So suave guide to women and dating

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so suave guide to women and dating

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  • The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating
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  • (PDF) Sosuave guide to women | Paulo Monteiro -

    And they look unemotional. Real smiles, on the other hand, are slower to form, and slower to disappear. They're fueled by emotions and emotions do not change instantly. They involve the whole face. They utilize more facial muscles, especially those around the eyes. They look sincere. Thus, you have to learn to fake a real smile. By faking, I simply mean a smile that you can put on whenever you want.

    A smile that you can control. A smile which is not completely dependent on your emotional state. After all, you may not be feeling all that wonderful when the girl of your dreams walks by. So you practice slowly forming a smile You have to train the muscles of your face to do this. It's not hard, but it does take practice.

    We're talking about slow relative to a fake smile.

    Sosuave guide to women. Paulo Monteiro. f Welcome! Hello and welcome to The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating. I am happy to see you here! I promise I will not waste your time in this ebook. I have kept this guide short and simple. I have included only the most powerful girl-gettin' tips. In addition, all of the included tips are myuri.coted Reading Time: 8 mins. The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating by Dating Expert. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking “The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating” as Want to Read: Want to Read. saving.4/5. Here is an easy, almost foolproof method to meet women when out and about. Try it! Keep reading Never Try to Manipulate a Woman Into Liking You. Trying to control and manipulate women is always a losing strategy. Your best bet is to focus on authenticity and to transform yourself into a man who naturally attracts women. Keep reading.

    We're not talking about slow motion. If you're looking in a mirror, you'll be able to tell when you get it right. And the payoff for your practice and "hard work" will be enormous. Think about top professional models or top professional actors. They've learned how to fake smiles. Their smiles look real. And they can unleash them anytime they want. A magazine cover, a TV interview, the public, their fans.

    The world is literally at their mercy. And when you learn to smile You've stopped in at a local restaurant to grab something to eat with one of your buddies. An unbelievably cute waitress skips up to take your order. You unleash your smile. Watch her face light up. Watch the special treatment you receive. Watch your buddy turn green with envy. You're standing in line at the grocery store. There's a very beautiful, yet very tired-looking girl at the register. Watch her whole personality change.

    She suddenly feels like talking. Do you think she'll remember you? Unleash your new smile at the office. Unleash it at a local bar. Unleash it at the gym. Unleash it anywhere there are beautiful women dating like to meet. Think of it as and magic wand. Think and it as the secret that you know that most guys don't — the secret to being guide completely irresistible to women.

    But I know some of you reading this are doubtful Yeah, right! Follow the instructions above, practice your smile, and then see what happens. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another, but I'm confident that smiling will work wonderfully — magically — for almost all of you. For more detailed info on smiling and creating women first impression check out these articles and links.

    So pay very close attention. You don't really know her, but you're pretty sure she's a Goddess You exchanged glances in Chemistry, had a few brief conversations after class, and even bumped into her at the mall. Talk about fate! You KNOW you want her. There's no doubt about it. The question now becomes, "Does she want you?

    You saw her leave with another guy after class She flirted with you last week, even touched women shoulder Does she like you? How can you tell? You really need to know this before you begin the "pursuit" don't you? Does She Like Me? Perhaps the most common question posed on the SoSuave Discussion Forum concerns "reading women" and trying to figure out whether they like you or not.

    The poster usually describes his situation, what he did, what she did, and then asks, "Does this mean she likes me? Definitely a question in need of an answer. Okay, here's the best answer you're probably ever going to get and what you need to remember She won't because your worry and your obsession with what she thinks of you will actually push her away. Let me try to explain. She smiled at you — she didn't smile at you. She emailed you — she didn't email you.

    She returned your call — she didn't return your call. Confusion, frustration, and anxiety result. This obsession with her behaviors and their meanings will paralyze you, confuse you, and suck every ounce of confidence you dating from your body. You will become a Blithering Blob of Insecurity. And women, in general, are not attracted to Blithering Blobs of Insecurity. So are you wrong to be confused by women? Absolutely NO! Always have been and always will be.

    That's just the way they are. Especially when it comes to romance, women seem suave inconsistent in their behaviors. One minute you're convinced you're the man of her dreams, and the next she seems to be unaware of your existence. One minute she's flirting, and smiling, and rubbing up against you, and the next minute she's gone, left without even saying "bye. Now, no one knows exactly why women give off such mixed signals and deliberately, it seems, attempt to confuse guide.

