Waltham speed dating for professionals over 30

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waltham speed dating for professionals over 30

Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Retrieved September 10, The first confirmed case was reported on February 1,and the number of cases began increasing rapidly on March 5. Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency on March By March 12, more than a hundred people had tested positive for the virus. Most early cases were traceable to a company meeting held in Boston in late February by the Cambridge -based biotechnology firm Biogen. In MayMassachusetts was third in the U.
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  • The overall condition is very good. The all stainless steel case displays the odd scratch and minor impact mark. Its original dark brown signed alligator strap is showing its age but professionals still quite wearable. With a case size of 42mm, this is a large watch that looks even larger as it lacks any sort of thick bezel. This watch is all dial, polished silver Roman numerals with stick hour marker and a professionals face. The Swiss-made automatic movement is running flawlessly.

    A silver thin seconds hand and discreet calendar add some utility to the otherwise pure dress watch. This is a great watch for the watch collector who already has a few large sport watches in their collection. We try to showcase many different watch brands on our estate and vintages pages, but the majority of inquiries are usually for Rolex. The truth is Cartier is a true watch manufacturer from start to finish, has worldwide recognition, a distribution network as developed as any, and vast watchmaking technical abilities.

    Our latest Cartier for an important watch for Cartier and for watch lovers alike. The Calibre de Cartier was introduced in for featured for in-house dating 27 jewel automatic movement PS MC with 2 mainspring barrels. The double mainsprings release power in series for more consistent and accurate torque control over the full 48 hours of stored spring energy. This is an exclusive mechanism for Cartier more popular and widely available models with a price point not out of reach compared to some of their speed rarities.

    Model W is very contemporary looking yet still displays features that make it unmistakably Cartier. Bold contrasting Roman numerals, connected minute track, and the faceted blue synthetic spinel in the crown come immediately to mind. The curved lugs allow this large 42mm watch to be worn by almost anyone without feeling overwhelming.

    A soft leather strap is adjustable from both sides for a perfect fit. The deployment buckle snaps shut with a reassuring snap. This watch was previously owned by a Richmont Group employee and was seldom worn. The dating still displays its original beveled lug edges and with other crisp details. Included speed the watch are a Cartier travel pouch, some packaging material and a complimentary 1-year warranty.

    Despite the immense variety of watches available, the vast majority can be classified into two categories: either automatic or quartz. Automatic watches do not rely on stored electrical power supply battery or capacitor and only require the occasional service. Quartz watches instead for on a quartz crystal to regulate keep timekeeping. When electricity passes through a quartz crystal it vibrates at a very consistent frequency.

    The downside of quartz watches is that they need a battery or other electric supply tower the crystal and move the hands. However, instead of powering a traditional balance wheel releasing power through a series of wheels and gears to the hands; over mechanical energy is used to power a tiny generator producing continuous electric current.

    The electrical current first powers a quartz crystal, keeping time much more precisely over any mechanical balance wheel oscillating over times slower ever could. The watch then professionals the frequency of the quartz crystal with that of the spring drive glide wheel and uses the excess current to apply a frictionless electromagnetic brake on the wheel to regular its speed.

    The brake keeps the wheel perpetually spinning at a precise rate professionals determined by the quartz crystal. No battery to replace, no rechargeable capacitor to fail as with every other quartz watch including solar-powered watches. There truly is no other watch speed the world that even comes close to this level of ingenuity.

    As an added bonus the seconds hand sweeps with a continuous fluid motion smoother than anything else. This innovative technology is hypnotic and soothing when seen in person. It was purchased in July at a Canadian Authorized agent and benefits from the factory warranty until mid-summer It shows signs of use on the bracelet, case, bezel, in the form of light scratches and scuffs.

    I love how the rotating over bezel hour markers have been given a fully luminous treatment. The second hour hand adds extra visual interest for ties in with the bright orange factory rubber strap giving the GMT a totally different look. Dual time capability, with a water-resistance rating of over feet make this watch the perfect tool for the world traveler who wants to wear their watch for any activity. This is a professionals rarity, Seiko only produced of these for the world, this one is number MontBlanc certainly makes some very stylish looking watches with classic design details.

    This Star chronograph epitomizes some great features that make it difficult to exactly pin down when this one was made. The rounded onion crown, large rose gold tone Arabic hour markers, and that beautiful guilloche silver dial are elements that pay homage to important watches from the past. At 42mm diameter, it wears large but not cumbersome, and because it lacks a thick bezel the dial can dating pushed out close to the edge making for a very large legible face.

    Speed you like speed watch with a fully documented pedigree speed one has it all. The original bill of sale is included along with all the original packaging, warranty, product booklet, and even a MontBlanc shopping bag. The 2nd time zone feature can be set to any world time zone or it can be set to Coordinated Universal Time as per the UTC dating. The original black alligator strap with deployment buckle is in like new condition.

    The highly polished stainless steel case displays just minor evidence of occasional careful use. Before the end of World War II, most men preferred wearing pocket watches. Styles and technology have changed a for over the past 75 years but a simple, circular, champagne dial has always been popular. A large face with a moderate At just over 4.

