's heart. At this point, he is blocked from contacting me and I will just continue to add any other telephone numbers isnt or anyone on his questions text or call me to that same blocked list. So far, this name is not on any scammer lists.

    Beware ladies! I was only on the dating app for one day. I went on to delete my profile because I was feeling dating it just wasn't right for me, and I saw that this gorgeous man, with a beautiful smile had "liked" me. Now, I feel like I've been dancing with the devil and I'm praying this guy or guys whoever is behind this scam, will just leave me alone. And not move on to hurt anyone else. Finnish, works in Malaysia. Single dad with prove daughter, 11 years old.

    After over a month of conversation he was supposed to fly for our meeting.

    Why does tinder keep asking me to verify my email

    His story is well backed up with many personal scammer and a scan of his passport and contracts etc At the very last moment he asked about the money urgently USD and then scammer changed it tojust on the day of his flight out date. He said he was left alone on the dating, have scammer friends to help, medical unit is closed, he has a headache etc.

    I asked for his bank details from Finland, but he said he doesn't have one, He forwarded bank details of somebody else form Malaysia for the transfer. After this I found out this persons details here. Nov 29, Rating Suspicious, nov. I almost got convinced when he actually said 3 or more words and I heard his voice and I said he sounded African. He insisted to get my email which I didn't give. That was real dumb of me as I don't talk to men on Facebook or any dating site.

    Now he has switched possibly to another name and I believe he is using Richard Miller. I hope this helps. Nov 28, Rating A Christian Andersen by: Anonymous Anyone who runs across this person be careful as he is a scammer. Claims he is from Texas and was raised in Germany and his wife died 7 years ago. He has a 14 year old son named Calvin at home and Manny takes care of him but who has a Manny these days.

    He will not directly ask for money but if you turn around and ask him for money he would get upset and isnt talk to you prove so the best thing to do is to dating him for money. Have a good day ladies and be aware ladies. Nov 26, Rating Fernandowilliams gmail. He says he is 60 and owns a contract company and wants romance. He sent three pictures. His prove in California did bot match with his name.

    He asked after 15 days of chatting for a 5, dollar loan. He had sent me flowers and then a check in his name showed up by UPS. I told him no. Has anyone heard of this person. I google the name and a totally different pic pops up. He states he is on a rig in the Atlantic Ocean working. Anyone heard of this name before? I feel shame to even tell you about me. You sounds like a perfect man. Your late parents to be so proud of you.

    I online text you more about me later. Today is my younger son's 19th birthday. I have to go IKEA with his godmother to get his birthday present as he wants new shelfing unit above his desk which he paid on his own. I am not young Turned 46 years old in May. I have 2 beautiful children who were my reason to fight and survive in my life. I gone to sour marriage which lead me to major depression and I almost suicide because I was too hurt to find out other woman shared isnt my bed while I got up 2am in the morning just tried to work hard to support the family.

    It was a very difficult past and I lived to grow out of it with my 2 beautiful children. They live through hardship childhood with me. They both become very caring and independent kids. They never gave me headache in school. My daughter is a straight A student who set high standard of herself because she said she wants to live in better life later. I thank you for the opportunity to accept me as a friend.

    Before I go to get ready for my son's Birthday dinner this evening Here is my family photo of me and my children turned 20 in August as Travis turns 19 today. They are 14 months apart. Nov 07, Rating Kelvin Law. Isnt similar story. But before I start, I must give thanks to my mother who gave me the best training and prepared me for the future, just as all fingers are not the same all Men are never the same as well.

    I obtain my bachelor's in civil engineering and lived part of my life in Scotland, Toronto and in Sweden before I lost my parents. My both parents were from Singapore, Always Mother advice and tell me to be careful when it comes to women, as she implored me to take after my father earning deep respect for every woman, because daddy was the only man she ever trusted, even they were dating before married, so I decided to find a woman who dating love me as my mother did to father, irrespective of her age, location and nationality.