    Some suspect it's those magazines they read. Others think it has to do with the secret bathroom conferences they hold. Still others propose that their illogical behaviors are due to the wacky hormones they have surging throughout their bodies. The cause is relatively unimportant. You just have to accept it, and plot your strategy to deal with it.

    Just Say No So, given the inconsistencies of female romantic behavior, attempting to read women and figure out what they're thinking, is, at best, an incredibly frustrating experience. So don't do it. Don't even attempt it. Suave say NO to "reading" women! What's your strategy?

    SoSuave Hall of Fame - Great Tips for Meeting and Dating Women

    After all, they may be confusing, illogical, and somewhat annoying, but you still wanna get you one. Assume that she likes you and would like to get to know you better. Assume that she's physically attracted to you. Assume the positive Assuming the negative will kill any chances you might have with her. Pessimists, my friend, are not chick magnets. Benefits of Assuming She Likes You Now there are many exciting benefits of adopting this attitude of assuming that women you like also like you For one, if you refuse to obsess about all the little "signs" she's giving you, whether they be good signs or bad signs, you will feel more relaxed, calm, and confident.

    Attempting to read her will only lead to confusion, frustration, and anxiety. And this will make you more tense when she's around, and thus, less likely to be the charming, charismatic Don Juan that you'd like to be. And you also won't be wasting your time trying to figure out what guide thinking You'll be able to devote your mental brainpower to something more useful and productive.

    Secondly, if you just assume that she likes you, then you will actually increase the probability that she eventually WILL like you. This is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy, and is a well- documented phenomenon in psychological research. This means is that if you have a "she likes me" attitude, then you'll project positive, optimistic behaviors and thoughts. She'll pick up on women and If, on the other hand, you have a "she doesn't like me" attitude, you'll project negative, pessimistic behaviors and thoughts.

    She'll, likewise, pick up on these and And if you and a "confused does she like me" attitude, then you'll project tense, anxiety-ridden behaviors and thoughts that will decrease the probability of her liking you Isn't it easier to relax around people who are relaxed themselves? And third, the attitude of just assuming that she likes you, rather than worrying about whether she does or not, allows you to maintain control of the situation If you are obsessing about the signs and allow the signs to control your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, then you have given her complete control of the situation.

    And complete control over you! If she's GOOD to you, you're happy. If she's BAD to you, you're sad. If she wants to encourage you, she can throw out a few positive signals. If she wants to discourage you, she can throw out a few negative signals. Your happiness is under her control Not the position that a Don Juan likes to be in. Not the position that you want to be in. However, if you just assume that suave likes you and treat her accordingly, and refuse to be controlled by all the little signs and signals and confusing behavior, you take charge of the situation.

    You have decided that you like her. And you have decided that she likes you And you act accordingly. You exude confidence. You're relaxed. The poor girl won't stand a chance up against that aura! Okay, so you agree that obsessing about a particular girl and whether or not she likes you is not in your best interest. It will turn you into a Blithering Blob of Insecurity, decrease the probability that she will like you, and give her complete control over your happiness.

    Controlling Your Thoughts So what do you do when those obsessive thoughts start to take over your mind? I mean, after all, she dating a Goddess, right? Here's one simple little mental trick that might help you Whenever those obsessive "does she like me" thoughts start to take over your mind, even if they're the good ones, mentally grab them with your hands, throw them down on the floor, and step on them.

    Then remind yourself that obsessing about her is not in your best interest, that it will suck away your confidence, and actually decrease the probability that you'll eventually get her.

    The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating by Dating Expert

    At this point you want to take a deep breath You are able to relax. You gain confidence. And you take charge of your life. You become Alpha.

    The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating

    For more detailed information on how to think and how to act and how to take charge of your life, check out the following great articles and links. Shockingly, you are going to find that this is quite easy But as soon as they meet someone that they are attracted to, they turn into a nervous, quivering, degenerative wreck. They get upset, angry at themselves, and even depressed.

    They feel that their nervousness is holding them back and preventing them from expressing who they and are So the question very frequently pops up Both strategies work fine, as far as they go. But personally, I think there is Not only will you not feel nervous, but you'll also benefit from enjoying the sensations of infatuation, while learning dating use those feelings to your advantage in attracting women. The first and most important thing you need to and, is that being nervous around a woman that you're attracted to isn't necessarily a BAD thing.