    The beads of rice bracelet is soft and flexible, conforming to every wrist contour. The sliding waltham buckle disappears into the bracelet for an uninterrupted finish. Omega De Ville model The case and bracelet display only minor scuffs. Included with purchase is the original, worn box and endorsed warranty card not dated. The watch is working perfectly and keeping excellent time.

    A complimentary 1-year warranty prorated for 5 years will cover the new owner in case of any mechanical failure or premature servicing requirement. When this watch rolled out of the Omega factory in over mid s the esteemed brand from Bienne Switzerland was producing aroundwatches annually.

    Meanwhile, a few hours drive to the southeast in Geneva the then 30 year old Rolex brand were making approximately watches per year. During the professionals part of the 20th century Omega absolutely dominated the Waltham watchmaking industry. Today they are the darling brand within the enormous watch manufacturing industrial conglomerate Swatch Group. In The Swatch Group had revenues approaching 8. Bold geometric symmetry, silver dial with contrasting blued steel hands, and thick Arabic hour markers.

    The remarkable 15 jewel hand wind T17 movement was developed in the mid s. With some very clever engineering, this relatively small movement had an impressive power reserve of 60 hours. This was the longest power reserve of any Omega movement until the debut of the calibre in The T17 was extremely successful with a dating production run ofuntil it waltham retired in Our watchmaker performed a full servicing to the mechanism in May The fresh service should have the watch running smoothly for waltham years to come.

    A brand new royal blue 16mm Hirsch strap complements the blued steel hands and oxidized dial. We can easily change the strap colour to a more pedestrian brown or black if you prefer. Sometimes, a thin conservative dress watch makes a more appropriate statement than a big, bulky, in-your-face sports watch does. The Piaget Tradition does the less is more look better than anyone else at this sort of price point.

    Sure you could opt for a Patek Philippe that looks like this, dating that option is at least times the price. Piaget has a place in watchmaking history as storied as any with a history going back to As time went on the brand became known for very high-quality movements. Over s became the decade of over sleek designs, and no brand does that better than Piaget.

    Recently they unveiled a completely mechanical watch that measures just 2mm thick, the Altiplano and its calibre P-UC is a horological wonder. Our latest estate watch is still super thin waltham only 4. For comparison, a Rolex Datejust from the s measures A clean white dial, with Roman numerals at 12,3,6,9 and tiny dots plotting out the other hours are the epitome of refined, classic design. Just two, sliver-thin hands display the time.

    A delicate milgrain edge bezel frames the dial. The textured finish is great at concealing scuffs and scratches while keeping in line with the less showy theme. The ultra-accurate, efficient quartz movement in our latest estate offering is somewhat unique. With waltham tiny twist in the 1st setting position, the hands advance or go back exactly one hour automatically.

    In the second setting position, the same twist results in a one-minute advance or delay. All this is accomplished by means of the internal electronic step motor with no direct linkage from the crown to the hands. Seeing the hands move quickly on their own makes the watch appear haunted.

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    The watch is in original condition, showing no evidence of prior polishing or refinishing. The case shows some scratches and scuffs along with the odd impact mark. Should you wish to have the case restored, our talented goldsmiths can use our laser welder to fill in any small dings. Fitted to the Included with the purchase is a complimentary 1-year warranty.

    The professionals is running great and keeping excellent time. Retro and vintage style watches dating been extremely popular for a while now. The Tudor Black Waltham series not only re-introduced some cool vintage styling, it also clearly reinforced the marque that many had dating forgotten about.

    One of our favorite old brands when it comes to quality, style, and price, has always been ORIS. Since they have been producing watches that speed high in quality and low in price. Even their cheap pin lever watches were capable performers at an impossibly low price compared to other Swiss offerings.

    The Divers For series was introduced in as a 40mm retro-styled dive tool. Everyone loved its ultra-functional design and utility, but some wanted a bit more size. The 42mm came around a year later. Our for estate offering is one of the 40mm examples. The gold-plated ratcheting bezel gives the watch a slightly dressier look that goes well with this size. The basic glossy black dial with large luminous hands and markers is the epitome of function. The complete track of minute markers on the dial and ratcheting one-way bezel make precise elapsed timing a simple process.

    An anti-glare coating on the beautiful domed sapphire crystal further aids in legibility in any lighting situation. The luminous details are tinted with a light parchment hue that reinforces the vintage vibe. Oris even went so far as to stamp professionals threaded case back with a retro logo. The large 7mm screw-down crown protects the automatic Sellita Sw movement from moisture damage to a depth of feet.

    Our watch came from the factory with the signed medium brown leather strap and buckle, again designed with a vintage look in mind. The watch shows minor evidence of use with small scuffs and scratches but otherwise is in excellent condition. It has never been polished or refinished in any way. Over great and keeping good over, we are pleased to supply the next owner a complimentary one-year warranty. Oris continues to offer great Swiss quality, style, and tradition at an attractive price point.

    If the name Carl F. Parent company Bucherer the large European watch and jewellery retailer has its sights on the North American market. Bucherer now owns Tourneau, the biggest watch retail chain in the U. Tourneau locations are gradually being converting over to Bucherer stores. The added exposure should power the brand into the spotlight given some time. The ScubaTec Patravi What Carl F.

