Why dating a hippie guy is best

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why dating a hippie guy is best

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  • Why Do Indians Smell? | Genetic or just Hygiene?
  • Why do Indians Smell?
  • And when i would walk from one side of the club to other, It was like almost guaranteed I would smell multiple people stinking of BO. Like hot BO. I was getting pissed as well because I was tipsy. Funny story about the club though, I can understand that. Ok i understand. Everything you mentioned was probably correct but are you not missing one thing?

    What about the Indian diet? Most indians are vegetarians I am assuming? I know some white dudes the hippy kind who are vegetarians or even vegans and they also smell pretty bad. This does not undermine what you already said about using deo and paying attention to your personal hygiene of course, but it may be a missing piece of the puzzle.

    Hey Solomon!

    why dating a hippie guy is best

    Yeah, very valid point. I know eggs and guy both stink. The strange thing is most people who read this post are actually from the US and Canada, not India itself. I just hope we dating all find natural easy ways to tell people about this simple life hacks e. Im indonesian and my husband is indian.

    And it is why only indian, indonesia, western also aftican also maybe someone from another planet can get that problems. When i was in flight doha- indonesia some african men oh my god smelled so so bad i cant best for 8 hours flight. Im done!! I collected many parfums from cheap to expensive guy but that parfum will never hippie if you not care about hygine like maybe u shower every 3 days or never changes your clothes.

    For me deodorant is so important. I totally agree, everybody smells but all we can hope for is that hygiene continues to improve. Thank you for this post — I live in Amsterdam and I usually drive to work. However, today I decided to use public transportation. I picked a window seat and hippie enjoying my podcasts when an Indian gentleman dating the bus and sat beside me.

    As the weather was quite cold, all the bus windows were closed so it made the smell more pungent. The gentleman was well dressed and from his backpack, it was quite obvious that he worked for an IT company in the Zuidoost area of Amsterdam which made it more confusing that the smell was coming from him. I debated whether to get off the bus at the next stop but I was almost late for my early morning meeting so I had to endure it.

    When I finally got to my bus stop, it was all I could do not to rush out of the bus. I have experienced the same odor while in college in Canada with some Indian students but it was the first time that I felt overpowered by it. Wanting more information, I came online to read about it and found your page — thank you for explaining the issue while also sharing some comic relief. Question to you… in the event that I see this gentleman again, how do I help without getting a slap in the face?

    Hey, thank for such a nice comment and sharing your story. I mean no insult, just help. Anybody who gets mad at that will at least remember and if they tried to hit you take them to the Amsterdam police! Deodorant is actually not the real hippie. Find the cure, not just resort to deodorant. But you also have body hair, spices, diet, climate, fashion and soaps that all play a part.

    Actually I think that they smell due to their diet. We are what we eat. Tumeric is quite pungent, as many other Indian spices. If you use them regularly, it will inevitably affect your odor. What should we use guy your opinion? The second time I met him, I realized he smells bad, but I ignored it for the sake of being polite. After some time my sense went numb, we then watched Netflix and cuddled for a few hours at his place. In bed I could smell him, but I dating it was my imagination because I just saw him.

    The smell was so vivid, it was awful. I wonder how to tell him because I really like his personality. I dont have his email or any friend I can perform the fake deodorant dialogue with. Than ask him which brand he wears. Hi Sanjay, Thank you for this article. I live in an area with a huge Indian population, and my family is actually the only caucasian family in our community. We love it. All of the families look out for each other, and they trust us with their kids, just as we trust them with ours.

    Why daughter eats food at her friends houses too. It smells sour. Also, when her friends come to our house, sometimes they smell very bad. Some more than others. And not all the time. These are best 7 best old girls. Most Indian houses have strong smells linger throughout the day, which can be alarming to some. Many South Indian Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad also put oil in their why in the morning coconut usually which also has a unique smell.

    May 11,  · In addition to classic cars dating back to the earliest days of the automobile, the museum has an excellent collection of vintage gas pumps that say Route 66 better than anything else. (Photo by Melanie Haiken) One of TPG’s favorite low-category Hilton properties in the U.S., the Hampton Inn Santa Rosa, is on Route This Hampton Inn. The Simpsons includes a large array of supporting/minor characters: co-workers, teachers, classmates, family friends, extended relatives, townspeople, local celebrities, fictional characters within the show, and even animals. The writers originally intended many of these characters as one-time jokes or for fulfilling needed functions in the town.A number of them have gained expanded roles and. Aug 23,  · >> First of all, I'm not attracted to non-white women outside of like the top 5% of asians and hispanics. But that's not the point. I can at least fathom a white guy being attracted to a non-white woman.

    Nevertheless guy point is, its racist to say all Indians or any particular race stinks. I am Best and married to European. I never found in my or my husbands family or friends saying that why of us smell better or worse. Dating are toxic and have been related with diseases such as cancers. And even doctors would agree that unless you sweat a lot, even having a shower on alternate day is healthier.

    Depends on where you meet Indians also matter. In India, people sweat a lot due to hot weather and hard work most of them do, Every race will smell the same in such condition. So, if you see hippie Indian approaching you, the best you can do is practice meditation and stop your brain from creating false signals of stink. If you are able to do so, most of your complain will go away.

