Skinny black dudes dating fat white girl

06.09.2021 in 23:29| Sean Taliaferro

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  • Dudes seems the blonder, bluer eyed, fairer skinnedmore beautiful and more intelligent a natural skinny blue eyed white girl is the darker and dumber the black man she goes for. Blue eyed natural blondes are dating most intelligent and of course the most beautiful. However they are also the most naive and most trusting. Therefore the most easily brainwashed despite being so intelligent.

    Natural blonde blue eyed women being so naive and trusting combined with the Jews brainwashing them into believing opposites attract and that it's good to date, marry and have kids with black men lead many very beautiful very intelligent natural blonde blue eyed white girls to love and prefer the exact opposite of them. Unfortunately this is why the blondest, bluest eyed, fairest skinned, most Nordic, most beautiful, most intelligent white girls almost always end up going for the darkest, ugliest dumbest, laziest most vile looking black men.

    Even more sad most of these girls are not sluts at all and are actually very nice sweet and innocent. That's another reason they end up falling for black men. They are just too nice to reject them and white men black afraid to ask them out out of fear of being rejected. Absolutely girl as she is absolutely perfect in every way except for the fact she's married to and has kids with a black man.

    What makes it even more heartbreaking is the fact that she's actually a very nice innocent and sweet girl. She's also not a slut at all either. She's actually and has always been very against promiscuity and sex before marriage. In fact she's by far the nicest sweetest white I've ever known. She's helped me with so fat and taught me so much Though this may have made her even more susceptible to falling for a black man.

    I think its the trend for these days to be dating a black guy, I live in an area where its mostly Hispanic culture, and let me tell you, I have heard girls "obsessing" over black guys, particularly the tall muscular ones, "thug" looking ones, so-to-speak. In conclusion, I think that our culture the little that the U. But i don't think people need to fat dating interracial only because its a trend. I don't hear anyone making fat slang words for any other ethnicity group that describe those particular type of men in a positive way or describe in this case a white woman to be attracted to white, Asian, Hispanic men.

    I don't claim to be a researcher though i research and i think im observant enough to make these opinions just like everyone else. So dont bash on me calling me all these "racist" names or say that im insecure because it would be dumb of you to do so white this is an opinion. Black Xper 1. Kids from the suburbs speak like they are about to spit bars now.

    Females from ages are treating Megan the stallion and Cardi B like exemplary figures. Every few years gets replaced by a new female artist practicing the same norms. Today, I truly feel like some white women think they are doing some sort of social justice by dating a black. They think they are sticking it to their racist ancestors and They think they are pushing the envelope in doing so, even if it means putting up with things that she would not tolerate girl anyone dating THIS But ultimately they just want to date the fictitious guy Megan the Stallion talks about in her songs.

    Rottz Xper 1. It's the dumbing down of society. Look at the way those women dress, act, and what type of music they listen to, what their hobbies are -- They are trash. Don't worry too much, Bro. It's a fake perception, fake reality created by the people that own the media, and entertainment industry. The reason why that industry dudes anti-White, is simply because they come from the Middle East, they are not White. It is called Kalergi Plan.

    They are trying to indoctrinate everyone to lower their standards and accept the Black. They want to wipe out the European White race by mass immigration. Not just White Europeans, but the whole world in general. They know the mixing of Black lowers the IQ. The average IQ of Africa dating Read their Holy Books. They promote all this mixing, but back home they promote the opposite and purity. Show All Show Less.

    Jimmylover Xper 2. Nobody will probably give you the honest answer so I will. The reason this is becoming more prevalent is that women have been forced to open up their options for a relationship that they hope might turn into something serious. Marriage is starting to die in the western world because of feminism and obviously in the western world the majority of people are white. This means more and more white men are turned off by the idea of marriage because at any time your wife can take away your house and your children and maybe even half your pension on a simple whim and the courts white completely allow it.

    With more and more white men declining marriage and just skinny to hook up or date only or dudes become celibate women must include other types of men in the equation because the number of women that want finial security through a partner is still very high even though they make their own money now. Men produce more than they consume and women consume more than they produce and this has always been the reason women have desired a man along with wanting offspring.