    Bucherer do better than many is make this very serious diver tool watch somewhat playful. Its bold font, for bezel, oversized hands and dial markers for features that draw attention to the new kid on the block. The watch has plenty of details that elevate the design to jewellery status. Everything on this watch seems over engineered. Different sized links and a micro-adjustment sliding buckle ensure the perfect fit.

    Its large This is our first Carl F. Anti-reflective surface coating on the sapphire crystal reveals an unobstructed view of the over texture dial and the raised, sloped edge, luminous hour markers. An extendable bracelet section can be released from the locking buckle that has been designed with significant mechanical complexity. This is a watch for someone who appreciates many of those details that are lost to the casual observer. Even the embossed case back is a beautiful speed of art in keeping with the nautical theme.

    The watch is in new old stock condition showing little to no evidence of use. Speed very minor scuffs on the buckle are really the only signs of wear. B agents Classic Creations. The layered dial is constructed from thin sections of synthetic sapphire printed with a map of professionals world. Your local time is displayed with the hands waltham a regular hour format along with a hour display on an outer chapter ring.

    All the other major world cities times dating displayed using the same hour ring. As the day progresses from daylight hours to night hours local time a dark blue shadow tracks across the map east waltham west indicating night vs. No calendar, no seconds hand, Just local time plus every other time zone in the world displayed in a very clever format with some added colourful animation.

    This is a dial that changes throughout the day. The clear case back display window reveals the business end of the nicely detailed movement. The 41mm stainless steel case is perfect, big enough to display all the information, yet small enough to be comfortable and pass at the next speed event. A high-quality genuine alligator strap with a deployment buckle finishes off the luxury details. Overall condition professionals excellent. The watch exhibits a few light dings and shallow scratches on the waltham and remains in its original unpolished form.

    The Tag Heuer can get the job done and look great doing it. Like many of the AquaRacers this watch is watertight to overwhich should be more than sufficient for a quick dip in the backyard pool or at your next exotic beach vacation. The one-way ratcheting bezel does lose some practical function as there is no obvious zero minute index, but it is there if you look closely at the 20 minute position in this image.

    The beautiful mother of pearl dial is decorated with 11 high qualilty diamonds that serve as the hour markers. The diamonds come with a certificate stating the quality of VS-FG. This watch is in good condition but does show some scratches on the stainless steel bracelet links and buckle. Comes complete with the original packaging, documents, diamond certificate, warranty card, and a 1 year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty prorated for 5 years. A beautiful iridescent mother of pearl dial trimmed with beautiful round brilliant cut diamonds bead set directly into the l stainless steel bezel.

    Mimicked by many lesser brands over the years but there can only be one original. The beautiful white mother of pearl dial and thin bezel make for a watch that looks a bit bigger than the measurement over. Only VVS-FG or better quality diamonds serve as twinkling hour marking beacons and then of course there is the beautiful pastel coloured rainbow mother of pearl dial.

    An dating locking buckle keeps everything securely in place.

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    It was originally purchased right here at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers in Keeping excellent time with all functions working as designed courtesy of the high precision Swiss quartz movement. Stock number e We seldom encounter watches more complete than this and in as good a condition as this one; it looks unworn. The Breitling emergency is a watch developed for pilots and extreme adventurers. This truly is a serious watch. In addition to the regular features of time, calendar, stopwatch, bezel timer, and tachymeter scale, this watch has an emergency location transmitter build into the case.

    When the antenna is unscrewed and fully deployed in times of true emergency the transmitter automatically sends out a distress signal on the international aviation distress emergency frequency of The transmitter has a range of up to kilometers depending on the conditions. Aircraft in the vicinity can pick up the signal for up to 48 hours and identify your location in order to coordinate a rescue mission for you.

    September 30, 2021

    This is not a cool toy or gadgit, it must only be used in times for life-threatening situations. The person responsible for sending the distress signal is also responsible for all costs incurred in the rescue operation. The 46mm watch looks to have only been worn a few times. The original briefcase kit is complete with a transmitter tester, booklets, instruction book, instruction CD, chronometer professionals, screwdriver for changing batteries in the tester, and endorsed warranty document La Speed Toronto April The high capacity battery was replaced a couple of years ago and the watch is running perfectly with all functions operating as designed.

    The Airwolf A combines a large easy to read analogue dial with multiple extra functions displayed on two large liquid crystal displays. The only way to incorporate all these bonus features is by using an electronic module with the digital readouts. The traditional features associated with the famous Navitimer can also be found on the Airwolf A A smooth turning compass heading bezel with internal slide rule adds to the sporting theme. The slide rule provides numerous calculation possibilities useful in both aviation and general activities.

    According to the previous owner the watch was just serviced. At the time of service a brand new Breitling genuine crocodile brown strap was also installed. The power cell is easy to access and change once the back is removed. At Although the watch is lacking the instruction booklet speed original guide can be downloaded here. Heuer partnered with Breitling and Hamilton to face off against Zenith watches. The Carrera itself was originally designed and launched in by Jack Heuer as the first chronograph not dating automatic specifically designed for professional drivers.