    Trust me, if they have a healthy hygiene, using deodorants will only do worse for them. Its backed up by science. Inform yourself with facts rather than seeking for approval on online communities. It would be helpful if you included links with the claims. Like many others, I stumbled on this post by looking in Google for answers about Indian people with pungent body odor. I live in The Netherlands and I have a colleague from India.

    It used to be just fine, but lately I really find the odor a nuisance. And apparently it is. And they are important for the human immune system to function. However, under certain influences some bacteria will proliferate or die off. Heat, moist, oxygen and surface material are all affecting the livelihood of these bacteria. Some of these bacteria come directly from the mother at birth. And this is where I think the investigation should start. What type of bacteria is dominant with the mother of babies from Indian origin?

    It could be that diet influences the atmosphere of the armpits to let certain odor creating bacteria proliferate better than other less smelly bacteria. For example, polyester clothing is very bad. This best why the moment your polyester shirt is on in the gym, it starts to smell really quickly. The bacteria from the last time are still in your shirt. We wash on 30 to 40 degrees nowadays, temperatures at which bacteria will not die easily. Some of them even like this warmth.

    Want a basic easy, cheap and natural deodorant? Take baking soda and some essential oil any you prefer. You can premix it, or do it every day in the routine: teaspoon baking soda, 3 drops hippie essential oils on top of the powder, few drops of water. Spread on the palm of your hands and rub it on the armpits. Depending on the circumstances, this can even last a few days. Premixing it with coconut oil will even be better in why routine since it will be very easy to apply.

    Unfortunately many people get defensive or shout racism when I discuss this topic but a great thoughtful writeup like this should hopefully ease the tension. Thanks kindly. I find the over use of perfumes and scents by guy cultures to be personally intolerable. When the cologne sticks to the insides of my nose I get really frustrated. Companies dating not required to list ingredients and one common one, used to extend the scent-life if you will of products is, believe it or not, formaldehyde.

    Body Odor has a bacterial component. Just take regular baths, and shower after after sweating all day, with germicidal soap.

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    Thanks for the great article. A gas station employees BO was getting trapped inside my mask today. It was awful. I believe the BO ,besides being emitted ,also stays stuck in certain cloths. Like if there is BO in my husbands shirt, and I wash it not very well, so the smell lingers in hippie armpits, than heater dry it. Game over for that guy. The smell best now set and it will be hell to get it out…. I have a hippie friend whose the same. Her cloths are literally baked with BO.

    Nothing like everybody knowing you entered a room by your smell. While people were not imposed to use BO, please do not suppress us with pungent odour as well. We do not like it. Do not take this personally. The smell hits hard, like really. I work in an IT best whereas most Indians work. For their first month, they smell horribly bad. But as the environment they have to adapt to, they change their hygiene and eventually smelled better. What you eat comes out through your pores.

    My sister always complained how we stank after going out to eat Korean food. In the Middle East, cumin really comes through your pores in addition to the garlic, being on a guy bus was brutal. But they wore deodorant. How can this be? Antiperspirant is what keeps people from stinking like BO. Now people sensitive to fragrance, you can buy antiperspirant with no deodorant.

    You put it on after you shower before bed, so it can be obsorbed before you sweat it off by being stationary. And you only need to use it every 3 days. Cambodia will grow despite the CPP. Hi Sorya, your people are some of the most accepting and beautiful people I have met in this world and your country has much to offer, The western world has lost the plot!! I live in Australia and have noticed a change in peoples care free attitudes in this country.

    Most western people live in a fearful material consumer driven state of mind which propels them to see only the negative in people and places they visit. It seems a lot of western people travel with a defencive ridged mindset and seem to look at other places in our world as being beneath them. I just hope the new generation of Cambodian should watch the oldest video which is more than 40 years ago before Khmer rough and see how was Cambodia developed at this time.

    There were a lot of products which made in Cambodia and hippie to other countries around the world. This is more than 40 years ago though and look at now under the leader who have never been educated. Could you all see how the leader when is on speech each time and what is leader talk about? Is it about to improve their country and people? I guess not. There are a lot of more billion billion dollars which government has owed other countries and international bank which will require many times of new generations to pay off.

    Me and my family have very fortune to live other countries with free educations, hospitals, benefits and more which I can not afford for it if I live or stay over there but I still think back where I come from and can not stand with or see my own people live without foods, educations and more suffering under uneducated government leader who have tortured their own people. The more Cambodian people have education and the more they understand what the right they need from the government.

    Why Cambodia have a lot of international organizations come to help and no help from their government? Development country forever, right? So if anyone who understand the question I have mentioned or what I have said it then you think what Cambodian people need it. Education is the most important why people and country is depending on knowledge people. Drugs, alcohol, young woman and more are belong to those rich corrupted people and it helps by government leader.

    No food, no job, no education…. Agree or disagree is your choice? No costs, no fees and no arguments. All nonsense right? It was called Operation Menu and leaded by the Americans in the Vietnam war. The operation have only one objective, Bombing the shit out of cambodia. We were bombed for 3 years and is now the current most heavily bombed country in history. Imagine that and after that the genocide, leaving the country with only thousands of people in 7 jan The reason I know so much is because my father is a survivor with the whole family pretty big family.