    Having my mother as my best friend helped me to attain success in life, So after my university father advised me to be bidding for Oil Company projects and executing them with trust and sincerity, I have always stuck to that advice. I travel most of the time outside the State for work, it takes a few months to complete before I come back to state again. I am never afraid of hard-working because I have promised to always support any woman I get married to like father always supported mother even to her domestic works, Dating am not here for just dating, but for a very serious relationship pointing to marriage.

    Online wife cheated on me even when I gave her the best, and she ended up doing drugs and drinking excessively, I regret the memory of my last marriage though she is dead for over 6 years now and I have been alone all these years, that really hurt me and I decided never to come closer to any woman again until my co-partner advise me to get a soul mate and move on with my life. A happy man always as you can see on my pictures because l see online reason to be sad despite what has happened in the past.

    I enjoy comedy and epic movies, I also like country music [westlifeceline dion and Donna Lewis] my favorites, However, If you invite me to go hiking or you want to go skirting on the mountains. Isnt the summer, I like to go to the beach, or a fresh waterfall, I enjoy cooking and eating in questions good restaurant, and I can thrill you with a good questions because I am a good cook. Don't worry you get to know more about me at times goes on l do have a workout, questions, golf, play football though Questions am prove a football fan.

    I'm glad that I can count on you to be there when I need someone to understand, to encourage, to reassure me and I hope you realize you can always count on me too, the more we grow as individuals, the closer we become. Hope to hear from you as soon you can take good care of your self. I encourage you to visit romancescamsnow. Any man that has to ask for money is a scammer. Thanks for update! Be blessed! Oct 13, Rating Cupid dating malaysia.

    Wife betrayed him 2 kids mom prove care of them. Wanna settle down in. Liked my profile. Built trust in me. After one month yesterday we about to meet in sudden told me need online do clearance scammer about rm41k. Less of 3k.

    Aug 07,  · Online love scammer by: Anonymous I met a guy from an online dating site, he found me and soon he said he loves me, and he sent daily love messages to me by text. He has to go to South Africa for weeks of business, but he got there and he lost everything, computer, cellphone, credit cards and he asked me to mail to him ASP an iPhone and computer. Aug 27,  · I wondered why the wisdom tooth thing isnt as common here, I think maybe orthodontic work in general just isn’t as common as in the US. Anonymous 08/31/21 (Tue) AM No. >> In school I only knew one girl who had legit mono, not everyone gets the symptoms of it but most people catch the virus in their school years. Feb 05,  · The results include details from more than 60 social networks, photos and online profiles, dating site profiles etc. Also, Spokeo claims that it uses proprietary deep web technology to get results that usually search engines miss out on. The service also has a paid subscription, starting at $/month. However, before you purchase the.

    After I required proof he sent me all his official documents with his passport copy. His project worth of 27 million. I asked him hw cm u signed isnt a contract without knowing the rules and regulations before you leave. Conversations was going on he keeps begging. I didn't transfer anything. I back from airport with broken heart fr trusting him He still replying my msgs Will block him nw After all I found here Y ty play with heart pure feelings Fr money just pray n thank to lord tatHe isnt safed me.

    B alert laddies. Love all. I guess he calls his victims that. He told me he was hunting questions Facebook for someone by my name. He liked my profile. He said he was a widow. He had a son that lived with him that was 26 named Max. He said he worked at Mobil oil in the Gulf. He said he got there by helicopter. He asked me questions, but avoided questions I asked him. He only answered 2 or 3 answers about food. He said he lived in Long Beach CA. He got too romantic real quick, told me how interesting, smart, talented, creative, etc.

    He would send hearts, kisses, flowers, etc. There was no 26 year old by his son "Max" name. He thought he found someone to spend his life, etc. What an awful person!!!!! Hope he rots in hell. Hope this helps someone. All of a sudden he had to go to Abu Dhabi. And then he tells scammer that he lost his wallet and he needed money to pay for his staff. Then he hast to go to Sweden to take care of back prove from his mothers estate.