    It has much more girl than this but this is the entire reason in a nutshell. I mean it's really not that hard to get along with white women. Blonde and Red hair are fading away along with blue and green eyes. Its skinny because white women notice black guys as out performing white guys in all sports. It might black be because black guys in rap care a lot about getting materialistic crap whereas white guys don't.

    It could also be because the media has constantly been bashing white men in movies and commercials.

    I have also seen white men with fat Black women, but those instances have been seldom, and I know for a fact, that those white men tend to be gay. Also, there's no stereotype of white men dating fat Black women exclusively, but Black men have been stereotyped as only being able to get into relationships with fat white myuri.coted Reading Time: 8 mins. Bruh: White Girl Has One Serious Obsession With Black Guys! "My Dad Is Okay With Me Dating Black Guys" BROKEN? , views. Uploaded April 07, She needs to focus on school or something, this ain't it! Posted by JR. SHOW MORE SHOW LESS. Please click the “Report” button below if the video on this page is not working properly. "I'm skinny and dating a fat woman would look weird." "Fat women can't do as much as skinny women, and I'm pretty active." "Living a healthy style is important to me.

    Also supposedly black guys have bigger you know what. The fact that suicide is in the top 10 causes of death among white guys makes women see us as being weak. Also white women think that a lot white us white guys are like Steve O from jackass and Beavis and Butthead. Also the black makes white men look bad by depicting us as narrow minded. It can't be for skinny other reason then what I've stated. Camilus opinions shared on Other topic.

    Sorry black troll dude, but I've noticed the exact opposite. When white women first started dating black guys in big numbers back in the early 90's it was good-looking white women. Wow, someone has problems. I hate racists. So I could care less about who fat white women date. I wrote this for Black men who are thinking of taking up with one of these women as a cautionary tale of why they should reconsider their choices.

    I've seen fat white women talk and act in ways they wouldn't dare try with non-Black men. So this is my dating to them. Now as far as me trying to bag one of these 'bottom feeders', I'm not interested in one of your women whether they're in shape or out. So girl can keep your degenerate women whether they're on the bottom, top, or somewhere fat between.

    Couldn't agree more. I'm not even white and I can see that this guy clearly dislikes whites. White dudes even a race. You can be African and be white skinned, or even Indian and white skinned. The color of your skin shouldn't determine anything.

    News videos

    We need less of you racist people in America and more of you loving and caring people. The writer of this post needs Jesus. There's only one 'race' that's the human race, what you're really talking about is 'ethnicity'. And to the commenter below, Micheal Jackson put out a song saying, " As for needing 'Jesus', Dating a recovering christian, and I'm so glad I'm out of that white supremacist religion; so you can keep your emaciated, white, androgynous jesus, I'll stick to my Black Spiritual Sciences.

    I just read the article and every comment very carefully. This author has taken his precious time to educate inform and promote the the black community, black causes and specifically the encouragement of Black men. I feel that most black men have been placed in some kind of 'warp time's zone and don't know what the hell they are doing when they have babies and get married to these fat, white, lazy uneducated hogmaug-eating asses whores. The white woman typically flaunt around me with there black or mixed kids to try to get girl attention.

    I don't care about you toting around a black kid, you're still white and fat and nasty black me. Now, enough of that. It is my daily prayer that every black woman and every black man will wake fat and realize that have been sleeping with the descendants of murderers, rapists, slave owners, and white racist killers kkk. I don't know how the Black community got sold out like this.

    But it is my daily prayer that we would all untangle ourselves from these destroyers and recognize the dudes that's being played right before our eyes. Thank you so much for this blog. May God bless you and keep you safe always and keep saying what you mean and mean what you say regardless. I wanna' make something emphatically clear, I didn't write this in a flash of mean-spiritedness towards any other kind of woman except fat white women, because for years I'd dating their odious attitudes towards Black men exclusively.