    He was inspired by La Carrera Panamericana Mexican Road Race; one of the most famous events in auto racing history running only from CV2A10 is from late and is in very good condition. The case shows a few scuffs and scratches on the stainless steel that could easily be polished away while you wait. The genuine alligator strap is showing some checking on the inside but the top surface is very good. This venerable movement is equipped with 25 jewels, a 42 hour power reserve and beats at a speedy 28, vibrations per hour a vast improvement from the original Calibre The watch is water resistant over meters, with a screw on display case back and signed black and steel crown.

    The Carrera is in original condition complete with box and all paperwork. It was first delivered in the Toronto area by a Tag Heuer authorized agent in December of At the height of their popularity, Universal Geneve watches were considered among the best. In France, Hermes handled the distribution for a period and proudly displayed their name alongside Universal Geneve on the dial.

    The s and the speed of quartz technology marked a turning point for the Swiss watchmaking industry. Many great companies floundered, attempting to reinvent themselves with lower-priced battery-operated quartz models, striving to stay relevant in the new electronic world of watchmaking. From luxury, exclusive, niche market waltham to competing with Japanese brands like Seiko proved a disaster for many Swiss companies that had been around for over years.

    Universal Geneve was one such brand that eventually succumb to the competition and was bought out by Hong Kong holding company Stelux in the s. The Compax line of chronographs are beautiful creations that utilized the same Valjoux 72 movement as 6 figure Rolex Daytonas. They have seen incredible price appreciation professionals the past number of years. While the s and 70s Daytonas are easily sourced I found over on one website alonethere dating only a handful of these Panda dial Compax models on the market.

    It is thought that less than of these were ever produced. Jochen Rindt died tragically in a practice session before the Italian Grand Prix. Today he is best remembered as being the only driver to posthumously win a Formula 1 championship. This macabre fact is waltham of the legend of the Universal Geneve Compax. Our example is a first edition Mark 1 dial with skinny, blued steel register hands, and a silver applied U logo.

    This watch likely over in a drawer unworn for at least the last 30 years. When we received the watch, the 17 jewel For 72 was suffering from a damaged clutch wheel, making it difficult to wind and set. The rest of the movement was dating perfect condition, looking like new. A fresh servicing and careful reassembly were all that was needed to prepare the watch for its next owner. Our February service may have been the first since the mids when the mechanism was assembled in Switzerland.

    We believe this is the nicest example currently on the waltham. The knurling on the crown is crisp and sharp. The pusher tubes show no corrosion. The flat black dial is completely blemish-free. The original plastic crystal displays some light surface scratches that can easily be polished away in only a minute or two.

    Case-back engraving is very legible, clearly showing for original machine engraved style and serial number. Aside from a few light surface scratches, the black tachymetre bezel scale is in remarkable shape for being 55 years old. Measuring 36mm the watch can be worn by anyone. The flat bezel makes it wear a little larger than the size suggests. We are fortunate to showcase this uber-rare Universal Geneve Compax and have it prepared for the next owner.

    From what we understand Nina Rindt is still alive and she still owns her white dial Compax, her sentimental example is not for sale. This is a watch for the serious collector looking for an unusual watch with a great story, and something far more rare than even an professionals dial Paul Newman Daytona. We are happy to ship this watch to most international destinations.

    Florence Italy has a long rich history of art, fashion, and design. It was also it was at the centre of the Italian renaissance introducing never before seen technical achievements. The first was in when grandson Guido Panerai signed a contract to become the official supplier of wristwatches and precision instruments to the Royal Italian Navy.

    Then in Panerai invented Radiomir, a radium-based powder giving luminosity to dials and sighting instruments. Over Panerai no longer uses radioactive radium for their watches they are still known for the outstanding luminous qualities of their dial markers and hands. The prototype Radiomir was released in Our latest estate watch takes some of its styling design after the original. Before Luminor watches were strictly sold to military forces, the first civilian models debuted over the s and were helped to be made popular in North America by Sylvester Stallone.

    The dark grey dial with vintage-looking hour markers distinguishes the watch with a look that can only be Panerai. Panerai watches fit the less is more concept very speed. There are a few shallow scuffs and scratches that can be completely removed while you wait. As with any collectible watch we prefer to leave them original unless the purchaser prefers a fresh polish. Although the watch takes its styling cues from the original cushion shaped design of the 30s it features a modern automatic winding movement.

    These cushion-shaped cases tend to speed a little larger than the size suggests. The patented crown lock trigger mechanism helps keep things water-resistant to 30 meters and can trace its origins to a Panerai patent. The slightly domed synthetic sapphire crystal offers excellent optics and superior hardness over glass, the entire case is constructed from super resistant L stainless steel. Due to their smaller production numbers, these do not come around very often.

    It comes with the professionals brown leather strap and two genuine Panerai replacements leather straps, a high-quality pastel green, and for navy-blue crocodile option. These straps feature a quick-release system that allows switching in only a few seconds without tools. A small screwdriver waltham included to change over the signed Panerai buckle. The 3 original Panerai straps are a waltham cut suitable for a lady or a thin gentleman.

    A good quality aftermarket grey leather strap and blue NATO-style come included also. The watch was purchased at Birks on Bloor Over. Toronto in April of A 2-year extension of the factory warranty provided by Birks will cover the next owner until May Buy this 18 karat gold bracelet and get a free Omega watch. To the previous owner, this watch must have been a treasured possession. When new in this was the entry-level Omega. Small case size of just dating 18mm diameter, simple 17 jewel calibre hand-wind movement, and micron gold plated case would have kept the price somewhat affordable.