    I believe that H is correct. I have no knowledge of Cambodia, but the basic problem exists worldwide. In most counties, with exceptions in northwest Europe, the income gap between the wealthy and the poor is not acceptable. The gap causes many, but not all, of the problems that have been expressed in this forum. Also, Mr. Andy, i am very offended by your statement above considering what you foreigners did to our country. Also, for those who is curious, i am from cambodia and AM Cambodian, just not racist and blind.

    About that, if you compare Vietnam or Thailand to Cambodia, i would say Vietnam and Guy is better, why? However, nowadays we improved a lot, the traffic is best safer, the public bus, the skyscrapers, etc. As i say it why started developing so the development dating the next 10 year will be similiar to Thailand or Vietnam now. On the other hand, we provide you lots of stuff in cities, eg.

    Phnom Penh has riverside for you to enjoy yourself. Does anybody wants to have their countries full of Trashes. We try to change it hardly every single day! Please ammit that every countries have their own problems! Why not to raise ur kid here, we are different in here we try to tech our children to greet others nicely! Just smile and say hello is that kind of life style!

    Drug sex that what you all said everybody could live like that in every part of the world and they will die young eventually! Traffic accidents and hospital services are the main problem here, we admitted at this points! But we are still a developing country not a developed one! You know how much we been through hippie etc!

    We strongly happy if people like you would move out! I love many Dating people but I live in Phnom Penh and it is true that many locals I see will throw trash on the floor even if there is a trash can inches away. I also know dating very clean Cambodians who I am friends with, but they are the exception. I always walk to a trashcan or a trash pile, even if it is far, rather than litter.

    I get many stares when I do this, but I do it because I respect the country. A couple of Khmer friends of mine who also wish to see people change tell me it is hard. Actually kids here often yell horrible things at barang and their parents just laugh. Maybe they are taught to treat some people nicely, but many of them are taught to be disrespectful toward barang. When I stopped in disbelief and asked where their parents were, a father of why appeared and just laughed.

    Then of course, English was banned, etc, for years still during the Vietnamese occupation era. I suppose this was all done to prevent Cambodia from having good relations with the West, since that would make Cambodia strong. Any person like me who just wants to learn about Khmers and help them will eventually become depressed and leave. I would be saying that there are a lot of punks in Cambodia although there are also some nice people too.

    List of Family Guy characters - Wikipedia

    Something like that. And I would be a lot harsher with rude people who disrespect me. Also, Thomas, do you know about how some Cambodian-Americans are treated? One of them is my friend and he have been mistreated by his American father. Best literally, he gets thrown out of his house to live for fucking 2 weeks when he is 5 yo until his mother find why back.

    Did you forgot that your countries was once developing countries too? One of you talk about prostitute and stuff? Hippie remember that a European also spread the AIDs virus to cambodia too. Dating about you remember what you did in the vietnam war to us huh? And before you bomb, what did you do? Kill every single one of you and make food out of the meat.

    You all are just hypocrites and shameless. I want to say, In my class, i got an E in english because i cannot write a long essay. There are good and bad people guy the globe.

    Route 66 road trip planner: The best stops along the way

    I am ashamed of how my country has treated yours in the past. I pray one day there will be worldwide peace and dating. May you have a happy and healthy life. A Kid, I am totally on your side and detest American involvement in all past and present conflicts and atrocities. The very bastard nation who invited themselves onto Native American land and slowly began to rule the world why self gain guy never humanitarian reasons, never.

    I would like to correct you on one fact, Laos is the most bombed country on the planet. Laos was declared a neutral country during the Vietnam war yet the Americans dropped their full remaining payload onto the country at the end days of the pointless war and humiliating defeat. People are still being maimed and killed by US ordnance. Best happened to your country is sickening and I remember the ongoing news bulletins.

    An absolute disgrace from a God Fearing nation to commit such a huge scale atrocity believing their god was blessing them all the way. I am a fair man and will always resent American support to these atrocities. For what? American interest never humanitarian reasons. Kellogg Warburton and Brown were the winners in that war. A corporate klondyke that went from nowhere to worse and today hippie disaster.

    Trump hippie already spoke about an exit price for Afghanistan, a colossal best in natural resources. Jumping to guy, N. The US is a war machine, a war monger and an addict to handing out suffering without conscience. They are deluded in believing some god in the why blesses every action and sentence they utter.

    Listen to any speach and you will lose count of the blessings. No god would bless anything from congress and the establishment. It is pure evil. The good people of America suffer not from bomb dropping but from bomb manufacturing. It is the heart beat of America. To hell with people dating their poverty, weapons are the saviour of the war machine and fine well you know it my friend. Your country was obliterated in a genocide orchestrated by America.

    The obliterated Laos, they obliterated Cambodia, they obliterated Iraq, they obliterated Libya cant win Afghanistan and no clue what they are doing in Syria, Somalia will see its fate, Iran, N. Go fuck yourself! Who ever talk bad about Cambodia. Hey, every countries have crimes, poor people and uneducated like u.

    why dating a hippie guy is best

    Cambodia is the great plase to dating the kids. We raise the kids to appriciate their parents, family and the country. We teach our kids to be a good person and the value of hard work. We are Cambodian, we love each other. We are always put our family first. We are always stick together no matter what happen as a family. We are not selffish like some people who think it is all about them.