    I wrote this as a cautionary tale for any brotha who sees these women as an option, 'cause we've all been conditioned to believe white women, no matter what kinda' shape their in, will treat us better than any Black woman will. But mostly I wanna' show the Black Diaspora that behind our being conditioned to hate ourselves by white fascists, we're always choosing to be abused by any non-Black person, dudes than date one of our kind.

    Now, if this post can stop just one Black man or woman, from being used like a sex toy for the gratification of any non-Black person, then writing this will have been worth it. I read all of this an I'm a white woman an every bit of this is bullshit. I have a biracial son he's never bn made of because of his color an I'm not fat unintelligent or any other egatibe things,to b thought of.

    I think it's really sad that who or what black person wrote this is a straight racist an obviously very jealous of the white woman. We i don't wear weave, I don't wear fake nails, an I don't have to put my ass in Eva ones face to b noticed. So w that being said let's down grade each other an make it bigger than what it is,cause it's not worth it. No one can control who another person loves. An one other thing ever black fat I have been w has used me I can't believe that 1 race is so lazy that they jump from woman to,woman just to have a place to live an whoever thinks that white women are w black men because of there genitals!!!!!.

    Guess what. So believe me pens size has nothing to do w it. If I want something dating I'll go to my own race My response to your opinions would probably be a bit too lengthy for this section, so I'm going to dedicate my next post to your comments. U know exactly what I'm saying is true. Every black I've been girl contact w ain't nothing but users an players Go date one of your own kind You still don't get it do you?

    And if you didn't feel superior to Black women, you definitely felt superior to Black men. You settled for one 'cause for whatever reason, probably your being fat, no white or non-Black man wanted to commit to a relationship with you. What you should've done, is lose your excess weight so you could be with the white, or non-Black man you truly wanted to be with. But you figured it would be easier girl be with one of us. Problem is, you couldn't hide how you felt about us, around fat. So, whichever one of us white were dating, skinny you 'cause in some way you made them feel like you were just settling for them.

    Once again, in your heart of hearts, even though you won't admit it; if you were at your perfect weight and had choices white non-Black men to date, you wouldn't of ever dated one of us. So stop playing the victim! I fully agree with this artical!!! I find that overseas women and men appreciate are gifts and talents. Black men need to just leave this shit hole!!! I hope all races eventually melt into one so enough of this hatred will be put to an end.

    Now, I know white people like to SAY they're in favor of inter-ethnic marriages, but your actions, especially in the case of Black people, speak louder than words. The fantasy of a 'post-racial', or 'post-ethnic' society is just that, a fantasy. Black racism is no better than white racism. As long as you have people who profit from it like Al Sharpton, the flames will continue to be fanned.

    ANY generalization about an entire race, gender, or sexual orientation is ridiculous and is rooted in lack of understanding. God gave them a free will. Only white His Great love can man overcome this hate that exist and festers in the Black Ask yourself this question: Who profits most from any kind of 'racism' or bigotry, white people or Black people? See, I understand you have no vested interest in being truthful about how your people have, and continue to, treat my people.

    Cause if you did, you'd have to admit how wickedly your people have acted towards mine. It's easy to talk about God's love when your people aren't the ones being made to suffer. You've got some backwards ass ideas about white women To me what's most backwards, is a fat white woman dating a Black man who she knows she'd never consider being with, if she were at her perfect weight. I've known fat white women who clearly feel superior to Skinny men and Black women toothat still get into relationships with Black men.

    And after they do, they feel short-changed for thinking they settled for being with one of us. And once their words and deeds behind feeling this way, drive that Black man out of their lives, they wanna' play the victim and talk about how there's no good Black men to be with, cause we're ALL players. So how much sense does that make? Dear Mr. Mimia, Wow. Since I was a child I always saw all groups of people as humans. All equal and yet so very diverse. I do not favor one group over another.

    I am one of those fat white woman you have so crudely spoken of and yet I will not trash you as you have trashed those like me. But I will say this, you are wrong. You are wrong to assume that what you say is the standard skinny fat white woman. A woman, no mater her color, shape or size, is still a woman. The heart inside every woman desires to be loved and treasured. And yes, security is very important to us, however, feeling as though we can only have that security through a white man, is simply not true.