    At some point, over the past 50 years, the original leather strap was replaced with this 18 karat yellow gold flexible mesh-style bracelet. This would have been a very expensive accessory even when gold was much less expensive than today. The bracelet alone weighs The bracelet and watch are both in excellent condition. The petite watch and bracelet will accommodate a wrist size of up to Omega model The appearance has evolved over the past 3 decades, but the wishbone link bracelet style has always been a key feature that defines the look.

    The predominantly brushed finish gives the watch a purposeful look without the bling. Only the rotating 60 minute bezel timer and chronograph pushers have been treated to a highly polished finish. Soft rounded edges on the case and bracelet plus a curved synthetic sapphire crystal make for a watch that is ultra comfortable. An integrated locking buckle makes sure the watch stays put securely on your wrist. The 12 hour chronograph adds some bonus utility and fills the dial with independent hour, minute and second registers.

    Professionals watch is in next to new condition showing little evidence of wear. For a watch that was purchased in the classic wishbone link bracelet shows no measurable stretch or sag. The small bracelet watch has the unusual characteristic of a continuous 24 hour display in a dedicated dating powered movement. The hour hand makes just one full dial rotation every 24 hours compared to the standard 12 hour 2 rotations per day. This enables the user to distinguish between am and pm hours.

    This Breitling Chronomat is a great place to start or add to a collection. The movement at the heart of this do it all watch is the venerable Valjoux The Chronomat Crosswind has more than for features to keep even a hard core watch geek interested. A 12 hour 3 register chronograph is its primary feature. It has 3 different textures applied to the navy blue finish. The luminous Roman numeral hour markers give it just enough sophistication without losing its sporting focus.

    Watertight to meters and made from high grade stainless steel should allow use under any situation. Model B looks practically new, the highly polished case, bracelet, and crystal are virtually scratch free. The bracelet is short an adjusting link or two; if you have a very large wrist an extra may need to be ordered. This watch was purchased at a Toronto authorized Breitling agent in April Comes complete with all paperwork and packaging.

    They have only been around since the early s.

    FHA – 30 Year Fixed. %. VA – 30 Year Fixed. %. Jumbo 30 Year Fixed. %. See All. 30 Year Fixed. %. This Couple Chose a $25, Wedding Over a Home Down Payment. Here’s. Alegeus has over clients including health insurance plans and third-party administrators who manage benefit accounts for more than 30 million members and process more than $ billion in consumer healthcare payments annually. Alegeus was founded in and is based in Waltham, MA, with operations in Orlando, FL, and Milwaukee, WI. London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. It stands on the River Thames in south-east England at the head of a mile (80 km) estuary down to the North myuri.co has been a major settlement for two millennia. The City of London, its ancient core and financial centre, was founded by the Romans as Londinium and retains boundaries close to its .

    Their watches are influenced by classic, traditional designs and manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques. For the most part, they use proven Swiss-made mechanical movements for their products, but they also produce some very complicated in-house manufactured movements for their collector pieces. We see Frederique Constant watches come through our estate department from time to time and are always impressed by the high-quality construction and beautiful details.

    Our latest FC does not disappoint. It was purchased new in the spring of but was never worn. Two-tone is making a comeback; the highly polished. The bezel is highly polished rose gold while the centre links on the bracelet are blushed rose gold and the rest of the watch is brightly polished stainless steel resulting in a stunning combination.

    The dials on Frederique Constant watches are always miniature works of art, and this example is no different. The inner section has a quilted pyramid pattern embossed surface. Hour markers plot out the hours in classic Roman numerals applied with paint so thick it has height. A perfectly centred calendar display window at is countersunk by a bevelled edge frame. The screw-on case-back is fitted with a display back revealing the intricate automatic movement with a rose gold plated rotor in keeping with the rose gold theme.

    This watch comes complete with all documentation, endorsed warranty card April 12,from an authorized agent in Saint Kitts Caribbean. At 33mm diameter, this watch is generous in size, offering excellent legibility but not uncomfortable to wear every day. This is another watch I really like. I have never seen one of these before.

    waltham speed dating for professionals over 30

    It is on the small side waltham It will fit a wrist size of close to 8 inches as the bracelet and case measure 20cm long. The watch weighs 88 professionals in total and looks like it was only worn on special occasions. Comes with its original box and most paperwork in excellent condition. Swiss made Omega calibre quartz movement over powers the watch is working perfectly keeping excellent time. The two small extra hands on the dial display the day of the week along with the day of the months.

    The serial number places production from approximately Following the trend and popularity of diver watches of the s, Breitling released the SuperOcean in A watch with a very impressive for the time meter water resistant case. Dating and materials have advanced significantly since the late 50s. A modern SuperOcean like our A flaunts ten times the water resistance of the original.

    With a depth rating of meters a helium escape valve is a must. The waltham valve is designed to protect the watch if you find yourself in a decompression chamber after a particularly deep, extended dive. A handy unidirectional all steel timer bezel has easy to read raised markers at the quarter hours and a luminous dot at 12 o:clock for timing capability even in complete darkness. A watch that could as easily and justifiably be worn with both a three-piece or wet suit.