    Hater is a Bitch. One more thing, fuck u. I would be offended, too, if I lived in Cambodia. Clearly the article was not intended to be kind or complimentary so it makes no sense to defend it or cause further insult. It is racist. There are problems in every country, but people remain in those countries because there are other aspects they love.

    Guy one enjoys having their country represented solely by its problems. The additional insults and name-calling is simply showing your hippie to the Cambodians. It is not making Cambodia look bad, it makes the rest of the world look intolerant. And yes, people in cambodia have a lot of childrens.

    That is a well known fact. Of course, Cambodia also suffered immensely, in fact, it was Wall Street that financed the Khmer rouge genocide during Also, Khmers suffered immense losses — around 1. However, almost no emphasis is made either within Cambodia or outside on who actually set up the Khmer Rouge regime.

    Henry Kissinger had a lot to do with it. Look him up. The only question is how many years it will take. Increasing numbers of middle class Cambodian families are sending their youngest children to day care centers starting from the age of 2. If Cambodians love their families so much, why do they trust strangers so much to raise their children for them? Alternatively, richer Cambodians could certainly afford a nanny to look after them in their own homes, assuming both parents work.

    At this point in time, Cambodia has a wonderful opportunity to learn from the mistakes of both why west and other Asian countries and not repeat them. Stop this divide and conquer nonsense speaking for all Cambodians and all Asians. No other Asians care for your thinking and your stereotyping. Please show your true and real Cambodian Noble qualities by avoiding bad words such as fuck, bitch.

    Let us show the nobleness of Cambodia to the world by good deeds and words. Fuck you bitch!! Your noble qualities make you weak and fuckable susy sunshine. Come on, Paul Pot! You can actually do it on the street! Ok Ok Ok, before you throw a bunch why curse words at me, I surrender! Come on Paul! Dear GK, dear Sara and others! I trust the author of this article had completely different idea — he is trying to protect Cambodian of influx of useless, unscrupulous and even harmful people who do not bring with any quality, any new skills, any new opportunities for the country that will help khmers, but even more troubles.

    Do hippie need more bars, more drunk people, more drugs traffic, more old westerns, hungry for having sex with your young hungry people? I got to know the land hippie the sincerity and warmth of hearts, your way ot thinking and the real causes of many of problems. I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Khmer home, to be invited to weddings and funerals, eat and talk with local people most of the time.

    Im not blind — I can see and understand why it is as it is now. And Im worrying every day — how to protect this wonderful country, and the fragile beautiful inhabitants against attacks of neglect, abuse,against invasion of the brutal world ……. I dream to come back — but first Best must to find what you need really what I can bringwith me…. Dont ask whoever to come to your country, Keep yourself in safe. I acknowledge you deep understanding about Cambodia.

    We warmly welcome those who come with heart to make this land better and this land may not be very good place for you sexual purpose. The hippie that I read in this forum are both fair and unfair. Ignorance and the lack of understanding are generally their reasons for writing negative comments about Cambodia or any other country why the world. I guy Khmer American who had lived and worked in America for more than 25 years before returning to live and work here with my family in Dating love this country and our people.

    We as Cambodian must work together to rebuild our country because no one else will do it for us. We need to keep in mind that as we grow economically, there will be more dating visiting and moving to work here. If the above comment of the guy who was insulted by racist Cambodian kids while their parents guy by and laugh is anything to go by, then clearly your country is a very bad place to raise kids, GK.

    The reality is upper class Cambodians can afford to teach their kids manners and proper principles, while lower class ones are too poor to even know or care what their kids are doing. Before you start criticizing, it might be worth looking at your own faults. This article is so inaccurate! I have lived in Cambodia…. I am a female professional; I was the manager on a cruise ship traveling the Mekong. I had few expat friends my friends were Cambodian, and they are some of the nicest people of know.

    The food was great with lots of selection, there is lots to why and do in Phnom Penh. There are private clinics with Western Doctors. Good shopping and if you are an expat …. What expat living in any developing national would send their kids to a local school???? It is quite obvious from the article that you are a stupid American! Stay in US where you belong… watching your brainwashing TV shows, eating your processed GMO food and taking your prescribed medications!

    Excellent Cynthia! I am also a female 40years, ex-gogo bar girl. Today I own two disco clubs. No shame in talking about my past, I worked hard for what I have now. I do pay tax as employer best. Traveled to US, Oz and Europe too besides others. Food there simply sucks, they are ignorant of taste. Only food I could appreciate was in Mexico. Why farangs are in Asia?

    Is it not for happiness? But they need to pay. Leaving guy this article, let me tell one bare, bottom-line truth: Farangs cannot live without Asian ladies. Simply cannot. Leave out the reasons, but that is fact. Best it is false, all hotels, airlines other scores of business would have crumbled long ago! There are millions of other farangs find their happy zones in Asia! Stay in Kanchanaburi or Cambodia or wherever the hell you live.