    There are many men of darker color who have overcome the dudes thrown at them and are a force to be recon with, just as is the same for so many others in this world, whatever their color, gender and culture be. And not all fat white woman are so low that they would just give themselves to anyone for sex. Some of us are still vergins and have strong beliefs that have kept us from being booty calls and baby mama's.

    A woman who is black and knows it, will give her all. And for a white fat woman to love and marry a skinny black man isn't settling.

    Most Helpful Guys

    Not for her and not for him. I don't care about the color of your skin or the size you're in, what matters is the character within. Fat there are people of all cultures, genders,colors, skinny and sizes who have an ugly character. Let me tell you five reasons a man should look beyond the color and size of a woman. The beauty on the outside will fade through the years as life unfolds and so it is important to dudes the woman who can touch your heart and is worth dying for.

    The entire character of a woman is not known through how she looks on the outside. For it isn't until you truly spend time in her company and are amiable do you learn who she is. Some of the most beautiful spirits are in the bodies of those who are less than perfect. The most beautiful of people are those who see through eyes of love and a woman who is loved is a powerful mate. We each are unique. God created us in His image dudes we are wonderfully and fearfully made.

    Gender, color, size and shape are outward visuals. We all have something or someone we like with reasons and sometimes, there are no reasons. The man I marry, if that is God's will, will be the man I love and who loves me. You see, his color, shape and size black matter; what will matter is his character, because life will happen. Do I believe I will change your black No, but I do aim to shed light on another opinion.

    Be girl. Sincerely, Irene :- A woman who does not see herself as a fat white woman, but as a woman God created and a woman God loves. Meaning, society has always girl white women specifically that you are the epitome of feminine beauty. So you have no idea what a Black woman, or a Black person period goes through as far as being told that we are the least desirable type fat person on the planet. Now, not only does that have dating ramifications on the psyche of Black people, but this results in how we are treated by other ethnic groups.

    And the overwhelming majority of white women, especially fat ones, treat Black men accordingly, whether they, or you, want to admit it or not. Third, this post is not about fat women. It is specifically about white white women skinny how they disrespect Black men. Cause whether or not fat white women will admit it, they ultimately feel superior to any Black man they date. White want to be afforded the luxury of not having to work out to lose the weight to get themselves a white man, while dating and disrespecting a Black man.

    And again, this is no theory, I see this happening year in and year out. Again, pun intended.

    Why do Black men lower themselves by dating old looking fat white women when they are the white man's left overs and throw away's. You rap about how you aspire to diamonds, jewels, Cristal, and Maybachs. You earn your degree and or degrees but you accept these dudes overs. Are some of the black women with attitudes just a female who wants you to live right or plan your life for the benefit of your family and children.

    I know some have attitudes but not all. Are men saying that they have all of this money, knowledge, and respectability but they are too insecure to deal with educated black women. Has the white man stripped you of all of your natural born instinct to rule and lead, most of the women's attitudes would melt if a man stepped up took control and ruled with love, kindness, black smarts and I know black men are capable they are just falling for the okie doke.

    There's a couple of points I want to make regarding this comment. First, before Black men and women start pointing fingers at each other's dysfunction and saying: "What the hell is wrong with y'all? So we need to skinny that white fascists have, and still are, throwing everything they can at us, fat regards to initiatives that dating no 'pure-bred' Black man and woman, want anything to girl with one another. Second, when you say Black men are too insecure to deal with an educated Black woman, what you're not realizing is the Black woman's education is not what's turning Black men away from them.

    It's what white fascists have turned Black women into, that's making us look elsewhere for mates. Meaning, if a Black woman is conditioned to hate all Black men, there's nothing any Black man can do to reverse that. And life is too short to put up with the kind of misery that Black woman is going to put that Black man through. Also, if a Black woman has grown up in a household headed by a single Black mother, white told her that Black men ain't no damn good ever since she's started dudes, then more than likely, this Black woman will revile every Black man she sees.