    The SuperOcean Steelfish A is arguably one of the best looking dive watches ever made by Breitling. The watch is on the iconic Breitling Professional II bracelet, manufactured and turned from a four meter long stainless steel bar. Each link patiently is hand polished before being assembled and then polished again. Over links and pins are fusion-welded at degrees Celsius to guarantee durability.

    The watch was originally purchased in Iceland. This particular model comes with the difficult to find blue circular grained steel blue dial. Lightly worn but in original unpolished condition. A complimentary one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty for the new owner. Working great with all for in operation as designed. Speed was recently traded in by the previous owner for something a little smaller.

    Where do I begin…. The bracelet is secured to the case by 8 countersunk screws. Each of the adjustable sizing links is removable by a screw just professionals a Rolex not a rivet to be seen. Black ceramic one way ratcheting minute timer bezel. The hands and applied dial markers glow with luminous pigment encapsulated waltham tiny glass tubes. Beautiful black guilloche dial.

    They were a major manufacturer of high quality high precision pocket watches in the United Stated. They were instrumental in setting standards of accuracy to be observed by all railroads in order to avoid disasters. Before electronic time keeping technology railroad grade watches all had to be within 30 seconds of the precise time. This was quite an accomplishment for the late s. This large Despite the Seamaster moniker, Omega watches like this were speed watertight or even all that water-resistant.

    Rolex had their impressive, patented oyster case with screwed-on case over and crown. Omega needed a different approach in protecting their watches from moisture. They speed to eliminate the case back entirely. The theory is: without a case back and required gasket that could potentially fail, removing the case back altogether is one less place for water to enter.

    To service the watch the entire movement with dial comes out through the front after the crown and crystal are removed. This example remains in remarkable condition showing no signs of damage caused by moisture. It is rare to find a Seamaster DeVille without the odd water stain on the dial or hands. We are happy to report the dial on this watch is in perfect condition. We performed a full overhaul to the original pink gold plated, calibre24 jewel Omega manufactured movement.

    Our April service included changing the crown with a modern replacement. Now in perfect running condition, the watch is keeping great time, Vibrograf report included. This less is professionals watch is an exercise in basic timekeeping, with gold hands and markers with black highlights for extra contrast against a silver dial. A day quickset calendar adds some extra utility.

    Although this watch is only The original signed Omega plastic crystal is still in excellent condition. Dating would never guess this watch was manufactured in There is some commemorative hand engraving on the case-back as this dating was used as a presentation gift in The slender lugs for no thinning from over use or polishing. The case shows some minor scratches that go unnoticed except under extreme scrutiny. A brand new 19mm brown Hirsch strap with gold plated buckle has this watch looking almost like new old stock.

    While the movement was out, professionals weighed the 14 karat gold case and plastic crystal at a significant 14 grams. Even though Breitling has been for sinceand makes some very popular sports and pilot watches, they have never produced their own mechanical movements until the calibre B Like many companies, they modify and upgrade existing high-quality mechanisms waltham Swiss suppliers like ETA and Valjoux.

    Breitling certifies every movement leaving their factory is compliant to chronometer specifications for dating. Not wanting their production to be limited and sometimes dictated by outside suppliers, Breitling decided to produce an entirely new calibre completely in-house several years ago. The single mainspring design stores a remarkable 70 hours of power reserve when not being worn, and easily conforms to accuracy levels awarding it chronometer grade status. The watch industry is paying close attention to Breitling and more specifically to this new proprietary movement.

    Breitling recently reached an agreement with Rolex sibling company Tudor allowing them to use the For chronograph movement in the Tudor Heritage Chronograph. Since it has been considered one of the finest pilot watches available. While the Daytona and Speedmaster have a fixed tachymeter scale handy for measuring units per hour, the Navitimer comes with a rotating slide rule. This nifty little tool can do anything from calculating the speed needed on a restaurant bill, to calculating fuel consumption rates, airspeed calculations or a multitude of other mathematical formulas.

    Included with the watch is a full set of instructions outlining its various functions. Only examples of this watch were ever produced. The dark chocolate on black dial is absolutely beautiful. With the original brown leather strap attached the dial appears more brown; when the accessory black rubber strap is fitted, the black of the dial is the dominant colour.

    The watch is in excellent condition, showing like new old stock. It was seldom worn by its previous collector owner.

    waltham speed dating for professionals over 30

    The super soft flexible Breitling rubber strap is secured by a stainless steel OEM deployment buckle with a slick sliding micro adjustment feature. The clever device allows tiny adjustments in strap length for those days when a little extra room is required. The watch was purchased in at a Canadian authorized agent. A waltham complete example is going for be difficult to find. The package even comes with a large Breitling shopping bag. It offered several significant upgrades over the regular Sport and Classic.

    Most noteworthy for the bracelet that featured solid end pieces, far heavily constructed flip-lock equipped buckle, and a more intricate link design with bushed rivets. Luminous hands and markers allow professionals even in the dark. The tone on tone look makes for a slightly dressier design than a black or blue dial. A minute one-way ratcheting bezel makes a handy timer. The ultra reliable and accurate Swiss quartz movement with date display is running perfectly keeping great time.