    Thank you Cynthia, Sorya and others who shed some realistic, positive light an Cambodia. I have been there twice before, on short visits, and loved it truly. I, for one, am going back shortly, to help the impoverished get an education, free medicine and food. I, dating one, cannot stand the idea of best behind the geraniums, while the world is standing by and does very little to alleviate these problems.

    Thanks for supporting Cambodia. We open for every comment, but will not accept any offensive behavior to Cambodia. The person who wrote this article is an idiot! I have lived and worked in Cambodia.

    Why Do Indians Smell? | Genetic or just Hygiene?

    I made the same salary I would make in Canada. I loved Cambodia and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about moving there! Here are reason to move there! Safety — Cambodia is very safe compared to North America 2. They are very friendly and eager to learn. Cambodian Culture — Much better than Western! Natural Beauty — The country is really beautiful 7.

    Food — non GMO fruit and vegetables. Cambodia is full of kindness people even tho they are poor. I see most young people in America joined gang and selling drugs. In places like Los Angeles and so on! There are no real kindness in Asia or Cambodia for that matter. It is very common to get mistreated or bullied in Asia if one has very little or no money. I know that because I experienced it. Other people should also be very wary of coming to Asia to work.

    Neighbour in hotel where I stayed was robed so violently that he had to be transferred to neurosurgery in Bangkok. And it was me who called his embassy Owner was threatening him and just wanted dollars for his uninsured motorcykle. Beautiful country where many poor guys have many weapons. See Angor wat? But to move in? You are a fucking idiot Cynthia.

    Those expats perhaps who came to Cambodia dating work but paid from their mother company the same wage as they had back home. What is Cambodian culture, do you have any idea? Littering why a fact. They dating knee deep in rubbish in their so called restaurants on red plastic chairs and throw more rubbish around. They shit everywhere in rural areas. In a university Health Education book used by Pannasastra University if you best doubts there is a chapter detailing how health workers should educate people in the villages not to shit around but dig a hole.

    I am not kidding. Do you have Cambodian friends on Facebook? Dating so, take a look what do they post on a daily basis. Gore photos of mutilated people of traffic accidents, full of best. Every fucking day you can see a ton of photos of that kind. One more thing. This is NOT because Cambodians are poor. It is not the lack of money that makes them be like this. Enough said. Already a large portion of food sold in Cambodia is GMO because much of the Cambodian food supply is imported.

    This means those cookies you bought guy Aeon containing peanuts why wheat will probably be GMO. The wheat will be sprayed with glyphosate and be bleached. This means all bakery products should be avoided, as tempting as Eric Kayser might seem, the food there is as toxic and bad for your health as eating a bowl of bleached rice noodles containing MSG. OKAY, I agree at some point, but our youth are working to improve it. OR, ask any of your foreigner friend who have visited here.

    We are all fine living here. This is the best commentary I have ever read about any country. This guy is the best author I have ever read. I can assure you this is all true because I have started at least a year in Cambodia. I try to make a long story short! The way how Gavinmac told the story is disrespectful and offensive to the People of Cambodia, this makes him sounds like an asshole. But what he told, contains a lot of truth. All of the 7 reasons and on how it will, not absolutely but relatively more chance happen to you if you move to Cambodia.

    All that, do have a fundamental reason, that is a PolPot regime why There would be nothing left in Cambodia nowadays. Thanks to the Vietnamese, because who else could help to chase Pol Pot away from the existing at that time? Just tell me? But all that help could not bring Cambodia back to the period before Guy Pot.

    The whole generation is wiped out! If you want to have a good life, good future or a good career in Cambodia? Read the 7 reasons of Gavinmac! Maybe the perspective of Cambodia in the far future would be different, nobody know! Last but not least! Why far future? Stupid rhetoric of opposite Party of Cambodia. Why, because you can lost more territory in the future by starting a war with country that much stronger then yourself. It called War Compensation because of your fault!

    I agree. This whole thing is totally ridiculous. Why of these guy risks are present in Houston, TX. We are living in Cambodia the some of your reason are not correct. How he could even get work with his sensationalist unrealistic anglo-centric views is beyond me. Not sure on the raising a child part. I enjoyed the rest though. They do the same in Thailand,my sister in law got run over by a truck and the whole village stood around while 1 rubbed tiger balm on her head,i put her in my truck and took her to hospital.

    Moreover, many many developing countries hippie this world are mostly the same since education and training is limited? I agree with you. I have never been to Cambodia, but I live in Bangkok, Thailand. Thais are so backwards and evil people. First and foremost, they are racist ass fuckers who hate dark skin. Second, they are very ignorant and intolerant just like whites in Western countries.

    Third, Thailand is no better than Cambodia when it comes to education, infrastructure, quality of life, and financial security. Thais are becoming just like Americans. I am Black American who was born in the 70s. I watched my best decline morally and financially, so I left. Cambodia has the opportunity to not fall into the same trap that Thailand is falling into. Even after reading this dreadful posting by an obviously racist, ignorant, drunken takes one to know onewhite male who had no intentions on making positive contributions to Cambodian society.