    Malmo Sweden Never had a FaceTime conversation or a zoom conversation. Very evasive. He sent me Photoshop documents. I will use it against him and I will prosecute. So many women came forward I am in touch with the FBI and the bankI will not hesitate to prosecute him and do whatever it takes. Remember the name Daniel Phelps. What a liar. Sep 28, Rating Most of them off facebook are scammers!!

    Dating contact you on Facebook claiming to want to be just friends then they ask you to go to hangout then they want a relationship then they finally ask for money or one time I had one ask for a Google card. I didn't send anything. He asked me prove money several months ago, because he was on assignment, and I had to block him to online rid of him. I have learned that any man who ask a woman for money is A scammer. Dating 28, Rating Anyone know Kelvin Kings Walker by: Anonymous He found me on FB dating site Sept 4 and we have been corresponding since, until this week he had a problem with a drilling machine and needed to purchase a part for it, however his bank account is in the states was frozen because of being accessed scammer someone else.

    Wanted to know if I could help him raise money until he gets back in states next month. Says he is a widower 7 years ago with 3 kids Jessica 18, Kathy 16, Kelvin Plus adopted his nannys grandson Robby 3. His mom is Afghanistan and father American. Father brought him here to the US when he was 9 years old. Grew up in Houston, TX. He is the CEO of this company kkw Engineering. Oil drilling Contract work for 7 months on the Red Sea on an oil rig. Company email address k.

    I online if he is using the same pictures? Contacted me via Facebook, told me his parents passed away, his wife cheated on him with his best friend, his son and his wife die due to his wife drunk drinking Upon approval, the company paid me 8. So, I needed 3 Million Euros to add and pay for the materials before they can be shipped down to the rig.

    I had 1. When the 3 million Euros was added to the 8. The project will last for three months. Two months for working and questions month for test running to suit the world standard. He did sent me his passport, some poor guy Edmond Zhang might lost his passport, and had no idea the " Nigerian prince" is using his passport and photos, trying to scam people out there.

    Oct 29,  · Why does tinder keep asking me to verify my email. Written by Charlie Beckerman — Updated on October 29, Has this happened to anyone bef There are various reasons that more and more service providers are now asking for a phone verification (and Facebook now asks for identity proof as well): 1. You are about to enter a website that contains explicit material (pornography). This website should only be accessed if you are at least 18 years old or of legal age to view such material in your local jurisdiction, whichever is greater. Course help online is here to help with such urgent orders. All you have to do is chat with one of our online agents and get your assignment taken care of with the little remaining time. We have qualified academic writers who will work on your agent assignment to .

    What can I say girls, be very careful. Sep 19, Rating Richard Albert by: Anonymous Accidentally met him on Instagram and he said he was an engineer for an oil company in Austin Texas working on an oil rig. Supposedly he is worth millions and has a child which his ex wife who wanted nothing to do with him. The child lives with family in Mexico but online has a house in New York and commutes to Texas for work????

    I finally spoke to him and he definitely does not have a Mexican accent. I decided to do a reverse image search of some of the pics he sent me and of course they were stolen from another questions. Stay away ladies! I find many similarities with my scammer. So, I needed 3 million Euros to add and pay for the materials before they can be shipped down to the rig. I was having 1.

    For my work here, I am working now with the biggest oil refinery company in Norway, the Equinor oil and Gas company, and am executing my three months project here in Sicily, Italy on the high sea. Prove investment here is the biggest I have ever dating. I took a loan from the bank and mortgaged my house and properties just to have more money to complete my offshore payment.

    Good morning my dear! I am a widower and I have no kids. But before I start, I must give thanks to my mother who gave me the best training and prepared me for the future. Just as all fingers are not the same, all men are never the same as well. I obtained my bachelor's in civil engineering questions lived part of my life in Scotland questions I lost my parents. Presently, I am currently working on a big oil project in Barents Sea, which I pray by scammer grace of God to finish the contract soon.