    In fact, it's actually quite a GOOD thing. It's something to be happy about, something to relish Guide about that for a second. If she's having this kind of effect on you, if her mere presence is enough to make dating sweat like a pig and utter completely nonsensical phrases, she must be pretty dadgum special! This is wonderful. This is awesome.

    This is not the type of thing you should be depressed about and trying to fight. A Women Mistake Yet most guys interpret their nervousness negatively. They mistakenly think that the anxiety and nervousness that they experience whenever an amazing woman is around, is something that women be eliminated. Something that must be overcome. Something that true Suave Juans never experience. This is a completely harmful and negative way of thinking. I mean, wouldn't it be boring if you never met any woman who made you feel this way?

    If you never met any woman who made you anxious, nervous, and babble like an idiot? If you just felt your normal, comfortable, relaxed dating around all women? No, the women you WANT guide the ones who make you weak in the knees. The ones who make you nervous, sweaty, and whose mere presence is enough to drive you crazy.

    Yes, these are the women that make life worth living. So remember, suave "nervous" is a GOOD guide and a sign that you've met an amazing woman How Exciting! The second thing you need and realize, is that your nervousness may not be nervousness at all. In fact, what it actually is I mean, this is an incredible woman, right?

    Drop-dead gorgeous, charming, intelligent, funny. Maybe the woman of your dreams, the one you'll marry and live "happily ever after" with. Sounds like a pretty good reason to be excited to me. Remember this important fact: our emotions differ from one another mainly in suave we interpret them, not in any type of distinct physiological state associated with them. Thus, the state of physiological arousal which accompanies a feeling of nervousness is pretty much the same state of physiological arousal which accompanies a feeling of excitement.

    The only real difference between the two is that in one situation we're telling ourselves that we're nervous a bad thingand in another situation we're telling ourselves that we're excited a good thing. And if you think about it logically, there's absolutely no reason to feel bad nervous when you're around a magnificent woman. But there are a whole heck of a lot of reasons to feel good excited when she's around.

    You simply need to direct your mind to the desired emotional response.

    Why do Women Join Dating Sites for Friends? | SoSuave Discussion Forum

    So feel the emotions. Don't fight them. Feel the excitement within you, the adrenaline surging throughout your veins, and rather than thinking Why can't I relax? I'm going to say something stupid and blow it again.

    so suave guide to women and dating

    What a magnificent woman! I definitely need to get dating know her better. Excited is good, right? Channel That Energy and Excitement Now the third and final thing you need to do is to channel those "excited" feelings into behaviors and personality traits that women will find attractive. And the great thing is, once you've completed the first two steps above, the attractive behaviors and traits will appear automatically.

    Believe it or women, that excitement you're feeling will actually help to make you more attractive to women. The excitement will come dating in your attitude, your voice, and your body language. You'll ooze enthusiasm and energy You will then have a tremendous advantage in attracting this woman AND setting yourself apart from all the other guys. The cool, suave guys who never get nervous and who always seem relaxed around women will seem boring compared to you.

    And all you really suave was to recognize that she was guide magnificent woman, let yourself feel the excitement within you, and then channeled those feelings into energetic enthusiasm. So simple! What guide could possibly resist? Bonus Material Most guys struggle with feelings of nervousness and anxiety when around women they are attracted to.

    But and you know a simple way of bottling that nervous energy and using it positively with women. Are you excited? For more great info on dealing with nerves and anxiety check out suave articles and links. You know how to attract women like a magnet — by smiling. You project confidence because you no longer obsess about women and try to read their minds. At this point you probably have a woman or multiple women chasing you around, calling you all the time, wanting to be with you.

    So let's talk about how to KEEP a women interested in you and you have her. There is nothing worse than getting dumped by a woman that you really, really like.

    Hundreds of Free Articles on Meeting, Attracting, and Dating Women - Tips and Advice

    Chapter 5 How to Keep a Woman Interested In You If you want to keep your suave, and not be cast upon the broken- hearted heap of lovers she's left behind, you must get her invested in your relationship. It doesn't matter how good-looking you are, how romantic you are, how funny you are If she doesn't have something invested in you and the relationship, preferably QUITE A LOT invested, she'll dump you, suave even the slightest hesitation, as soon as someone a little more "interesting" comes along.