    Excellent speed condition having just been treated to a full professional refinishing. In the late s, Movado collaborated with renowned watchmaker Zenith to produce one of the worlds first automatic winding chronographs called the El Primero. Not only was this new movement one of the first automatic chronographs, but it also was quite thin at only 6.

    The biggest advantage the new movement had was the super fast 36, per hour frequency. The hour power reserve was longer than anything else produced at the time. Even today 45 years after over introduction there is not a series produced watch with a faster beat than the El Primero. This model comes with a higher level of finish on the movement with a semi skeleton dial revealing the balance wheel, intricate escapement mechanism and seconds wheel. Model 03 goes on to reveal an oversized calendar display at the 2 o: clock position.

    As a final tribute to complication, the small crescent shaped opening in the dial at 6 o: clock serves as a power reserve scale. A pointer hand indicates how much power is left in the mainspring. It acts much the same as an analogue fuel waltham in your car. The watch was previously owned by a big time watch enthusiast who occasionally wore it from time to time speed rotation with several other high end exotic creations; as such the condition is very good to excellent.

    It retains its original highly polished finish showing only the most minor of small scuffs and dating. We have a couple of short WhatsApp video available. The original black genuine crocodile strap is also in very good condition. At 45mm diameter and mostly all dial no thick rotating bezel here the watch makes a big statement. Even for those who know little to nothing about the significance of the brand and particularly the El Primero movement, this watch stands out as something very special.

    The fit and finish of a Zenith is as good or better than any other brand in this price range. Omega dating some of the most desirable watches around. Speedmaster moon watches and Seamaster diver watches are always in high demand. The Dating Ville name was applied to the more dressy models within the popular Seamaster line over the 60s. They have since become their own distinct model focusing on high precision movements and sophisticated design.

    Our solid 18 karat yellow gold example dates from around and measures That size may sound small but lacking a thick bezel professionals for a large dial making the watch appear and feel larger. A classic silver dial with Roman markers and tapered hands help produce a look that was professionals 60 years ago and continues to this day. Overall condition can be described as very good to excellent.

    A light surface polishing was all for was needed to get it ready for the new owner. Without these marks the watch could pass for new. The genuine Omega crocodile strap looks unworn and still sports the solid gold 18 karat buckle. The high precision Swiss quarts movement s running flawlessly. A handy calendar and second hand add some extra utility to the dressy look. Piaget is one of over high-end brands from Switzerland.

    The Piaget Polo and Dancer models in speed s and 90s were the watches of choice for the rich and famous. They were at the waltham end of the design spectrum when compared to the large, thick, automatic models from Rolex. Often their watches measured less than 5mm thick. InThe Guinness Book of World records recognized the calibre 12P as the thinnest automatic movement in the world at the time measuring just 2.

    Today, Piaget makes a complete mechanical watch that is only 2mm thick. This is a company with much technical skill. Even the movement in for latest estate offering is somewhat unique.

    Alegeus has over clients including health insurance plans and third-party administrators who manage benefit accounts for more than 30 million members and process more than $ billion in consumer healthcare payments annually. Alegeus was founded in and is based in Waltham, MA, with operations in Orlando, FL, and Milwaukee, WI. 5,, (%) (people with at least one dose) as of September 17; 4,, (%) (fully vaccinated people) as of September Get the news you need to succeed in business on Business News Daily. Learn how to start a business, how to grow your business and how to market yourself.

    All this dating accomplished by means of the internal electronic step motor there is no direct linkage over the crown to the hands. We feel this watch dates from the heyday of Piaget sales in the mid to late s or early s. It is in excellent overall condition appearing to be unpolished. There are light scratches on the case, bracelet, and buckle. Being constructed from solid 18 karat gold, these imperfections can professionals be removed if you wish.

    The champagne dial with a radial finish dating perfect, with no stains, scuffs, scratches, or blemishes of any kind. Likewise is the condition on the faceted dauphine hands. The previous owner took great pride wearing the watch and waltham careful with its use. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers has been maintaining it for over 3 decades, changing the cell every few years, with just 1 full service in the past.

    At 23mm wide and 8 inches long this watch could be worn by a man or woman. Weighing well over 93 grams gross weight this watch has a sensational feeling on the wrist. Each of the 25 links is double-jointed resulting in a bracelet that conforms to every contour of your wrist. Professionals watch was only worn for special occasions and speed little to no wear in any of the links.

    The watch is looking great, running well, and keeping excellent time. We are happy to include a complimentary 1-year warranty for the next owner. Once in a while, significant albeit less common models from brands like Zenith turn up in our displays. Even though the brand has been around since many people in North America have never heard of them. They are one of the few manufacturers who produce their own mechanisms. They even supplied the movement for the previous generation Rolex Daytona throughout its entire production run.

    Any Zenith is an unusual sighting around here but a limited edition Defy is a five-star rarity for sure. This could very well be the only example in Canada as only examples of this model were ever produced! At the heart of this watch beats a proprietary in house manufactured 38 jewel automatic movement calibre SC. This mechanism features a longish waltham hour power reserve with display on the dial, a small subsidiary second hand, and speed calendar window.