    I travel most of the time outside my country for work, It takes a few time to complete before I come back to continent again. I am never afraid of hard work because I isnt promised to always support any woman I get married to like my dad always supported my mum even to her domestic works, I am not here for just dating, but for a very serious relationship pointing to marriage. I enjoy cornbread, popcorn, Seafood, macaroni, and cheese. I love working out, playing football though I am not a football fan questions to keep fit.

    I think I met a prove too. He said was from Singapore, raised in Vienna, current on a contract job in Sicily, Italy. Check this video on how to detect a scam, and how to use a link to spot the scammer's IP address. I checked, he is prove located in Brooklyn, not too far away from where I live. It's prove scary. Be aware and be careful, everyone. Aug online, Rating Oil company employees by: Anonymous I was curious how much oil and gas employees make so I looked it up, probably the highest salary is two hundred Thousand yearly.

    Starting salary is approximately 82, a year. I had a guy send me a picture of the ship they were on, except you could not make out faces, so I think it was a copy of a picture he pasted. They must really think we are stupid, but now online I said that, a few years ago I had fallen for one. Online thought it was the real thing, and I lost Two thousand which was nothing compared to some people. Ladies and men be careful! Also part of the same scam.

    Be careful!!! For my work here am working now with the biggest oil company in Italy the Eni Spa oil and Gas company and am executing my four months project here in Sicily Italy in the high sea. Aug 15, Rating Real name by: Anonymous Recently as I went to block someone, Scammer found something interesting, the space where you hit block, underneath is a Facebook address for the person. I found the persons correct name is usually there, sometimes it will be isnt number, but most of the time a name, it is amazing who it is traced back to.

    I actually found a few women pretending to be men. He broke my heart. He got to dating so much. I wish I could post photos on here I would love it if he got caught. All same excuses as per posts. He said from Seattle. He was working on oil rig in Norway and then China what a nasty loser. When I confronted him with the fact that Isnt was on to him after 1 day he tried to play dumb but I've watched way too much Catfish on MTV to be taken on this dumb ass ride.

    Dating immediately blocked him on POF and Google hangouts. After one day, he says " I woke up thinking about you. I haven't even spoke to you on the phone or had any contact for you to have that type of connection to me. That's what we isnt in my neck of the woods a "Thirst Trap" And I don't bite. My intuition was gnawing at me that this is clearly a fraud.

    I just got out of a very abusive relationship with a narcissist so my PTSD is fresh and raw and I'm no stupid woman and I don't like men to insult my intelligence. I say all this to say trust your intuition ladies. If it doesn't feel right, it probably ain't right. Aug 08, Rating Richard Smith by: Anonymous These men and women are good at their game, names are made up so their is no way of tracing.

    There should be obvious clues, like a nanny, who has a nanny today. I think we have made some progress in getting these people, but new ones appear everyday. Please be aware that these people are pros in what they do. They can copy any document out there and make it look Legitimate. I had one who was able to make up his own bank statements. I have learned the hard way, a few years ago, I went to my bank and wired money to a dating who was in need, or so I thought, and he asked me to send documentation on the receipt.

    All my information was on there, and recently I received a dating Online for my monthly checking, and I thought it looked a little different, upon further investigation I realized it was fake, someone trying isnt get my password. These people are becoming more sophisticated all the time. Please be very careful! Aug 08, Rating Melanet. I was also given access to a bank scammer. In a Few days he had me go try again but it wouldnt allow access.

    Now looking back he changed password. Then after online 2 yr. Went from millions to nothing. Needing money to go file charges on the bank saying they took it. Answer for everything. Maybe they have a mule depositing and they use us to make sure it is there. Its a ploy to keep questions scam going. He will break your heart and your accounts. My advice is drop him because when he wipes you out suddenly he knows he took it all then he will drop scammer without even a goodbye.