    And I hate to break it to you, friend, but there's always someone a little more "interesting" just around the corner. So what exactly do we mean by getting her to invest in your women Think about a Vegas slot machine Imagine your girl slowly approaching it, and it for a moment, tentatively sitting down, then popping a coin in and pulling the handle. The odds being what they are, she doesn't win and So she tries again In fact, the more she "invests" in this machine, the harder it will be for her to get up and walk away.

    Because she's convinced that if she keeps at it, keeps pulling that handle, eventually she's going get what she wants. Now if her girlfriend came up to her after she'd put only a coin or two in the machine and said, "Let's go. Wayne Newton's coming on in half an hour. Well, in the Dating Casino of Life, you are the slot machine. And it's your job, as a successful and happy Don Juan, to keep your lady pumping those coins guide — and upping her investment in you — so that as soon dating Wayne Newton, or some other hairy-butted diversion comes along, she won't be tempted to take off and check out his show.

    Okay, so suave that you realize the power of investing, the question becomes: how do we up her investment in the relationship so she's not tempted to leave us as soon as something, or someone, a little more interesting comes along? Let's focus on three critical areas. You must get her to invest effort into your relationship.

    Don't always be the one putting yourself out for her. Don't always be the one putting all the effort and work into the relationship. Let her, and expect her, to treat you as well as you treat her, and to improve the quality of your life. Let her make you dinner occasionally. Ask her to pick you up, or to drive when the two of you go out. Tell her your shoulders are sore, and "a massage sure would feel good right now.

    And — I and to point this out — it should Women be difficult to get her to do these things for you. You don't have to trick her dating force her to do anything. In fact, if she really likes you, she will offer, and actually enjoy, doing things for you. And if she doesn't suave or enjoy doing things for you, then she's only in the relationship for what she can get out of it, and what she can get out dating you.

    And that, needless to say, would not be a good deal for you. You do deserve a little better than that, don't guide Let her pay for dinner once in a while, or buy the movie tickets, or pick up the pizza on her way over and you don't pay her back. You should not be paying for everything. She should be paying for quite a lot actually.

    And this has nothing to do with this being the 21st century, and women being equal to men, and making just as much money, and blah blah blah. This has to do with upping her investment in you and decreasing the probability that she will move onto someone else as soon as you do something just a little bit annoying. You don't always insist on paying for dinner when you go out, or the concert tickets, or the drinks, or whatever. You let her women if she offers, or you subtly prompt her to pay if she doesn't offer.

    When the subject of your birthday comes up, you don't say, "Oh, you don't have to get me anything. Being with you is present enough. Money, money, money. What's the point of her having it if she can't spend it on you? Time, in this instance, means that you and her guide do things that YOU want and do.

    You don't always do exactly what women wants. Once in a while, you insist on going to your favorite restaurant, or to the ballgame, or out with your idiotic, obnoxious friends. There's NO investment of time on her part if you're guide doing things that she wants to do. Heck, if you weren't around, she'd probably be doing those same things with someone else.

    It's only an investment if it's something that she doesn't want to do or wouldn't normally do if you weren't around which doesn't necessarily mean she won't enjoy it. Let's say that you and her go to the auto show, which bores her. Then to your favorite restaurant, which never has anything she likes to eat. Then to the dating, where you watch the latest Schwarzenegger flick she hates Schwarzenegger.

    Are you dating to enjoy yourself? Is she going to enjoy herself? Probably not. Is she going to complain while you're out? Is she going and call her girlfriend up the next day and rip you guide shreds? You bet. Is this evening — which on the surface looks like a very, very bad idea — going to increase or decrease suave attraction toward you? Well, if it's the first or second date, you're history. Sayonara, Baby. Don't call her cause she won't be calling you.

    But if it's the 5th date, or the 10th date, or the 30th date, it might actually work to your advantage. Because you've gotten her to invest some of her precious time into your relationship. You essentially upped your VALUE in her eyes by showing her that, if she wants you, she has to occasionally do things that you like to do.

    If she wants to hang with you, it's going to cost her something — time, effort, money. A Big Mistake You Probably Make But this attitude is completely contrary to that of most guys when entrenched within the thralls of a Goddess. The standard reply on date night is, women don't care.

    A Little Feedback...

    Whatever you want to do is fine with me. He's happy just to be with her. He doesn't really care what they do as long as they do it together. This is a mistake! If you're always doing what she wants to do, if you're always paying for everything, if you're always putting out all the effort, she will still have, weeks or months down the road, nothing invested in you. And as soon as you get a little annoying, or as soon as someone else comes along a little less annoying, she'll be gone After all, you treated her like gold, did everything for her, spent a fortune on her, and she threw you out like smelly garbage.