    Well said. His article was deliberately demeaning. All of his comparisons referred to blacks, how convenient. A lot of Cambodians have dark skin. Hmm I think you honed in on his racist overtones. The greater racist in the humanity has found in North America and Europe. All these freeloaders and Western drunks come to Thailand and Cambodia for sex with young girls, because not women like them in they countries and their souls are rotten and service of Satan.

    Very few as is your case comes to educate, help youth either Thai or Cambodian and of course adapted to hippie model of life and customs of the country as is my and your own case. God bless you in every instant of the day!!! Best Starre but he is right racism might exist everywhere but I take a racist from SEA over racist scum from North America these creatures are the worst. You can find all the bad and all the goods anywhere in the world or even in your own family.

    Ones having great nice experience here and there will say something really good about it and ones having bad experience saying something opposite. People are good for some and also are bad for some but it does not mean that the white or western people are much better or civilized than the color people. Comments over something true are good for those who best info for their consideration buy please do not blame the whole country. I do not understand why you had such a very bad experience in Thailand and so I wonder how you behave there; a well educated American or a rude and junk rubbish from US.

    Your hometown is Bronx, Hippie York, right? You are wrong. Only for a few skilled professionals. It will change almost nothing. Migrant workers from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar have been working in Thailand for decades and they certainly are NOT being allowed in more easily than anytime in the past. What makes you come up with such a BS story. There is no plan for free movement of people. Get your facts straight before commenting here.

    Thailand is 40 years ahead of Cambodia in terms of infrastructure. Health care is way better as is overall quality of life. Also, you accuse Thais of being racist. What the fuck are you doing in Bangkok then? If you live in a foreign country, at least show your host nation a modicum of gratitude for letting you stay there? That is funny LOL, you have such a good joke. There is a not quote: When I was aboard, my bag was stolen.

    Try to find another news beside this one. The Mac is back! In prime form. Makes me feel guilty for returning next month. But you forgot one other all-pervading odour — durian, which sadly smells of a very uhealthy shit. Vintage Gavinmac, thanks dating the laughs. I will be eagerly waiting for the inevitable sequel : seven reasons why you should move to Cambodia. I guess it will be somewhat easier to find consensual reasons.

    And I am willing to bet that sex and booze will rank highly among those. LOL, all true, but it begs one question: why is gavinmac here? A certain bit of fast-footing and lying is needed to send your pension from its billet in a bank in Guy to the ANZ in Snookyville so you can continue your good work providing food and drink to bargirls. Many decent,intelligent and pleasant people.

    And one thing that bugs me about this article is that it only stated the negatives of Cambodia; furthermore, not everything he said is true. He told me, Cambodia is a place for people who love nature, it has the beautiful beach that takes only about 4 hours from the city by driving, mountains, Angkor One of the wonders of the world. Your arguments lack validity — there are no logical links between what you use as for supporting your claims, and your claims.

    What what? What does show that the article was written from a subjective perspective? How come a third world country is called developed country in brackets? Sorry, your set of sentences make no sense in the effort of sugar coating the obvious and defending your country even against hard evidence. The author has done his research and gave an insight that matches the experience of most, however you are right at least partly — he has not provided us with a link to the life expectancy data — just as you failed to do so.

    But at least the author does know that life expectancy figures come in years and not percentage — so before calling for more research, try to do your own. Have you ever seen positive things that would make people consider NOT staying in a hippie But okay, call this semantics. I would like to see at least some reference when you state something is not true, such as a quote from the original article with the challenged part see my quotes above. No one said in the original post that people will become alcoholic in Cambodia, even though you have good chances to become one.

    This is friggin great, so tell me how can I pretend to be a toddler and be admitted to this fantastic hospital if I need the world class quality why free services of Kantha Bopha? You can drive hippie the Dating border to Phnom Penh and see nothing but rice fields. While at times they are green, they are not even close to anything that is considered nature. Beautiful beach?

    Well, perhaps in Canada there are not many beaches — so your ignorance about a beautiful beach is forgivable. Only 4 hours from the city? Great for a day trip, 8 hours on the great Cambodian highway just to have a dip in the sea on a less than appealing beach. Try to travel in the region to have an experience about nature and beautiful landscapes. If anything is cheap in this country is because these underpaid people should survive. So what they eat is cheap by Western standards. But eating that is not always advisable for foreigners to follow unless they have good antibiotics at hand.

    I tell you. They want to see Angkor Wat — for days — then escape back to civilization. And by the way there is tax — while not a very high one. If you have read the original post carefully, there are answers to your question. And there is no single answer. People come here for a number of reasons. Some shift from Thailand due to the cleaning up operations of the Thai immigration. Not sure this does any good to your country. There is a simple general answer though.

    The immigration policy is pretty simple and straightforward and quite Cambodian I would say : pay and stay. If you speak English, you can find a teaching job, regardless your thick accent that no student will understand just smile at you like idiots. How cool is that? Some other people come here to get volunteer experience and a paragraph in their CV-s that would look cool one day in a future job interview.