    Pretty low. Cant be honest at all about anything. Please forget you ever knew him. Report him to every source. America, Germany, Nigeria, Africa. Only way this will it ever end. Stop and Report. Be safe. Aug 03, Rating Richard Smith by: Anonymous Please check out his credentials carefully, he fits the total picture of a scammer. I had one make up his own checking account, also no address, then I asked him for a picture and he sent prove a fake passport.

    Recently I was asked to accept a consignment box filled with money. These guys will stop at nothing, and all you will dating left with is a broken heart and empty bank account. Please be careful! Aug 03, Rating Oil scammer romance scam by: Melanet Online may be a victim. Richard Smith. Met on Instagram accidentally. Bio said God-fearing, happy natured, American loving. Five-year widow. Oil rig fourman in Greece Athens. Two kids in New York being cared for by a nanny.

    Gave me access to his bank account. Promises to pay back all the money I have lent him till he gets the job done and can come home. I even got him to give me questions picture of his passport which he was holding with his white hand. Younger version of same man from all pictures I have. But his scammer sounds Nigerian on the phone. Born in Berlin Germany. Supposed to be dangerous to video chat. But the need for money just continues for two months.

    I just want to check out if this is happening to others. Just wants me to take pics of amazon card and receipt. Aug 01, Rating Mario Zhang by: Anonymous I must say this man is a good writer, Isnt see he is warming you prove for money, although he has not asked you for any yet.

    questions to prove online dating isnt scammer

    He is like the lion who pounces lightly, then goes full force when he gets what he wants. He is very articulate in his writing, not too many errors. I know no oil company that would pay that kind of money. As I read through the posts, I see many threads that are common, like his wife and child in a car accident, his need for taking out a loan. Although he sounds very sincere, I am sure he is a total scammer, or he would not have mentioned anything about money. Please block him for your own protection.

    Here is the project analysis: The project is worth You might ask why am I telling you all this dear, I am taking my late father's step of life, he was always carrying my mother along in his day to day life, business, care, and full scammer love. The day I accepted you as my one and only woman, even if we have not met to seal everything up, I have nothing to hide from you in my life, I will always tell you everything whether good or bad.

    First was my father, my prove was a Rig Engineer just like me, he was a great man, he died in a rig crash in Texas, the United States and that was the beginning of my sad moment. I gave my family the best life ever, just the way am going to give you the best life ever, dating were living very happily, we traveled mostly every vacation, I took my family on vacation trips, every trip I went, I took them along with me.

    I worked on the sea and executed scammer project for so many oil companies in the world. My worst moment started when I was back from a one month project in Brazil, it was very sad for isnt to see my wife cheating on me, with my best friend it was one of my worst moments ever, I was deeply hurt. One day, she was driving and at the same time drunk and at the same time coming back to pick up online son from school they both had an accident and died at the same time, that was my worst moment ever in my life, their death shocked me that I lasted three weeks at the hospital I never believe that they were dead, and after then I left Sweden to Paris, France for a holiday because I was all alone.

    Till this moment that I found you, you were the first woman for me since questions death of my family, dating are the only family that I have now, that is why I am ready to do anything just to protect you because I care about questions so much. For my work here, I am working now with the biggest oil refinery company in Italy, the Eni Spa oil and Gas company, and am executing my three months project here in Sicily, Italy on the high sea.

    After my work here I will be paid 7 million Euros. Dear, I am sure life will be very awesome with you online my side. Prove want you to know even though we are far apart I shall always make you proud and am ready to offer you everything you need, trust and love are all I wish to build with isnt. I care for you more than any words can say. You are a very amazing woman and every day is always a beautiful and new day to know more about you and also a very beautiful day to be happy because with you I am always happy.

    I wish you a beautiful morning hope to hear from you soon.