    Happens all the time. The guys who treat their women like goddesses and put themselves out to try to keep her as happy as possible, without expecting anything in return, invariably GET BURNED. Let me repeat the key point in that sentence just so you don't miss it — without expecting anything in return.

    Thanks - Check Your Email

    You must expect her to treat you as well as you treat her. Now logically, one would think that women would love the "goddess" treatment. The novice Don Juan usually guide this is the way to win a woman's heart. And there are numerous relationship books which will tell you the same thing. But as we're dealing with women, not Vulcans, our strategy must be a little different You were an interesting diversion while she had nothing else to do.

    But now that someone a little more valuable has come along, someone who expects her to treat him very well, she'll have no problem at all "forgetting" you or demoting you to lowly "friendship" status. On the other hand, what women, in her mind, when you get her to invest effort, money, and time into your relationship?

    Well, on a conscious level she may find herself somewhat annoyed once in a while — spending money, doing things she doesn't want to do, etc. But on a non-conscious level, she's looking at all the things she's doing for suave, all the money she's spent on you, and all the times she's done things with you that she really didn't want to do, and she's thinking, "WOW!

    What a man! Thank you soooooooooo much. After reading and email with the phone tips, I was like it's officially dating to become a fan and fullfledged supporter.

    Aug 10,  · Aug 9, # Georgepithyou said: In my opinion women who do this should be banned, its like those that go on just to advertise their Instagrams. Dating apps are losing paying customers because of the frustration it causes. Bumble literally has a part of the app dedicated to making friends so women have no excuse. Visit more great tips on meeting, dating, and attracting women. Don't Talk So Much So key number one is don't talk so much! Try not to monopolize the conversation and try to LISTEN to what she has to say. Remember, everyone is incredibly interested in what they themselves have to say. Here is an easy, almost foolproof method to meet women when out and about. Try it! Keep reading Never Try to Manipulate a Woman Into Liking You. Trying to control and manipulate women is always a losing strategy. Your best bet is to focus on authenticity and to transform yourself into a man who naturally attracts women. Keep reading.

    These tips help with all kinds of things, not just women. You really helped me out man. For the first time in my life, I was able to hold a meaningful conversation with a beautiful woman. I used the "butterflies in your stomach means you're excited" method and we've been talking for about 8 days straight. It's been a great confidence booster being able to make eye contact and have a meaningful and interactive conversation with a 10 while other guys around keep taking extra glances.

    Appreciate the help man, keep up women great work and I hope there can be many others like me who can grow from this. Your emails are changing me. In the past week or so I've dating able to attract at least four women. Keeping the conversation going is still a little tough. But I'll get there. I have more confidence in myself. And its also improving non intimate relationships. Thank you. Your letters are invaluable.

    That was absolutely excellent. Also excellent was the article last week about happiness attracting women. Thank you for being articulate and writing these, and emailing them suave. I forward many of these emails guide my guy friends that need them, and I also use them to improve my own understanding and my game. I love reading your posts and website. I had suave laugh along with you I could hear it in your writing about JBY and also the extent to which we women go to self-improve ourselves.

    What you women is so very true. I love it when a man is on a self-improvement journey, it really shines through and separates himself from the pack! I think it also speaks to "self esteem" and guide they feel about really being with a woman. Just wanted to thank you for your emails and posts.

    I always seem to learn something or am reminded about what it is that draws me to some men or not. Allen, I just had to write you and thank you so much for writing this article. This article has changed my entire being in just the moment I read it. You are so right, it is so true. All the beautiful women I've gotten have been because I smiled a lot. They all later told me how much they loved my smile. I've had a lot of trouble and attracting the right women, and I'll be honest, I haven't been smiling a lot.

    Just thank you so much for writing this and making this available. It's changed my life right now. This little tidbit you just dropped and about keeping her, has been a little bit of gold for me. It has had twofold benefits for me. She has actually agreed with me, and without my even asking has bought me some very expensive cologne and been super affectionate to let me know that she "gets it". I love this woman and have for some time now, and wanted you to know that your newsletter has helped me tremendously, and for free!

    More than any of the other "gurus' have. They all talk about dating and getting the girls, but no one talks about what dating do once you get them.

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