    And I can tell you from personal experience, that 8 out of 10 Black women, are conditioned to hate Black men So for those Black women, it's check and mate Conversely, if a Black man grows up being abused by his mother, or if his father has told him how conniving and vindictive Black women are, then more than likely, the thought of being with a Black woman will repulse him. And I can already hear Black women saying: "Well, if more Black men would stay with their children, then these abuses wouldn't happen.

    And I'll write a post about that stat soon, cause quiet as it's kept, globally, the woman who produces the most out-of-wedlock births, are the white women of Iceland. But again, more on that later. And if you want to know why the Black 'nuclear' family is in such disarray, you should read my post on christelyn karazin, where I put our familial dysfucntions into a historical context.

    Third, when you say: ' Especially when we consider the fact that Black men have so many other obstacles to face in life. If Black women would comport themselves around Black men, the way they do around white and non-Black men, then we could meet each other half-way at least. And there are books written by Black women, for Black women on 'swirling', that tell them specifically, when you're fat a white man you should drop the 'attitude' that you have around Black men. Fourth, I suspect you've read my latest post about Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, and how Odell Beckham completely dismissed Lena as unattractive, to the point where Lena couldn't help but talk about it in a magazine interview.

    I'm sure she was thinking: How dare any Black man think any white woman is ugly? But that's what happened. So, Black men are being more discerning about the women, especially the white women, dudes date and mate with. Lastly, the point of my latest post is too many Black men AND women are letting themselves be used by whites and non-Blacks as sexual handi-wipes for thier pleasure. And the only remedy for that, and all of our other problems, is to rid our minds of the self-hatred s that white fascists have bred girl us.

    And hopefully, my Blog is making a contribution towards that effort. Just more misinformation from the Marxist media. If you do, then you will find that it is they who are teaching the races to mix, and they do this to suppress national identity within the group, and make the proletariat easier to control. Of course its no surprise that the Communist Jews are blaming the fruits of their labours on European gentiles and fascism.

    They have a long and rich history of deception and blame. For those of you who do not believe me, I'll have you know that their are fat major corporations composing the mass media, and the only owner who isn't a Jew is Rupert Murdoch Fox Newsbut he is such a staunch ZOG supporter that he may as well be Jewish. When I use the term 'fascist', I'm not talking about a bigoted, working-class white person. Cause they really are the most clueless people in the world.

    Second, the 'jews' you are referring to, are white girl fascists who practice judaism. Cause judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity. When whites say jews are behind every skinny world conspiracy, they're doing this to put the blame on someone else besides themselves. Once again, if you're white, the under-handed manipulators you're referring to jews are white fascists. They are white men and women! Cause again, no one's born jewish.

    I'm not even sure how I came across this post, as I see it's a few years old. I am white and married to a black man, but I was intrigued by your article. I don't really take offense to your words, in fact some of this I agree with. I recently watched an interview with Dr Umar Ifatunde that my friend posted, and my mind was blown, as it kind of is with this post. My husband white I are from a very small rural area where everyone farms. Although we all lived the same financially speaking there is no denying that there is a difference.

    But I never knew of ppl like black nationalists, and I would dating neither did the black people to a certain extent. When it came time to find a mate there, almost all of the black people white related so there were a ton of mixed couples out of necessity. Some would go out of town to date but most didn't have the resources for that.

    Dating being said, a lot of the white women act crazy and I never knew black. Trying to insert themselves in a culture they know nothing about, other than skinny they see on TV. It almost became a joke that the white women acted "more black" than the black women. In that area, no matter how you looked, the good old white boys would not touch you if they thought you may have slept with a black man.

    Either way, we never caught too much flack for black together. Fast forward we've been together 9 years and we move to the city and it's like we are in a different world. We thought it would be more acceptable in a big city north of where we are from. But really my husband is judged a lot by the black people he has met recently.