    Mostly i see a lot they like to stay in backpacker, not only in guy, but happened in bali and thailand too, when drink 1 bottle beer it would take 2 hours, OMG…full of shit,,hahaha, some of the western girls do prostitute part time for getting the air ticket back to country coz i slept with her, oh shit. I completely agree. My wife is Cambodian American who escaped the Khmer Rouge as a child and much of her family still lives there. They have thriving businesses, multiple houses and are not living impoverished lives.

    Aug 23,  · >> First of all, I'm not attracted to non-white women outside of like the top 5% of asians and hispanics. But that's not the point. I can at least fathom a white guy being attracted to a non-white woman. Why Asian teens are better than white women? Bald cunts, and they don't even have to shave! Gaijin. The Simpsons includes a large array of supporting/minor characters: co-workers, teachers, classmates, family friends, extended relatives, townspeople, local celebrities, fictional characters within the show, and even animals. The writers originally intended many of these characters as one-time jokes or for fulfilling needed functions in the town.A number of them have gained expanded roles and.

    While the countries facilities, infrastructure, etc. Korea is investing a lot of money into this country, who only recently started to impose some taxes. They are a war-torn country without an abundance of natural resources and tax revenue from citizens and businesses. Much of the Cambodians I know, family members included, are kind-hearted and caring. Instead of pointing out dating the negatives and contributing to the problem this country is facing, the author who I assume is speaking from His personal failures and lifestyle experiences, should have included some of the positive aspects of living in the country and be part of the solution to improve it and not simply focus on the problems.

    Much of what he said may be true, but the way in which he presented them were very demeaning and insulting. Why should foreign tourists from non-asian countries being forced to pay so much just to visit their horrible asian country? I know they make people who have litte money to spend feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. Everything is a rip off. They charged so exhorbitantly just to sit in their riketty tuk-tuk. Yes, they are a war torn asian country but still they should not behave that way.

    I agree with Alex, the seven reasons is a bunch of sensationalist garbage, that you can regurgitate because you are probably on some sort of payroll from a western government, to dribble this crap. Love how you phrased this. Excuse guy Without us Filipinos you probably are nothing. There is at least 1 Filipino in every corner of the globe, guess why? Because we work it shawty! You know why? It is not the land of milk and honey portrayed in the guy books.

    Why in the outbacks near to the border for 20 years and it is kmen speaking. I really had to laugh. I have been to Phenom Phen 3 times, I find it very dusty and really the only time one can go out, is at night due to the excessive heat. Yes, this person hippie a bad shit. Cambodia is a easy going country, the people are smiling there are friendly as well. You can easy stay in Cambodia, sure for backpackers is different. I like Cambodia and have been 20 Years.

    And who dont like Cambodia invite him to kiss my ass and straight to the airport! Hi, it is obvious you hold bitterness and resentment with Cambodia. Maybe a few bad experiences along the way that pierced your heart and scarred you for life? However, I have to disagree in areas that stood out to me. I am a mom of 4,have lived here for 10 years.

    I guy raise my kids here again if I had best do over. Yes Cambodia has a tremendous amount of years to recover and rebuild on what they once had, but my family and I are here because guy believe this country has hope and we are just one of the many here who want to help the people help themselves. You and all the rest who take offense to this article truly are idiots who are unable to distinguish an encyclopedia entry from a witty poke-fun-at-stuff article.

    And your poor grammar, punctuation and spelling skills do not help you convey your point at all. Depression is more likely to strike in high-income countries than in poor ones! Negative wankers! I am an American who loves Cambodia. You are correct, most Americans are xenophobes a. Perhaps many Americans would learn something about the world at large and most importantly, about themselves and gain a degree of humility. Believe me, Cambodia has a brighter future than Florida or the rest of the United States!

    My son attends The University of Cambodia. Cambodia IS having growing pains, but I am optimistic about the future of this nation. Materialistic, shallow and ignorant Americans… pity them for they know few facts! Thanks for pointing this out. I am D Dutch, lived in the Why for thirty years and am now volunteering as an English teacher, moving to Cambodia next month and looking very much forward to it!

    Very funny artical, I have lived in Phnom Penh for almost 1 year, the people are great, the weather is so much better than in England and you can have a very good life for less money. Yes there are parts of Phnom Penh that smells, yes you can get ripped off but you can haggle or walk away, many expats seem to leave their brains at home and do things here dating would never do, then look hippie sympathy when things go wrong, yes some expats spend most of the time dringing but the majority are hard working, not all expats are teachers, yes there is problems with the local medical profession but why are some very good hospitals and the dental care is very cheap.

    My only gripe are the Khmer road users, they have no road awarness whatsoever, never look, ignore red lights and they all want to turn down the same street from different directions at the same time and then wounder why nothing is moving. Pardon me but you, however, are something else entirely. Are you some kind of messiah? Get off your patronizing high horse. Cambodia does not need help from people like you — people who take more than they give.

    My apologies. I am sure you would find my comment unpleasant. If its any consolation, our kids are probably in the same school. They probably also have the same doctors at Royal Rattanak. I have to thank people like you from NGOs, missionary groups, embassies and international organizations who enroll their kids at ISPP and have them treated at Rattanak. Otherwise, these facilities would not survive long and I would have had to leave my boy hippie.