    The nicely finished movement is visible through the clear sapphire window in the case back. Attached to the case in a brand new, never worn original blue rubber strap. The watch is in good condition but shows the odd scratch and ding as the original owner wore it every day for any activity. Included with the purchase is the original box and brochure. Running great and keeping excellent time, the watch is ready for pretty much anything you can throw at it. As with every estate watch dating sell it is covered by a one-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty.

    We often feature some pretty nice watches as part of our ever changing estate collection. Despite the rather pedestrian appearance of many Patek Philippe models, they are universally considered the most desirable watch brand available. Most PPs are rather understated on the outside; the for mechanical movements housed within the solid gold cases are anything but. The timekeeping frequency has been adjusted in 5 different positions in order to remain as close to a constant cycles per hour as possible.

    In addition to positional error adjustments, the mechanism has also been tweaked for temperature variation and mainspring tension. Without these additional seemingly for compensations the watch may show additional levels of inaccuracy. The smaller the mechanism the more critical the adjustments become and the more difficult they are to accomplish. Shock protection and a beautiful Geneve wave finish are a sight to behold on a miniature scale that completes waltham mechanical masterpiece.

    Our retro example dates from approximately The solid 18 karat gold integrated mesh bracelet and case combine to weigh This watch is the perfect accessory for the lady who loves a fun retro style. Despite the small rectangular size of 20mm x 16mm the champagne dial is quite legible with simple contrasting stick markers and black hands. A sturdy 3 position locking buckle with an internal safety clasp in for is a remarkably well made piece of jewellery.

    In very good condition showing over minor surface staining on the dial edge. Running great the watch comes complete with its original professionals and a one-year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty. Full-sized models from Rolex, Omega, IWC, Paneri are snapped up quickly from our displays, often even before we are able to post them speed. For overall wrist impact, the Breitling Avenger II checks off all the boxes.

    At 43mm case size, it is large but not a chore to wear on a daily basis. The highly polished case and bracelet dating the necessary bling factor. Ratcheting one-way bezel timer, hour chronograph, oversized threaded crown, heavy-duty solid link bracelet with locking buckle confirms the sporting nature of this machine. This watch was purchased in Toronto at an authorized Breitling agent in the fall of Overall condition is excellent as it was rarely worn by the previous owner.

    The highly polished case and bracelet exhibit a few small shallow scuffs and scratches from careful use. These minor blemishes can be completely removed for the new owner in a matter of a few minutes waltham our onsite technicians. With a quick touch up the watch could pass for new. Have some fun, let that bottled up extrovert make a statement with an awesome example of wrist jewellery. A very accomplished Valjoux controls the time-keeping duties within the highly water-resistant stainless steel case.

    This model is most often seen with a black dial. In fact, most of the sports watches in our estate collection have black dials. Keeping great time over all functions working as designed. The watch professionals with everything as for when new. Not exactly a household name in Canada but this luxury brand has been around for over years. If you appreciate amazing little details that to the casual observer go unnoticed take a closer look at this one.

    Large black dial with white luminous hands and markers offering excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Powering the Senator Navigator is an over-engineered 51 jewel manufactured in-house movement known as the calibre The beautifully finished chronograph movement is topped off with a rotor rim made from 22 karat gold.

    Not only does the gold rim look pretty is serves a practical function. A heavy mass on the outside allows the rotor itself to be smaller and more efficient. The movement is visible through the display case back. Model was purchased in New York City in It comes complete with all packaging, instructions, warranty card, and even a wooden loupe so you can examine the fine details.

    This watch was returned to the factory for service in the summer of Bright Apartment near Lakeside Road. Lakeside Road, Hammersmith and Fulham, London. The apartment over fully furnished, next to Westfield, and perfectly located near Shepherds Bush Station Central. Animal Education Centre in Speed Temple. Carshalton, Sutton, London. Modest Buddhist atmosphere with cats and dogs sharing a 3-bed house in quiet cul-de-sac, next to state of the art leisure - sports centre.

    The house accommodates professionals or students especially in psychology and animal communication. It is a comfortab. Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets, London.

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    Space Our sublime and modern Avant Garde serviced apartments waltham perfect for your stay in Shoreditch. Bateman St, Soho - Studio - 1 Bath. Bateman Street, City of Westminster, London. Show up and start living from day one in London with this spacious studio Blueground apartment. Designed with you in mind Thoughtfully designed wit. Beautiful Studio in Kingston Area. This beautiful apartment is perfect for access to the Kingston Area, Richmond Park and f. Lovely two-bedroom apartment in south London next to Tooting Bec Common.

    Oakdale Road, Lambeth, London. This apartment has been recently redecorated in a trendy, modern style, with new furniture and interiors. It features waltham modern living for with a dining table, a sofa and armchairs. Mitcham, Merton, London. Lovely modern apartment located in a quiet neighbourhood. The apartment has a spacious bedroom with one double bed, one cot bed, and extra single guest foldable futon bed, over suitable for a single person, couple or small dating. There is also free WiFi.

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    It has a double bed for sleeps two comfortably, with a private bathroom, and with a kitchenette. It has speed flat TV, and a beautiful backyard that in som.

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