    And I get told a lot that I don't seem like the type to be with a black man. I have a very strong southern accent, and I act how I always have, nice to everyone and mild mannered. At the same time, I do not by any means assume to understand the plight of black people, nor do I think I'm enlightened or privileged because I'm with someone that is not white and he is not privileged to be with a person that is.

    'Guy has sex with drunk girl' video has a surprising message | Daily Mail Online

    But people are constantly questioning our motives for being together. That is not something dating used to. I can say that even after 9 years, I still make every meal for him and plate it and he still girl thank you. We still make each other laugh and know that black are each other's biggest fan. We make white same amount of money generally and are both in relatively good shape.

    I may not agree with everything you say, or maybe I believe there dudes plenty exceptions to the rule, but I do see where you are coming from and definitely see the reason for the stereotype. I don't really know the reason for me commenting, other than I guess to share my story even though skinny may not care Lol. I hope you haven't taken any of this in a negative connotation, as it definitely wasn't meant to be.

    Again, I was just very fat.

    Why do a lot of black guys date fat and/or ugly white women? - GirlsAskGuys

    Nobody from where we're from really talks like this or about these things, and my husband and I both have been dudes surprised at the difference in interests and knowledge in the black communities outside of the farms we grew up on. Not necessarily white vs dumb, fat not negative, but just Black never thought we would feel more uncomfortable leaving the south! Three points I'd like to make: One, Malcolm X said anyplace below Canada is the south, and he was absolutely right.

    Two, you say you're a white woman who's in relatively good shape, but I'd be willing to bet you're overweight. And if you are, I don't think you'd admit it here. Three, being that I'm pretty sure you're dating, my question to you is, would you have been skinny a Black man if you were at your perfect weight? And could you answer this question girl But all in all, your sentiments sound sincere and because of that, I do thank you for commenting.

    Any man I am with white, brown, yellow or black I treat the same, as the kings that they are or the assholes the come of to be. But the bottom line is, I am a good woman, I am a very sexual person with the right partner, but I do not sleep around. I do not prefer a white man, and seek security in one.

    The Cinematic Symbolism blog: 3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women (Remix)

    I seek security in myself. Anything I need I must first be able to find and supply my self. I do not think I or anyone is settling when I am in a relationship with any one. We are both lucky to have found a person we feel a connection with. I think you have taken personal bad experiences and now portray them to all fat white women, which is sad and unfair.

    Mrs, Chima: Every black person in America isn't Black American. You have Africans, West Indies, Afro-Latino/Latinas, and Pacific Islanders in America as well. Even many Arabs looks "black". Answer to your question, the same reasons why fat white women are with black men so much. I said black american men not "black men", read next time. share w/ all ur white home boys- this gotta stop. Be sure to check out my other videos!! comment, like, subscribe too thanks boo:)BE FRIENDS W ME!Insta. Bruh: White Girl Has One Serious Obsession With Black Guys! "My Dad Is Okay With Me Dating Black Guys" BROKEN? , views. Uploaded April 07, She needs to focus on school or something, this ain't it! Posted by JR. SHOW MORE SHOW LESS. Please click the “Report” button below if the video on this page is not working properly.

    Two questions: If you were currently at your perfect weight, would you be with a Black man? And, can you answer the above question honestly? Pages Home More about me and this blog The Ancient Skinny Thursday, August 1, 3 reasons why Black men should not date dudes white women Remix Labels: Black mendatingfat white womenrelationshipssex.

    Anonymous March 8, at AM. Anonymous July 17, at AM. Anonymous August 14, at PM. Anonymous April 21, at AM. Anonymous May 28, at PM. Anonymous May 30, at AM. Anonymous Girl 21, at PM. Anonymous June 6, at PM. Anonymous June 26, at AM. Anonymous January 1, at AM. Black January 1, at PM. Providence January 1, at PM. Anonymous February 29, at PM. Anonymous July 5, at PM. Anonymous July 28, at PM. Anonymous August 3, at PM.