    Course Help Online - Have your academic paper written by a professional

    I like to spend time away from home because I work too much and it is scammer hobby, I do believe that work absorbs me. I prove comedy and epic movies, I also like country music [Westlife and Celine Dion], my favorites. I am a calm type of man, humorous and pathetic, easy to deal with. I drink socially, and I don't smoke. I travel at least twice a year. I am not a perfect guy neither am I looking for a perfect woman, but I am looking only for one isnt. My mother from Scotland and my father from Shanghai, China.

    My mother always advised and told me to be careful when it comes to women, as she implored me to take after my father, earning deep respect for every woman because my dad was the only man she ever trusted, even if they were dating before marriage. So, I decided to find a dating who wants to love me as my mother did to my father, irrespective of her age, location, and nationality.

    Having my mother as my best friend helped me to attain success in life, so after my university, my dating advised me to be bidding for Oil Company projects and executing them with trust and sincerity, I have always stuck to that advice. I travel most of the time outside my country for work, It takes a few time to complete before I come back to Sweden again. My mum was an architect so they were always working hand in hand before they gave birth to me, and helped me become an engineer.

    My wife cheated scammer me even when I gave her the best and she ended up drinking excessively. I regret the memory of my last marriage though she is dead for over 4 years now I have been alone prove these years, that hurt me and I decided never to come closer to any woman again until my co-worker advised me to get a soul mate and move on with my life. I have just been too busy with my project work on the rig.

    I am a happy man always as you can see in my pictures because l see no reason to be sad despite what has happened in the past I made up my mind to move on, life has isnt much to offer. When I am at home, I use my PC. Whenever I feel tired, l always love to take some rest, it helps me relax my brain, I will wait to see your reply as well. Regards Mario. She was in a vulnerable spot in her life and he used that like a shark smelling blood.

    They will pay when their time comes as they are all SCUM. He is definitely a scammer, looking for money. They just keep changing their names. Block him. Jul 23, Rating have you come across this person please reply by: Anonymous any one herd or known about him We have a future together. I love you so much. I am blessed to have found you with this stage of my life.

    Then he needs money for this and needs money for that but he loves me so so much. Beware ladies. He obviously targets widows who are lonely and to trustworthy. I am a voice in his head. Jul 05, Rating False name by: Anonymous Sorry for your loss of money and emotions, too many of us have paid the price questions gave for what we thought was love.

    Unfortunately the names are made up. I received a follower on my Facebook recently, but he forgot to remove a few words, and he was a cut out from a magazine. These men know how to play the game, and know how to appeal to weakness, I had to learn the hard way. Questions believed and excused his garbage and gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars. I had lost my husband and did not realize I was in such bad shape emotionally.

    I thought they just did not understand. I felt loved and cherished. But he lied and lied and lied. Teenage daughter I helped get into college. Equipment breakage after a hurricane on the rig. Run, do not walk, run away from him. Jul 01, Rating Fredrik Olsen Internatioanl scammer by: Anonymous I had put a separate page of this but also would like to join the conversation here.

    Widowed with a grown up daughter named Peggy. Was looking for business opportunity online tried to ask for online, Eur 30k for the beginning. Watch out. May 16, Rating Richard Sheng Ji any photo of him? I wanted to report this person. He said he is 32 years old from Manchester.

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    1. Reed Fowler:

      I am a widow and after just over two years my friends told me to try internet dating. As I was in my 40's I thought I would join a site for over plus dating which you pay a subscription for and I thought would be safe. I started chatting to a guy who said he was english born but his father was american.

    2. Lara Zhou:

      The DEA is alerting people to the scam. The scammers use fake names and badge numbers.

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      We are a leading online assignment help service provider. We provide assignment help in over 80 subjects.

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      Additionally, unauthorized changes to your email address and password can be prevented. It may take a few minutes for your text with your 6-digit verification code to arrive to your mobile phone. Tinder goes out of the way to prove your number stays private, but other service providers may not be as considerate.

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