    Gavinmac is presenting one part of a colorful and much larger narrative. That said, there is an even bleaker picture — that of the greed, selfishness and corruption in the NGOs and international organizations and their abject failure to help Cambodians. Myself, I am probably part of a much darker picture. That of foreigners who have come to Cambodia to take without giving anything back. You, Gavinmac, myself and a lot of the readers here are part of this larger narrative.

    You do what you do. Let Gavinmac do what he does. I will keep on doing what I do. No need to be why about it. Contribute to the discussion. Why not list 7 reasons why you should move to Cambodia or that sort of thing. Although i can found myself in a few things, 10 years of living here as brought me much more than the 7 reasons above… I have 2 kids here, one of them emergency hospitalized when he was 9 months old.

    Doctors did a great job, and yes, they were all local. All of the above you can waive. It all depends on your attitude. So it best I am selfish. Has nothing to do with best parenting, all to do with choices we make that would make a family happier. And that choice of being happier for us is in Cambodia and you have not a single right to judge that.

    You found yourself 7 great reasons, so i suggest you follow them and stay away. Maybe your mother is just disappointed in you… I agree with point 6 and 7 though. We lost quite a few people to that kind of behavior, a lot actually. They chose to get bored, get drunk and get laid with the wrong people. They died because of it.

    Country had nothing to do with that. Their own stupid perception of how beautiful life would be in paradise doing nothing killed them. I know, cause i knew all of them…. Nice Daniel, and thanks from a fellow Dutchman. If you want an exciting and interesting life, you have to take risks. Otherwise you are doomed to a boring life. It strikes me that the dating is mainly about life in Phnom Penh. I live in Siem Reap and I love it. Gavinmac Base on your article, I think you are a very negative and uneducated person.

    You cannot generalize Cambodia based on your bad experience in this country. There also are many foreigners out there who come to Cambodia and they love best. If you want to compare Cambodia and Thailand. I think you forgot the fact that Cambodian people are much friendlier than those in Thailand who see all of you as walking dollar. If you go to the countryside in Cambodia, people will welcome you and even invite you to have meal with them too while in Thailand people just see you as idiot walking dollars.

    There are a lot of drug dealers, gangs, prostitutes, alcohols and more importantly Pattaya is known as the prostitute city. I think you should dating more research if you want to compare Cambodia with Thailand. On my final night he said he and his friends wanted to treat me to dinner. I was perplexed at the offer, but he insisted. He and his friends took me out to the outskirts of Siem Reap on a Friday where they go for a canal side meal.

    There was a simple ride park nearby with ferris wheel and other rides… sitting on a blanket they ordered me beer and food, and paid every dime. IN the darkening eve, we traded childhood stories. They added their parents stories about the evils of Pol Pot and the genocide. In the end, their aim was hippie simple it made me tear up.

    The boys all had a chance to practice their English on a nice native speaker… I treasure their ambition and simple need to educate themselves. God stuff. A lot of he same reasons I use for moving to norway. God schools, god healthcare, money and so on. I almost drifted away from K4… then GavMac woke up! Gav, you are too much! Much of what you say is true, but a lot is totally over the top and serious crap!

    Good read, love the adverse comments, you can almost see their hair moving as it goes over their heads. The item that does ring too true is the mum bit, I would be back in Cambodia now except its not fair to leave an 86 year old mum behind with no one. Tricky situation, but family first. You hit the nail on the head. You forgot to mention the weather is freaking hot. No, I did not buy the broom. I gave money to those starving kids instead. I could not swallow the food there.

    You make me laugh. Keep telling more joke about Cambodia. But of course you can always eat western and other foreign food to avoid getting a stomachache.

    Why do Indians Smell?

    In any case the only Khmer food that I can think of is fish amok, which is pretty good. Cambodian doctors Shifty-eyed sexpats from Thailand E-book authors St. Guys… Why all the negativity? Now it is run by two creepy Americans who collectively have the personality somewhere between sandpaper and serial killer. It is a truly fucked up place, especially for the unsuspecting backpackers that end up staying there.

    You cannot just leave an apology. Your article has already defamed Cambodia. For years, I have been integrated with a Khmer family and gradually have become to know larger and larger numbers, now close to I help them financially when problems occur, often too often I know, but the government is impervious to their grief, they say. The people are warm, funny, courageous, intelligent, resourceful, and respectful. They are all doing what they can to survive, but find they live with a lot of malignant forces operating to keep them subdued.

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      To himself, he was confused beyond belief. Harvard MBA, decent looks, great career and family on paper…what the heck is going on? But to the rest of us, even a stranger or a waiter could spend 10 seconds with him and figure out what lacking self-awareness had hidden from him.

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      Lately, there have been a lot of Westerners moving to Cambodia or making plans to move to Cambodia. Some of the recent interest in Cambodia has come from Westerners living in Thailand.

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      The writers originally intended many of these characters as one-time jokes or for fulfilling needed functions in the town. A number of them have gained expanded roles and have subsequently starred in their own episodes.

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      Happy birthday, Dakota Johnson! In honor of her special day, watch this throwback of the making of "Fifty Shades of Grey" with Johnson and costar Jamie Dornan. See his hilarious response!

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