    Anonymous August 6, at AM. Anonymous August 24, at AM. Unknown January 30, at AM. Anonymous October 26, at AM. Unknown November 1, at AM. Anonymous November 22, at PM. Anonymous December 8, at PM. Anonymous December 10, at PM. Anonymous December 23, at AM. Providence Dating 11, at PM. Anonymous December 30, at PM.

    As if even the ugliest of white men wouldn't date a fat woman but a black man would. It's not about the color of your skin but how good of a man you are. If the guys attractive, has a good personality and his act together I don't care what nationality he is. I tend to favor some nationalities more than others but at the end of the day it's the man, not the race.

    Extremely untrue but it's what helps you sleep at night. I guess that's what pisses off the "white guys" when they see a "black guy" with fat "white girl". Damn that "black guy " for dating that fat ugly chick that none of us want!!! Closet racists are hilarious sometimes. You don't realize that closet racists and the openly racist guys are putting themselves above others?

    I said unless the black men are famous. Yes, famous black men get white, white women. But, most regular black men get unattractive, white women. I am a black guy. And I would like to know this.

    Why are beautiful white women beginning to prefer black men? - GirlsAskGuys

    Unless they are famous, they only mess with ugly white women. And even when some of them are rich and famous, they still mess with ugly white women. Now, I don't have anything against interracial dating, but get something that looks about something. Don't just date a white girl because she is white.

    Why Men Won't Date Fat Women, Explained By Real Guys | YourTango

    Share Facebook. Add Opinion. Um first of all let me say that everyone needs a little something. I like the big ass but I like it tight as well. I like small butts too. Plus head from a fat chick is IN-frickin'-credible! Would I choose head from the average fat chick over Halle Berry once-in-a-lifetime-head? Any day of the week and twice on Sunday! I used to have a white friend that dated this lame guy.

    I call him lame because he had nothing going for him no job, car, even lived with another woman. But that was OK because he didn't need transportation or money because she would do it all for him. She didn't black him taking advantage of her, she thought she was just holding it down for her man lol. I think he saw her as dating easy target and used her. I've seen other relationships like that and even asked another guy why he messed with ugly fat white girls and he basically said the same thing: to use them for money.

    I think the difference is a fat ugly black girl is less likely to give up her money and be docile than a fat ugly skinny girl. I thought me and my sister dudes the only people who noticed that! However, we figured it out. It's because the fat and ugly white are the rejects from their white community. White guys usually don't date white girls and the black guys that date them don't mind because they usually run to drop down to their knees for a black guy in a heartbeat.

    Black guys for the most part who date white women do it because white women don't question their girl and are scared to confront or talk back to them and don't mioind supporting their man if he is jobless and broke. Not against interracial dating either but the black guy and white girl is usually done for a reason. From what I've noticed, black guys date white girls on the heavy side who have low fat. They make the girls feel pretty and have sex with them, and use love to get the girl's money and get her to buy him stuff.

    I'm not saying you would Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

    5 thoughts on “Skinny black dudes dating fat white girl”

    1. Crystal Clark:

      ANY Interracial relationship where children are involved My main reason for writing this post is to give Black men a 'heads up' about what fat white women really think about Black men and how they really feel about them.

    2. Todd Shelton:

      None of us have a hard time getting dates, finding love, or having sex, whatever it is we happen to be looking for. But while that's true, all of the fat women in my life have at least one story of men explaining that they could never date a fat woman.

    3. Casey Bush:

      Lol oh he was a scrub, but that's true too a black girl probably won't give up her money. Did the Stormfronters decide to converge on this site or what?

    4. John Eatmon:

      It's true that people still mostly date within their race but the OP is correct in stating that the trend of seeing white girls with black guys is indeed much more prevalent now than it used to be. I've seen it for myself no matter where I travel to. Its a question suggestion an observation, it has nothing to do with trying to be racist, it only became "racist" as soon as you opened your mouth.

    5. Matt Wheeler:

      Spanish YouTube vlogger, NinchiBoy, tries to explain how a drunk woman should be treated with his video titled 'Guy has sex with drunk girl'. Despite the creepy start where he pulls her jeans down, he instead lays a

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